A Comprehensive AFK Arena Guide for Beginners & Struggling Players

Posted on October 24, 2022
Afk Arena Comprehensive Guide

You’re probably reading this either because you’re new to AFK Arena or struggling to progress in the game which increasingly gets harder as you move forward. Fret not, this AFK Arena guide for beginners aims to help you hone everything with or without spending much.

Firstly, AFK Arena is an idle RPG where you form a team of heroes to defeat monsters on different maps. It has a variety of game modes to play, including Arcane Labyrinth, PVP Arena, Campaign, King’s Tower, and more. The gameplay is also strikingly simple—just select your heroes wisely and position them according to their roles, strengths, and weaknesses. Your heroes automatically attack your adversaries with their basic skills. Consequently, you can control their ultimate skills at your discretion.

Quick AFK Arena Guide Through the Tutorials

When starting AFK Arena for the first time, you will be redirected to a quick tutorial. Here, you’ll learn the ropes of the game. Your guide will become one of the first heroes that you can easily ascend through the early phase of the game. As you progress in the tutorial, you’ll gain gold, player experience points, hero EXP, essences, gears, and two new heroes. These new heroes are good enough to get you through your battles until you get better ones.

As you progress in the 12 stages of the tutorial, you’ll be earning Diamonds which are premium in-game currency and likely the most important rewards you’ll earn. You can purchase more items using Diamonds. But if you’re a low-spender or plan on not spending money, we recommend using Diamonds only for summoning new heroes. As part of this AFK Arena guide, only use Diamonds on the 10x pull since you’ll only be paying for 9 single summons with 1 free.

Completing all the 12 stages of the tutorial rewards you with a scroll that summons a guaranteed Epic Hero. Equipping gears powers up your heroes and boosts stats like Attack, Defense, HP, and Dodge. You can also use Hero and Gold Essences to level up your characters.

Note that for every 20 levels up, your heroes gain one new ability or skill effect. As much as possible, refrain from using this unless you cannot progress further. Remember that it will cost 20 Diamonds to reset a hero back to level one, so plan your actions carefully.

AFK Arena Guide to Game Progression

After following our AFK Arena guide for the tutorial, we’ll proceed to the game progression discussion. Reaching Chapter 2 in the game allows you more freedom. By this time, you aim to collect more heroes to grow your team as quickly as possible. You’ll be needing Diamonds for these, and you can obtain diamonds through the following:

Unlock a new hero, then go to the portrait tab on the hero page and check the character’s storyline to collect 100 FREE Diamonds. Note that you can only obtain this once per character storyline unlocked.

  • Complete every 4th stage of each chapter and earn Diamonds through its quests.
  • Finishing a chapter gives you Diamonds and summons scrolls that you can use instantly.
  • Every player level increase awards you 10 Diamonds; and for each 10th level up, you’ll gain a quest that could grant you VIP points. These VIP points unlock more bonuses like better AFK rewards, more bounties, and hero slots.
  • Accumulate a certain amount of points from completing daily and weekly quests. Get 100 Diamonds plus 1 scroll for daily quests, and 400 Diamonds plus 3 scrolls for weekly.
  • Defeat each boss in the Arcane Labyrinth, which can be unlocked after completing Chapter 2-Stage 4. The Labyrinth refreshes every 2 days making this a reliable way to collect Labyrinth coins that you can trade for specific heroes from the store.
  • Reach Chapter 2-Stage 12 to unlock the King’s Tower. Complete each floor to obtain Diamonds and summoning stones. Every 5th and 10th floor gives more rewards but is more challenging to finish.
  • Stay tuned for occasional in-game events that give Diamonds as rewards.

Use In-Game Stores to Unlock New Heroes & More

We’re almost at the end of our AFK Arena guide. For this section, we’ll talk about the in-game stores available, namely the General Store, Labyrinth Store, Barrack Store, and Guild Store. Note that all of these require a corresponding currency to purchase store-specific items.

Afk Arena Guide


General Store

This store refreshes daily and is open right off the bat. Here you can purchase gears, dust, arena tokens, loot crates, and enhancement tokens. You can use gold and Diamonds to purchase items. However, we strongly suggest spending Diamonds since they are better used for summoning. We recommend spending gold on dust to hone your characters faster. Of course, spend on items sold in gold from this store that you believe can help you become stronger.

Guild Store

Unlike the General Store, this one can only be unlocked when you join a Guild after reaching Chapter 2-Stage 20. From this shop, you can buy gear using guild coins. These coins can be unlocked by finishing team missions and defeating map bosses with your guildmates. We urge you to save your guild coins until you find equipment of the highest rarity that you need.

Barrack Store

Unlike the first 2 in-game stores that refresh daily, the Barrack Store refreshes monthly and is available instantaneously. You need hero coins to purchase heroes and soul stones for summoning. To get hero coins, you need to salvage or retire heroes you don’t want to use. It is best to save up your hero coins to at least 18k so you can purchase the elite soul stone. By doing so, you can also summon a guaranteed hero with epic rarity.

Labyrinth Store

Last but not least is the Labyrinth Store which is unlocked in Chapter 2-Stage 4. Here, you can find epic and rare heroes plus rare soul stones purchasable using Labyrinth tokens. Complete battles in the Labyrinth to earn these coins. For this, we suggest getting the epic heroes with 45k Labyrinth tokens monthly.

This ends our complete AFK Arena guide for newbies. For more game guides, come back frequently here on EmulatorPC. You may also like to read our Awaken Chaos Era guide and Age of Magic guide for beginners.

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