10 Best Character Creator Games That Will Test Your Creativity

Posted on November 6, 2022
10 Best Character Creator Games

Are you the type of player who immensely enjoys dress-up games? Do you find creating your virtual character satisfying? Do you love creating and customizing characters? Well, you’ve got the right play with Character Creator Games. Admit it or not, one of the best parts of each game, regardless of genre, is the option where you customize your character.

By playing Character Creator Games, you can decide how your character will look like. You can add special traits, and they can even look like you. With this type of game, you can limitlessly unleash your best imagination and creativity with the available customization options in the game.

Fortunately, there are loads of available Character Creator Games in the pool, but which among the games are worth starting off? Well, this must be your lucky day as we have the best Character Creator Games you must not miss playing on your device.

What are the Best Character Creator Games?

Here are the best Character Creator Games you shouldn’t miss adding to your ultimate games list;

1. Gacha Club

Starting our ultimate list of Character Creator Games is Lunime’s Gacha Club. Unleash your most adorable fashion ideas as you are tasked to dress-up charming chibi characters. As the game provides thousands of customization options for your characters, you can quickly develop your character according to your preference.

What’s more impressive about Gacha Club is it offers mini-games and various game modes that you can immerse your adorable character in. If you wish to focus on enhancing your character’s looks, you can check out the Studio Mode and create amazing scenes. Like your character, you can customize the scene according to the available backgrounds, narrator, text boxes, and even face presets.

gacha club download pc



If you’re the type of player who extremely loves dressing-up games or creating your own avatar, you must not miss playing ZEPETO by Naver Z Corporation. It’s a casual online avatar creator that enables you to design and develop your own avatar. There are loads of available clothes and outfits in the game. All you have to do is choose your style and let your character speaks for yourself.

In ZEPETO, you can also dress up your avatar according to season; you can choose from outfits from Summer, Spring, Winter, and Fall collections. Once your avatar is set, you can freely explore multiple maps in the game and mingle with your friends from there. You can also capture awesome moments by choosing the different backgrounds available.


Image Source: ZEPETO Gameplay



If you’re a die-hard fan of iconic Hollywood celebrities like KENDALL & KYLIE, you’ll surely love this Character Creator game. With Glu’s help, you are one step closer to your dream of becoming a star. Together with Hollywood celebrities, you will need to embark on a beautiful journey heading to success.

In KENDALL & KYLIE, you need to create your own fate by making smart decisions and dressing up like a star. Loads of glamorous outfits are available, along with stunning hairstyles, make-up, and more. Aside from your looks, you also need to set your place, meet various people and seek useful connections who can help you become a star.

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4. The Sims Mobile

This list of the best Character Creator Games will never be complete without The Sims Mobile. It’s an iconic life simulation game that allows you to show off your best fashion ideas by customizing your sim character with hundreds of personalization options available. You can freely customize the looks of your avatar from head to toe. You can also mix and match different clothes if you want.

Aside from creating and customizing your sim, you can also start building your house, design it according to your taste, meet different people and neighborhoods, and many more. It’s a great game to play for hours, especially if you wish to build your own virtual home.




Another Character Creator game that enables you to create adorable characters is LINE PLAY. Published by LINE Corporation, this casual game lets you create your own avatar in just three seconds. Alternatively, you can utilize various animated characters or capture your own selfie and set it as your avatar.

Once you’ve set your avatar, you can enhance its appearance with the thousands of fashion, clothing, and accessories available in the game. You can also put some make-up, hairstyles, and more on your avatar. At the moment you’ve customized your avatar, you can immerse into the Story World and experience various stories and adventures in the game.


6. Avakin Life 3D Virtual

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the Avakin world? Then, set and customize your Avakin in Avakin Life 3D Virtual. In this game, you must first create your own avatar before diving into the world of Avakin. You can choose to pay for a certain avakin quickly if you’re not into customization. But if you’re the type of player who wishes to achieve a character close to your style, you can also do this here.

In this part of Avakin Life 3D Virtual, you can make your avatar more personalized by choosing the best option that resembles the character you want to be. You can choose to follow your physical attributes or another celebrity or personality. Once you’re done creating your avatar, you can give it a name; you can select your name or whatever you want for your avatar.

Avakin Life


7. Party in my Dorm: College Life Roleplay Chat Game

Do you wish to experience being a college student? Then, you must not miss playing Party in my Dorm. In this game, you’ll be playing a role of a first-year college student and experiencing life in the dorm. First, you need to customize your character according to your preferences. You can choose to be a man or woman and personalize it to the looks and style you want.

Aside from your avatar, you can also unleash your creativity by decorating your space according to your style. Also, as you’ll be set in your college days, you must immerse your avatar in various college activities and mingle with multiple people. As you progress in the game, don’t miss the chance to unlock more rooms and meet numerous characters in your dorm.


8. Unnie Doll

Are you fond of dolls? Did you know that you can create your own doll on your PC? Yes, it’s possible with Unnie Doll by Zzoo. In this famous doll creator, you can freely design your own dolls through multiple customization items available in the game. You can customize your doll from face, hair, skin color, and more. You can also dress it up with various themed costumes available.

What is more amazing about Unnie Doll is that you can also elevate your character’s appearance by adding stunning stickers and wings. You can also capture your creation by adding backgrounds to your doll and sharing your captured images with your friends through social media platforms.



9. Avatar Factory 2

Another anime creator that will surely keep you hooked for hours is Avatar Factory 2 by qmStudio. You’ll create and dress up various anime girls in this character-creator game. You can customize your avatar’s looks by choosing from the immense collections of anime eyes, skin color, eyebrows, hairstyles, and more. You can also dress it up with thousands of available outfits, clothes, accessories, and more.

Once your anime character looks and outfits are set, you can choose from the breathtaking backgrounds available and take a shot at your adorable avatar. You can choose to save it on your storage or share it with your friends online.

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10. Pocket Styler: Fashion Star

Last but definitely not least is Nordcurrent’s Pocket Styler: Fashion Star. Your most promising fashion statement will be revealed in this character-creator game. As it follows the usual dress-up mechanics, you need to mix and match multiple clothes and outfits for your character. You can also base the style of your character on the event she will be attending.

In Pocket Styler, you’ll be immersed in various events where you can show off your most promising fashion ideas. You can change your character’s outfit from time to time and become one of the fashion icons of the game.

Pocket Styler Gameplay On Pc


Play Your Favorite Character Creator Games!

So, there you have it! Now that you already have the list of best character creator games, now’s the perfect time to choose which among these games is worth a space in your PC. But why settle for less if you can have them all? Yes! You can all download these games for free!

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