Playing Beat the Boss 3: Tips to Help You Excel

Posted on August 6, 2021
Beat The Boss 3 Tips To Excel

Are you working in a stressful environment? Do you have a boss that just adds to that stress by pushing you around and taking advantage of all your successes as theirs? If that’s the case, then you will have a great time with Beat the Boss 3! It’s a fantastic game made for employees that have experienced being pushed around by their horrible bosses.

It’s your time to take revenge by playing this fun game. Torture the boss and flick him everywhere you want. Show him who’s the real boss now! Don’t worry, no one will get hurt. You can safely release work-related stress and frustrations when you play this game! And with this guide, you can enjoy beating your boss even more.

Customize the Boss

Evil comes in all shapes and forms. Unfortunately, yours comes in the form of your boss. In Beat the Boss 3, you are allowed to customize them and make them look like your boss in real life! The more they look like your boss in real life, the more inspired you will be to play this game.

No Need to Customize Your Weapons

You will be using up gold to customize your weapons. Yes, you can earn gold coins every time you torture the boss. But there’s no need for you to spend it all on customization. You can just save coins up for later to purchase more weapons. You don’t need to waste them just to make your guns look pretty or rad.

Save Up on Gold Coins First

When you play the game during the first few rounds, you will be getting a crazy amount of gold coins. You may get too excited and buy a bunch of weapons, but you should hold on to your coins first. First, buy weapons that you know you can trust. And once you have tons of gold coins, that’s the time you should purchase super weapons that will make it easier for you to beat the boss!

Beat the Boss 3


Get that Multiplier Going

When you beat your boss consistently in the game, you will be starting a multiplier. That means the multiplier bar will just fill up, and it can help you earn even more coins. So all you need to do is go crazy in this game, and you will get to save on a lot of dough to spend on the best weapons.

Earn Diamonds by Levelling Up

Every time you level up to a digit that’s divisible by 5, you get to earn diamonds. For example, you level up to levels 10, 15, 20, and 25. In each of these levels, you will be receiving free diamonds. You can use these diamonds instead of using up all of your coins.

Funny One-Liners by Your Boss

Throughout your beatings, the boss will be saying one-liners that can be intimidating, funny, or just plain stupid. Use these to fuel your rage for them and let them know what you think by beating and torturing them until they’re no longer your boss!

Final Thoughts

Beat the Boss 3 is a game created for those who have horrible bosses in real life. But even if you don’t have a terrible boss, you can still enjoy and play this game. Just imagine that they are your worst enemy that you always wanted to hurt. This game will help you become more relaxed because it is a great outlet for all the negative feelings and experiences you get from work or elsewhere.

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