Age of Magic Guide for Beginners to Win More Epic Battles

Posted on August 26, 2022
Age Of Magic Guide For Beginners

The storyline about the mage is one of the most exciting elements of modern RPGs. With its involvement in some battle RPGs, every player can testify to the dramatic storylines it is told.

One game that involved mages is Age of Magic: Turn Based Magic, which Playkot creates. As the game title suggests, the game will take you into the world of spells. This world is where mages are at war with each other by using their unique spells.

Like other battle RPGs, you need a guide that you can use as a player. Luckily, you come into this article which is suitable for you. If you are already an existing player, you can extract some applicable information you can apply to the game. This guide does not just provide you overview but also some tips that will help you. So, to elaborate more on this, let us dive into the details.

Battle Gameplay Overview

Age of Magic offers you the dynamic battle gameplay experience that you want for an RPG. This strategy game revolves around the idea of using magic as a weapon in battle. With that, expect to immerse yourself in mage fights with the presence of knights and dragons.

Age Of Magic Battle

The degree of fantasy that you see in this game is mixed with thrill and action. This makes this game more interesting than other RPGs out there. This is not to say that Age of Magic is better than others. But the gameplay itself said it all when it comes to fantasy action that anyone would like.

As you progress in the game, you will meet heroes which you can recruit and join you in the battle. You will meet legendary heroes like Kobolds, Changelings, Elves, and even druids. Battling with them, your first goal in the first phases of the game is to stay alive. Just follow the instructions that will be provided in the game and you’re good to go.

Make Proper Use of your Special Skills

This is the most important tip that is recommended, especially in any campaign battle. In the game, each of the heroes that you collected has one basic skill and two special skills. While you can use the special skills in the early stages, using them the second time requires timing. For example, you can use Rogar’s power  when one from your team is running low on health. This is more advisable than allowing him to get all the damage to your team.

Age Of Magic Game

In addition, if you are controlling a hero that has high-damage skills, you can use it later in the game. Doing so can allow you to maximize an effective attack if you encounter hard-to-kill enemies. Characters like Bellara have the special skill of target skipping a turn. If you have him as your character, you can use his skill in the latter goings. This will allow you to choose a more preferable target that can deal negative damage.

One Enemy At A Time

Like other battle RPGs, this is an old rule of thumb. Enemies who have 10% health cannot be eliminated by using your 100% attack. This is why you should focus on one enemy to execute a more effective attack. Doing so can allow you to eliminate them quickly even though they are in great numbers. But there is still some madness here that you should be reminded of.

There are instances when some of your enemies can restore their teammate’s health. To prevent this, you should be aware of your position and order of elimination on your enemies. One by one, with an effective strategy and developing a learning curve, it is easier to eliminate them quickly.

Age Of Magic Gameplay


Always Equip & Train Your Heroes Well

In the upper right corner of your screen lies the Heroes Menu. It is a castle-like structure that has a purpose as a one-stop shop. It is there where you will help make your heroes more efficient fighters.

You can level up your heroes by using potions and can even equip items like them which are dropped during campaign battles. It takes as many potions to level up as your heroes continue to increase their levels in terms of stats. However, there are still ways to acquire them. Acquiring potions is possible if you have silver, which is the in-game currency to level up your heroes. You can acquire them as you fight during campaign battles.

Just make sure to follow the provided instructions while still playing the game. Moreover, the items that you acquire during campaign battles are all hero-specific. If this worries you, the game will provide instructions related to the newly available items.

How to Collect Your Heroes?

At the beginning of the game, your starting hero is Roland. As you later embark on the following battles, you will find out that he is the leader of your party. Being a strong hero in his own right, it will be his might that you can rely on. This is always the case, especially in the starting phases of the campaign mode. After embarking on yourself in the first two stages, you will then be able to unlock Rogar. This will go on a bit as more heroes will be added to your party.

Age Of Magic Fighting

In addition, you will get free heroes if you reached the milestone levels. If you reach level 10 for example, you will get a Kabold Spearman. You will also get An Abyss Hound, otherwise known as Inferno once you reach level 25. There is also an option if you want a quicker process. You can go directly to the shop where you need to pay gold for a treasure chest. But this involves real money. Well, despite that, there are still advantages that you will have. Besides, there are other options that you can choose apart from it.

Bottom Line

Now that you have this guide, you can play Age of Magic on your PC today. If you want to know more updates related to this game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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