10 of the Best Free-to-Play Post-Apocalyptic Games

Posted on November 3, 2022
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Post-apocalyptic circumstances have a way of capturing people’s attention. When an apocalypse arrives, there is generally a premonition of what will happen. Many games have effectively addressed these what-if scenarios and provided us with pure amusement. These games are incredibly entertaining and engrossing, allowing you to experience the actual post-apocalyptic events.

Post-apocalyptic games transport you into a chaotic, zombie-infested, nuclear war-ravaged, and monster-filled world. You must navigate as a player to stay alive in the world. Additionally, these games have a frightening universe, intense action, compelling narratives, and intrigue. So without further ado, let’s dive into the these survival games that depict the end of the world as we know it.

State of Survival

You can interact with the well-known characters in KingsGroup Holdings’ strategic and action game State of Survival. You can enjoy the Joker-inspired plot while battling zombies if you unlock The Joker. Prepare yourself for the ultimate zombie strategy game. Build a metropolis with the perfect plan, and you’ll become the hero the last few survivors need. Kill the undead from first person shooter’s perspective and do anything you can to survive the war versus these deadly adversaries. Nothing is impossible, but it won’t be simple either.

Your objectives are to establish a town, save survivors, conduct research, and form alliances with the locals. Play the PC version of State of Survival. There’s power in numbers. You can download the State of Survival for free on EmulatorPC by clicking the title of the game on this page.

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The Walking Dead Survivors

Skybound Entertainment’s The Walking Dead Survivors is a fully licensed game based on the comic book series The Walking Dead. You can hire well-known figures from the universe of The Walking Dead, like Rick, Michonne, Negan, Glenn, and many others.

In The Walking Dead: Survivors, every decision counts, and there is no time to waste. Will you prioritize strengthening your fortifications and forging friendships, or will you build up your army, go into battle, and obliterate the area? It is your responsibility to keep walkers from invading your settlement. Develop a winning strategy by bolstering your defenses, erecting barriers, building structures, and bringing in additional Survivors. Then you can utilize their special abilities to keep the zombies at bay.

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Last Day On Earth Survival

In the Last Day on Earth Survival shooter game, you will be able to picture yourself waking up to the end of the world. Experience the terror and fear that comes from surviving in a hostile environment! You’ve just entered a world where the desire to be killed by a zombie horde is as intense as your need for food or water.

Create a character, then take a look around the open-world environment for resources. There are multiple locations packed with varying degrees of risk. Everything needed for survival—from a house and clothing to firearms and an all-terrain vehicle—can be made from the materials gathered here. You will get access to thousands of helpful recipes and blueprints as your level increases.

Build and improve your home’s walls first, then master new talents, customize your weaponry, and enjoy the joys of gaming. Sounds exciting? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, there is more to this game than meets the eye.

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Fallout Shelter Online

Fallout Shelter Online which takes place in the acclaimed Fallout universe is a development of the classic strategy RPG. With that being said, it features all-new gameplay, hero teams, and PvP. You take command of a cutting-edge subterranean Vault by Vault-Tec Corporation in Fallout Shelter Online. Your main mission is to safeguard the populace from complete nuclear devastation. Create a thriving Vault, enlist iconic Fallout characters, travel through the Wasteland, and unravel the mystery of the Overseer’s disappearance.

Create a vault that is the epitome of vault life. Have inhabitants search for their desired employment and gather resources. Create a prosperous, effective community underground. Invite illustrious characters from the Fallout franchise! Meet powerful and uncommon heroes like Preston Garvey, the Commonwealth Minuteman, and Nick Valentine, the renowned synthetic private eye. Change up the composition of your team of heroes to gain combat advantages and “Bond” effects. To meet the challenges, you’ll encounter in the Wasteland, wisely modify the skills and tools of your dwellers.

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Day R Survival

The USSR fell apart in 1985 due to an unidentified foe. Violence, famine, and disease now rule this country, which turned into a radioactive wasteland in a matter of days. Since you’re one of the survivors you have to search the huge USSR of the post-apocalyptic 1980s for your family.

The post-apocalyptic world is hard to survive in. In a society where everyone looks out for himself, you’ll experience the “genuine hunger games.” Utilize all of your resources to build or search for weapons, clothing, and transportation. Every move you make in this survival game could be your last due to bloodthirsty foes, predatory mutants, radiation, infections, and injuries.

However, even in this inferno, you can discover allies. Work together to live and reclaim your family. Get Day R Survival if you are looking for an adventure in a post-nuclear world.

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Mini Dayz

In Mini DAYZ, it’s you versus the world as you scour a massive map for ammunition, food, and other supplies. Use anything you come across to create sophisticated items. Defend yourself from menacing ill-fated and aggressive wolves. The most crucial thing to remember is to always keep your character nourished, dry, disease-free, and comfortable. The weather outside can rapidly get to you, and if you don’t take care of your wounds, they won’t get better.

How much time can you last in a post-apocalyptic setting? Learn more in Mini DAYZ, the official pixel art adaptation of the wildly popular PC survival game compromising millions of fans. Totally free and no in-app purchases.

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Undead World Hero Survival

Undead World: Hero Survival is a tactical survival Role Playing Game for PC. Discover a fully realized, graphically captivating universe filled with fascinating characters. Get your team of heroes ready to fight against the wandering hordes of zombies. Team up with other survivors, they have terrifying skills that will help you conquer the apocalyptic wilderness of the Undead Realm. Survive by recruiting, arming, and strengthening them.

In the world of the undead, only the toughest will endure! To defeat the ruthless undead, gather strong warriors from various groups and deploy them into battle. How you escape the zombie apocalypse is up to you! Summon idle heroes, engage in combat with each one, and enhance the legends to survive the zombie apocalypse. Increase the size of your team by adding more heroes using the gacha gathering system.

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Plague Of Z

Plague of Z is another cool game with a post-apocalyptic game theme you can play on your PC. Players are tasked to fight against flesh-eating creatures and save as many innocent people as they can. You can also team up with other players to build and expand your base quickly. In that way, you can save more space to accommodate all survivors. Explore the map, conquer every zombie you encounter, and survive the zombie apocalypse! If you dare to take the mission, play this game today!

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Dawn Of Zombies Survival

DoZ or Dawn of Zombies is an online game that simulates post-apocalyptic survival. Those who survived Conflagration had to fend off hunger, abnormalities, aggressive creatures, and the undead. On top of that are the diseases, and radiation in the area. As a born survivor, you get through the sweltering heat and lethal frost. Take a daily inventory of your resources and prey. Players should exercise caution since as darkness falls, the territories become far more perilous.

Nourish and hydrate yourself, heal from radiation and illness, and stay safe from cold and heat. The game also features numerous characters, quests, and backstories that you can explore. Get this game if you are looking for a narrative-driven experience.

Doz Survival


Zero City Last Bunker

Control your bunker, rule your inhabitants, and run one of the few refuges in the new world in the Zero City survival simulator! There is always work for everyone, so gather the survivors and take charge of them. Train people and assign tasks. Build and fortify your bunker to make it an impenetrable fortress!

As the infection spreads, now is the moment for us to take action before it’s too late. Warriors must be attentive and prepared with their weapons. When fighting against zombie hordes and their master, equipment, and supplies discovered in abandoned bunkers will be helpful. Are you ready to save humanity from the undead? If so, click the title of this game to test your skills.

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And that ends our list of the best post-apocalyptic games. If you are interested in downloading some from this list, feel free to check them here on EmulatorPC! Be sure to visit the site from time to time to get all the game-related news, updates, reviews, and guides.


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