Azur Lane Guide – Your Comprehensive Starter Guide

Azur Lane Comprehensive Guide

Last 2017, Yostar Limited added another action RPG game that will surely keep your fingers and minds on – the Azur Lane. You need to form a competitive fleet in this game and battle your opponent’s fleet. To do this, you need to acquire new ships which stand as your heroes or characters in this game.

Fortunately, our Azur Lane Guide will help you out! Though Azur Lane falls under the gacha genre games, the game’s core gameplay focuses more on managing your fleet, battling against the enemy’s fleet, and showing off your clashing abilities. At first glance, you’ll feel overwhelmed and think of ways on which to prioritize first. That’s why it’s one of the best RPGs to explore and experience.

Azur Lane Gameplay
Image Source: Azur Lane Gameplay

Furthermore, there’s no need to be confused as we give you our best Azur Lane Guide today. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in playing RPGs, this guide is for you. It’s a comprehensive guide that will save you from missing out on the essential features of this game.

Azur Lane Guide – Everything You Need to Know

Before we go deeper into the crucial features of Azur Lane, let us first know the basics of the game. Upon playing, expect that you’ll spend most of your valuable time on the battlefield. Moreover, your objective is to advance through various campaigns by accomplishing stages that include different battles.

And once you enter a stage, you need to move your fleet on the map of tiles wandering for a final battle where the boss is located. Then, after defeating the boss, you are done with that stage. Hence, if you think reaching the boss is easy, you better think twice as you need to complete loads of battles. Additionally, you must come up with a powerful fleet to manage the initial battles. Enhancing your fleet is also great preparation for your battle against the boss.

So, here are the things you need to focus on while playing Azur Lane;

Choose a Great Ship

One part of our Azur Lane guide is that you can choose from over 250 unique ships that you can place on your fleet. However, you need to invest in grinding resources to upgrade these ships to make them stronger. That’s why it’s highly recommended to start with great ships.

Azur Lane Shipgirls

Take note that these ship girls are classified in S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier. Of course, the S-Tier ships are the most powerful ones. Also, these ship girls are categorized into five classes; Aircraft Carrier, Battleship/Battlecruiser, Light Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, and Destroyer. And as a basic rule for beginners, you tend to choose one of each class to be part of your fleet. In that case, it’s best to place a Battleship/Battlecruiser in the middle and a Heavy Cruiser on your front lines. Other ship girls can be put to whatever spot you think they can perform well during battles.

Azur Lane Formation


Don’t Miss the Quests & Missions

To create a powerful ship in Azur Lane, you must farm and grind for the resources you need to enhance your ship. For example, you can take upon more quests and missions. Aside from helping you progress in the game, completing tasks can give you a way for more valuable items and rewards. And if you want to check your missions, all you have to do is navigate it beneath your game screen. From there, you can take all the missions you need to complete.

Another way to get more amazing rewards is by completing Daily, Side, Weekly, and Event missions. You can also opt for special quests for more chances of obtaining items, resources, and ships as well.

Azur Lane Missions


Upgrading Your Ships

Once you’ve taken loads of battles and completed stages, you might get confused if you’re stuck in a certain stage. If this happens, then it’s time to upgrade your ships. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to enhance your ships. You can either level up your ships through EXP or sacrifice some ships to improve the effective ones. Alternatively, you can try the “Limit Breaking” feature, where you raise the star level of your ship to increase its stats. It’s best to use this option when you reach the max level. Though it increases the star rank of your ship, take note that your oil will be more expensive, especially when immersed in battle.

More Ways to Increase Your Ship’s Power

Another way to increase your ships’ stats is through “Retrofitting.” Here, you need to unlock a particular retrofit to unlock the one next to it. However, take note that not all ships are viable for this option. In this process, you’ll need to spend some blueprints and coins. You will surely understand what retrofitting means if you’re familiar with the talent trees.

Also, you can increase the power of your ships by enhancing their skills. You need to assign your ships in the “Tactical Class” found in the “Academy” option in your lobby to do this. In this option, a chosen skill will be upgraded in a certain amount of time. Here, you’ll need to spend skill books and time. Most of the time, it takes 2 to 8 hours to upgrade the skill of a particular ship.

Azur Lane Upgrades

Lastly, you can increase the power and stats of your ships by enhancing their equipment and gear. Take note that there are two types of gears in Azur Lane, the weapons and auxiliary. In improving a ship’s gear, you’ll need to spend some in-game currencies such as coins. Furthermore, the cost depends on the type and tier of the item you wish to upgrade.

So, there you have it! We hope this Azur Lane Guide helped you a lot in playing this RPG more effectively. There’s no need to be stuck on levels, as this comprehensive guide will help you! For more updates and information about this incredible role-playing game, stay tuned here at EmulatorPC.