Best Casual Games to Play Using Emulator PC

Posted on July 22, 2021
best casual games

Casual is a type of video game targeted at a larger audience. The games don’t require the player to invest a lot of time playing, winning, and enjoying. These kinds of games exhibit different gameplays and genres, which is why there are many kinds of casual games you can find on the market today. Most of them are available on mobile devices. But if you’re a PC gamer that wants to play these kinds of games on your computer, there’s one excellent way to do so, and that’s through Emulator PC.

Emulator PC simplifies mobile gaming on PC. It provides a seamless way for individuals of all demographics to enjoy their favorite mobile games. With the excellent Patented technology they have developed, playing mobile games on your PC is no longer a hassle. Furthermore, with its easy one-click access, you have the freedom to choose from the many casual games available here. Let’s check out what kind of casual games are available on Emulator PC. Here’s a list of the top casual games you should play on your PC now!

Cat Spa

If you’re a lover of cats and you also happen to like spas, then you will enjoy this unique casual game by HyperBeard. This game allows you to manage your very own Cat Spa with the help of cat fairies. You need to hire cat fairies first before you can start because they are the ones who will take care of the customers. Teach them how to apply oil to the customers. Keep them happy to keep their morale high too. They are an integral part of your Cat Spa!
Cat Spa


Party in my Dorm: College Life Roleplay Chat Game

If you want to experience being in college, then Party in my Dorm is the best casual game to play. It’s a game by A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd, where you can go to house parties, meet new friends, form a group, and go on dates. Plus, you get to decorate your room with whatever theme you want. So, choose your avatar from the hundreds available, and start chatting with your friends from BF /GF! Create the best college memories in this fantastic college game!
party in my dorm


Furistas Cat Café

Cats are among the best furry animals because they are so cute and cuddly. But put them inside a Cat Café, and you will instantly get tons of customers! Furistas Cat Café is a casual simulation game published by Runaway, where you get to put all of your adopted cats in your café. Pair your adopted cats with your customers, so they both have a good time. The first cat you will adopt is Bon Chon. Each time a cat entertains a customer, they will leave a heart. You also earn fish every time you pair a customer and a cat, which are essential because these are used to adopt more cats.
furistas cat café


Starlit Adventures

In this casual adventure game published by Rockhead Games, you will need to help Kiki and Bo collect all the stolen stars. Then, you need to help them get all those stars back, and they become the best Starkeepers! The main goal is to find the treasure chest, where the stars are hidden. Use the controls to move left, right, up, and down. There are certain spots where you can dig too. But look out because there are enemies! Acquire suits that Bo can use to activate his skills. The first suit you can purchase is the Archer Suite, available only after the first level.
Starlit Adventures


KleptoCats 2

Another cute game published by HyperBeard is KleptoCats 2. In this game, you wake up in a shed with a cute cat in front of you. But the cat is only pretty on the outside, but they are a kleptomaniac on the inside. That means the cat can’t stop stealing! But he will help you escape the shed while they steal all kinds of items. Sometimes it’s useful, and sometimes it’s not. He opens portals and travels to different places, where he will eventually find the key to let you out. The game is funny and entertaining, so it’s one of the best casual games to play.
kleptocats 2


My Home – Design Dreams

If you love decorating houses, this home decorating game is for you. My Home – Design Dreams is a casual game published by Zenlife Games. You can showcase your skills as an interior designer. At first, you will be tasked to design a Pet Room since you’ll be adopting a dog. Like many other games, decorating a room will cost resources. Play the match-three puzzle game to earn the resources needed.
my home design dreams


Farm Heroes Saga

From the makers of Candy Crush Saga comes another enjoyable casual game called Farm Heroes Saga. In this game, you need to collect cropsies by matching three or more similar vegetables and fruits. You also have to mind your moves because if you run out of moves before you achieve your goal, you will need to repeat the level. And oh, watch out for Rancid the Raccoon!
farm heroes saga gameplay


Play Best Casual Games on PC

Now you know what you’re looking for; maybe you can start downloading and playing your most favorite casual game here on Emulator PC. Start downloading all of the casual games you like and try to invite your friends to play with you as well. There are more other games you can find here on this site to help you get over your boredom and stress. So, keep it cool as you play more casual games now on your PC.

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