10 SimCity BuildIt Tips To Help Your City Become Successful

Posted on November 7, 2022
10 Simcity Builtit Tips

If you’re a gamer who is looking for an interesting city-building simulation game, you are in the right place with SimCity BuildIt. In this game, you are tasked to build your own prosperous city from scratch. Easy? Well, it’s up to you. Imagine yourself managing a city and you need to make it a better place to live. That’s why you’ll need some SimCity BuildIt tips to start.

The main key point to see if you’re on the right path is when your city achieves more citizens and your metropolis is getting bigger as well. So, the question is, how will you do that? Well, the answers are endless but you can start by focusing on what most people need, such as police stations, hospitals, utilities, and more.

But, do you think providing what people need is enough to prosper in SimCity BuildIt? Unfortunately not, and these SimCity BuildIt Tips are here to rescue you.

Revealing the Most Useful SimCity BuildIt Tips

If you see yourself stuck with the game and have no ideas on how to make your city a more successful one, let these SimCity BuildIt Tips help you out;

1. Manage your In-game Cash Effectively

In SimCity BuildIt, the fastest way to earn more cash is by upgrading your residential houses. Well, that’s true but not highly recommended to do in the early phase of the game. Instead of upgrading your residential houses, it will be best if you’ll opt for more factories for your city. Take note that in this game, factories are known to be the primary base building blocks.

By achieving more factory slots, you can obtain more raw materials that you can utilize to create more houses and produce expensive items to boost your income. Aside from factories, you can also opt for landscapes, parks, and other buildings that can help you attract more citizens.


2. Strategically Supervise the City’s Energy

In SimCity BuildIt, it’s highly recommended to opt for green power sources, such as wind and solar power. You can use these sources to reduce the pollution in your city and also make everything pleasant for your citizens. You can actually establish these sources near the residential house without annoying them.

Take note that in SimCity BuildIt, the satisfaction of your citizens matter, and once your citizens start to complain about pollution and annoying buildings that negatively affect their lives such as coal plants, there’s a possibility that they might leave your city.

Simcity Buildit Power


3. Opt for More Additional Farmer’s Slots

Aside from factories and buildings that your citizens need, you also need to invest in buying more farmer’s market slots. Take note that in each building, you’ll begin with two slots and it will be best if resources permits, you can add more production slots for Farmer’s Market. You can also invest extra slots for building supplies and hardware stores too.

4. Don’t Miss Daniel’s Depot

As you play SimCity BuildIt, there will be a time that you’ll meet your neighboring city, Mayor Daniel. You can freely visit his city and buy necessary goods from there. Though you can still buy some stuff in the Global Trade HQ, it is practical to buy stuff in Mayor Daniel’s city as he offers items with discounts.

Every time you start playing SimCity BuildIt, it will be a great first move to check bargain items in Mayor Daniel’s city. Check out the items you see that can be useful to your city’s progress. In contrast, you can also sell your items as well in your depot and earn more money.

Simcity Buildit Daniels City


5. Don’t Forget to Build Items with the Longest Production Times when AFK

Of course, there are instances where you need to stop playing SimCity BuildIt. Before leaving the game, it is highly recommended to start building items with the longest production times. That’s why it is important to add more slots to your buildings and factories so that you can effectively set more building items before leaving the game and acquire them easily once you come back.

6. Establish Cargo Shipments to Obtain Golden Keys

In SimCity BuildIt, golden keys can help you unlock more advanced buildings that can help you elevate the number of your population. To get these keys, you need to start cargo shipping and in every transaction you do, you’ll be getting a key. Keep an eye on your shipments and the keys as well. Most of the time, you can access these keys to your inventory.


7. Prioritize Education Buildings

As you progress in the game, you need to build additional buildings for transportation, gambling, entertainment, education, and more. Among all the additional establishments mentioned, it will be more effective if you build the education buildings first.

Education buildings can effectively unfold more numbers of citizens to your city. Once your city has educational buildings, you can proceed to transportation and other buildings. Aside from education buildings, you can also consider having a Ferris wheel to attract more people to live in your city.

Simcity Buildit Education Buildings


8. Save Money If Possible

As you progress in SimCity BuildIt, you opt to elevate your city with more expensive options that can make your metropolis more innovative. To obtain these options, it will be best if you’ll try to save money on these costly services that can effectively meet your citizens’ needs.

One example of expensive services is the health service. As you begin the game, you’ll be just set to a small clinic. Then, you can upgrade it into a health clinic and if your in-game currency is enough, you can make it into a huge hospital to accommodate more people.

9. Always Upgrade Roads

Aside from your factories and services, you also need to observe your roads if they need to be upgraded. To know if a certain road needs to be upgraded is when it turns yellow. Upgrading roads with orange color or having heavy traffic is quite costly. It will be best if you upgrade a certain road once it already reaches yellow color, not orange.

10. Don’t Miss the Gift Bubbles

What is more impressive about SimCity BuildIt is that it enables you to achieve some gifts from your neighborhood cities. These bubbles offer free items, in-game currency, keys, and more. There are some instances that these bubbles have useful items or goods you can use to upgrade your buildings.

Don’t Miss these SimCity BuildIt Tips Now!

So, there you have it! You are closer to becoming the greatest city in the world of SimCity BuildIt. We hope that these tips significantly helped you in making your city a better place to live and attracting more citizens.

For more tips, updates, and information about this life simulation game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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