Angry Birds Dream Blast – 5 Tips In Playing The Game

Posted on June 1, 2021
Angry Birds Level

Over the years, the Angry Birds game has been one of the most go-to gameplays in the casual-puzzle game genre. The match is primarily inspired by a sketch of wingless birds that aims to eliminate all the pigs on every level using a slingshot. It was first released on December 10, 2009, by Rovio Entertainment and since then, the game has skyrocketed to thousands of downloads online.

With this vast development, the publishers embraced the opportunity and expanded their horizons to a much higher gaming standard. Truly, what started as a simple slingshot type game has now become an exciting game that everyone wants to play.

Angry Birds Dream Blast PC

Angry Birds Dream Blast is one of the latest games that Rovio Entertainment has brought to life. Each player’s goal is to help the baby birds with their nap by blasting through the levels. The game mechanics are simple and easier to understand but to get you started, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help you further in the game. Check out these Angry Birds Dream Blast guides for beginners!

Focus on the Bubble Matches in Angry Birds Dream Blast

The game tosses you to many puzzle match situations. You will not only pop a specific number of dream bubbles, but you will also have to clear out the ice blocks, open the pig locks, get eggs to the base of the stage, and much more. Since these objectives may load you up throughout the game, eyeing for big bubble matches is the best way to finish the level.

A powerful combo of three to five hit bubble matches can cause bird power-ups and large combos. This will help you clear out more dream bubbles. Not to mention that creating a big dream bubble match will earn your way to victory. Lastly, don’t forget to complete the stage with few moves left, as one of your top goals.

Discovering the Special Tiles

What’s unique about Angry Birds Dream Blast is its special tiles strategy. In this method, you’ll be able to create special tiles when you pop four or more bubbles of the same color. If you tried playing puzzle games, you know how this mechanic works. But in Angry Birds Dream Blast, the only difference is that you will need to put weaker special tiles together to create better ones. To understand better, these are the special tiles that you will encounter in the game.

Angry Birds Dream Blast Gameplay


Red Bird

Combining four or more regular dream bubbles of the same color will let you have the Red Bird, the basic special time in the game. It can help you clear off an entire row or column, depending on the arrows on it. So, the more bubbles you used to create it, the more you can create combos clearing off the lanes.

Chuck, the Yellow Bird

Combining 2 Red Birds placed side by side will let you have Chuck. This special tile can clear off a cross-shaped pattern across the board when activated. The best part of Angry Birds Dream Blast is when you create a bigger Chuck, you can clear more bubbles in the board. To do that, you only have to combine two large Red Birds placed side by side.


Last but not least, the bomb is an explosive special tile that lets you clear everything on the screen. Having this on your board can let you finish the level in a single tap! To gain this bomb, you have to combine two Chucks. But, usually the size of your Chuck wouldn’t matter since its main power is to clear off the entire board.

Be Careful on Where You Tap

Paying attention to where you tap and match dream bubbles is a very important strategy in the game. If you’ll observe, Angry Bird’s Dream Blast board is tricky compared to other puzzle-type matches. With its indefinite shape, knowing where the bubbles will fall can be hard to predict. So, the placement of your tap will determine where the special tiles and combos will appear. For instance, popping four bubbles in a row will make a Red Bird show up on the bubble you tapped on.

Maximizing all these techniques and using your special tile will help you move to the next level. Plus, ensuring that you are properly positioning your tapping will help you create a Chuck and a Bomb.

Complete 10 Levels per Day

Angry Birds Dream Blast isn’t only about popping and matching dream bubbles. To gain more gift boxes ahead in every level, completing 10 levels per day must be one of your goals, too. Do note that gift boxes are only available when you complete 10 stages every time. Therefore, finishing such several stages regularly can help you acquire the points you need to level up in the game. Moreover, once you’re done with the further stages, you’ll be able to get an extra gift box as you walk through each level. Best of all, you can have a chance to gain the boosters and coins that you need.

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