Among Us: All The Latest Updates In 2021

Posted on August 6, 2021
Among Us 2021 Latest Updates

Among Us is one of the best games that you can play with your friends. Its central element is deception, which can ruin your friendship or strengthen it (depending on your group). It made the year 2020 more bearable, especially since we were all forced to quarantine in our houses for many months.

2021 has proven to be a very busy year for the developers of Among Us. Their recent update, which included the latest map called The Airship, received praises from players all over the world. It’s currently the largest map in Among Us, and it offers tons of excitement since it includes more tasks and 17 new locations.

The new map is based on Henry Stickmin’s game, Infiltrating the Airship, and the update also included multiple Henry Stickmin cosmetics and The Airship skin bundle. But aside from that, what’s new? What are the newest additions to the game? Let’s find out more about it here!

New Game Modes & Roles

InnerSloth is busy releasing new updates, left and right, and they make sure to add something new to keep the game exciting and relevant. Because of that, millions of players are excited to see what the game has in store for them. And recently, during the Summer Game Fest, they announced that there would be a new game mode, which we now know as Hide and Seek.
Among Us gameplay

Hide and Seek also introduces a new role, called the Seekers. The developers will limit the radius for the Seekers, which gives players, who are hiding, more chances to avoid being caught. It’s adding more challenge and complexity to the overall gameplay, which most players love.

Aside from Seekers, more roles will be added to the game. These are the Sheriff and the Scientist. But we still don’t know what they can do or how players can make use of them during the game. In other words, players just have to wait for the developers for further announcements and details regarding these new roles.

Additional Players, Cosmetics & Fun Colors

If you are looking forward to more adventurous and action-packed gameplay, you should watch out for new updates because InnerSloth adds 15-player support. That means the maximum number of players for each game is now 15 instead of ten! That means you can add more of your friends into the mix, and you can all play together without leaving anyone behind. It makes the game more chaotic, but all the more thrilling!

Among Us New Bean Characters

Image Source: Among Us Twitter Page

Aside from the 15-player support, InnerSloth is also adding new colors into the mix. Now, you can use banana, coral, gray, rose, tan, and maroon. These colors are surely going to brighten up your day. Plus, the new visor cosmetics will enable you to style your characters!

The Hush Hush New Map

There are currently four maps in Among Us. These are The MIRA HQ, The Skeld, The Polus, and the newest, which is The Airship. The fifth map is a complete hush hush, so we can only expect more significant things to happen with this map. There is no known information yet, except that it was announced during the Summer Game Fest last June 10, 2021. So, if you are dying to get to know the fifth map, tune in regularly here at EmulatorPC for more details!

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