Apple Knight Review – Action-Adventure Platformer That’s Worth Playing

Posted on December 9, 2021
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Published and developed by Limitless, LLC, Apple Knight is an action platformer role-playing game perfect for all ages. Here, you will explore massive levels packed with secrets, loot, and quests. Along with these levels, you need to beat tough bosses, battle wizards, knights, and monsters too.

Apple Knight is an awesome game suitable for gamers who prefer simple, entertaining, yet challenging, making them more engaged. With current technology breakthroughs, classic and timeless games are combined, making them possible right on your device.

Apple Knight – The Gameplay

Before proceeding to the tutorial, you need first to select your character, and you can either be a male or female. Then, the tutorials will follow, showing the basic controls and workings of the game, like activating the campfire for checkpoints and how to use your weapon against your opponents.

Apple Knight Abilities

The developer did a great job managing the controls of the games, from the movement up to the dash, attack, and more. The main goal of Apple Knight is to reach the end goal successfully and proceed to the next one, which is expected to be more complex and challenging than the previous level you completed.

Apple Knight provides players with various worlds divided into different levels. There are four difficulty levels to choose from; the story, casual, hard, and ultra-hard. You need to clash with various monsters and opponents at each level like magic casters, bats, and swordsmen.

Destroyable Objects & More

Along with your journey to various levels, you will find destroyable objects. Things like jars and chests, which may include stuff like emeralds, coins, and other valuables that you can use. Get these all in buying equipment to upgrade your characters. Keep in mind that upgrading is essential to this game as your old equipment might not bear future challenging encounters.

The Gameplay

You can use the coins to equip your character with stronger armor, swords, and abilities as well. There are instances that you will encounter some chests that carry new weapons and skills that can give your character additional buffs and more attack power.

Whenever you encounter an opponent, you tend to lose a Hearth which corresponds to your life points which depicts an instant death when you play under ultra-hard difficulty. Having this difficulty is quite challenging at the same time, disappointing. But, with its good replayable value, you will be eager to pass this challenge.

Splendid Graphics & Audio

If you are looking for a game that will bring you to the classic times where games are still pixelated, you better check Apple Knight. Like the timeless games before, this game offers a pixelated cartoon theme bringing you the 80s and 90s retro theme platformers.

As you take the game, you will notice that the pixels are exquisite and considered enough to sustain each gamer’s playstyle. The animations are fantastic, from the sword-swinging attacks and when you kill your enemies.

Apple Knight Pc

Along with the graphics, the audio is fine and features a satisfactory Original Soundtrack making the game more engaging. The limiting factor here is the number of soundtracks that are used repetitively, and wish you could have more for succeeding levels.

Engaging to Microtransactions

Like the typical games nowadays, Apple Knight complements various ways of monetizing through giving free coins. Hearths or revive whenever the player watches the ads made by the other companies. Watching ads is widespread nowadays, especially when talking about free-to-play games, including buying cosmetics, aesthetic skins, and weapon boosters.

Bombs In The Game

Usually, paid skins give certain extra buffs, but there are times that you can achieve skins during your grinding or as a reward in completing a quest. But, if you want to upgrade your character most quickly, you can still choose the option of buying skins through microtransactions.

Is Apple Knight Worth Playing?

As of now, the Apple Knight provides players with four distinct worlds. And each world includes ten levels, so all in all, there are 40 levels of fun and excitement to expect in this nostalgic action role-playing game. However, that’s not yet the end; the developer continuously works for further development, aiming for newer levels and worlds in the subsequent updates and patches.

Apple Knight Game

But, keep in mind that these levels don’t take an enormous amount of time to finish; the game has a limit. Once you have completed all levels, you can still continue the game and try a higher difficulty level.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an engaging to play  you better save a spot to your list! Of course, it’s the Apple Knight. With this review, you will surely figure out why you should add this game to your daily routine. Though this game is not coming from huge gaming publishers, Limitless did an excellent job making this platformer possible!

Are you already playing Apply Knights? If yes, can you share your personal experience with this terrific action game? Hoping that this Apple Knight Review helps you decide if you’ll play this game. For more info and updates, keep yourself in the loop!

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