Among Us Review – What Makes It A Good Game?

Posted on October 19, 2021
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Among Us is a game that no one really expected to be popular. It was published in 2018 and it didn’t really show any signs that it would skyrocket or take off. Fast forward to 2020 and Among Us rose out of nowhere, becoming one of the most popular games that year. It even won awards, which shows how much impact this action multiplayer had.

But what made Among Us such a good game? Why did this game developed by InnerSloth LLC attracted a lot of people to download and play it? We’ll answer all of that in this Among Us review. We’ll see what makes it a good game and if it’s worth playing.

The Gameplay Of Among Us

Let’s first discuss the gameplay of Among Us before proceeding with the good and bad of the game. This game from InnerSloth LLC is an action multiplayer, which means it’s played with other people. A game will need at least 4 players and can have a maximum of 15. There are two roles available to play, the crewmate and impostor. Only 1-3 players can become an impostor while the rest are crewmates. Roles are given randomly and players will only know it just before the game begins.

The objective of each crewmate is to complete all tasks assigned to them or successfully identify and vote out the impostors. For the impostors, their goal is to eliminate all the crewmates without being identified. The team that completes their objective first will win the game. Impostors will have the ability to kill crewmates or sabotage certain rooms. But they can’t do tasks, which means they can only fake them.
Among Us Gameplay

All players will have the ability to call an emergency meeting. The meeting is where the discussion about who they think is the impostor is. Then players will get to vote and the one who has the most vote will be ejected. The discussion is usually the fun, exciting, and frustrating part of the game. This is where you’ll see who’s good at lying, at manipulating others, or at being able to discern who’s telling the truth or not.

Players will have 4 maps to choose from and many different colors for their characters. Originally, it was only 3 maps, but an update early this year brought a much-awaited 4th map. Another update also increased the number of colors available for players to use. Let’s now look at the good and bad about Among Us.

What’s Good About Among Us?

There’s a reason why people love playing Among Us. And in this section, we’ll discuss what’s good about this game so you can see why it became a hit.

An Exciting & Competitive Gameplay

When you think of exciting and competitive gaming, you’d probably think of these action-packed shooting games or MOBA games. Well, Among Us also provides that in its gameplay. Sure, there may not be any shooting or fighting in this game, but it’s also very competitive and exciting. For the impostors, the thrill of trying to sneak around and eliminate the crewmates without being detected can be very exciting.

Then there’s also the discussion, where all of the players’ competitive nature will come out. Impostors will be trying their best to divert attention to someone else while crewmates will try their best to identify the impostors. The discussion is where the fun in Among Us really happens. This is especially true if you’re playing with the mic instead of just chatting.
Among Us gameplay


Updates are Constantly Provided

Another great thing about Among Us, and is likely the reason why interest in the game is still high, are the updates. Just in 2021 alone, developers have already provided two updates in the game. There’s a new map and new skin colors for the characters. There are also features added like the ability to create an account. InnerSloth LLC has committed to updating and improving the game.

They want to make sure that players will have something to look forward to when playing Among Us. So, this is a welcome development that can likely keep people interested and happy with the game.

What’s Bad with Among Us?

Of course, not everything about the game is good. There are still some things that can be improved upon.

Toxic Players & Gameplay

Probably the biggest gripe you’ll have with Among Us is that it can be a bit toxic to play, especially on the public servers. It’s not uncommon for you to encounter trash-talking players or even those who will hurl insults. It’s also not uncommon for players to just drop out of matches since they didn’t get the impostor role during the game. This can result in a negative experience when you’re playing.

InnerSloth LLC is trying its best to lessen these toxic experiences. The introduction of the player account can likely help lessen these experiences. The developers will now have ways to punish players for misbehaving.

Is Among Us A Game Worth Playing?

Though the interest and hype for Among Us have already died down, it’s still a game that remains popular and interesting. Yes, it can provide for toxic gameplay, but that’s something that you should expect from competitive gaming. The developers are also doing their best to lessen these negative experiences and provide a better gaming experience for everyone.

With that, we would say that Among Us is still a game worth playing. And you can see from the reasons above why it’s a fun and exciting game to play.

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