Blade Bound Gameplay – A Hack & Slash Action RPG Worth Playing

Posted on April 18, 2022
Blade Bound Gameplay 1

Last 2017, Artifex Mundi added another exciting game titled Blade Bound in the action RPG genre. The said developer is renowned for producing more adventure games, and it’s their first attempt to release an action RPG. Will their first attempt surpass the needs of the gamers? Let’s learn more through this Blade Bound Gameplay review.

So, what is Blade Bound all about? Basically, it is a hack and slash action RPG with a classic top view hackathon similar to Diablo. If you’re a full-fledged RPG player, you better spare some time trying this game. That’s because the game offers you tons of options that you can range over when it comes to customization. Like the typical RPGs for PC, expect to use different types of equipment and weapons ready to be looted. Additionally, you need to unlock various skills in order to withstand challenging battles as you progress and create a significant impact in the game.

Blade Bound Gameplay

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Blade Bound Gameplay – A Hack & Slash Action RPG

When talking about the gameplay itself, Blade Bound works with complex gameplay mechanics that seem to be challenging. Here, you need to invest some time to get the knack of everything before you master it effectively. Fortunately, Blade Bound starts with different sets of tutorial series where you can learn the basics of the game. However, take note that engaging in tutorial levels won’t help you totally on becoming an expert in this game. Still, tutorials can enable you to unveil the crucial things you need to learn to play the game precisely.

Blade Bound Tutorial


The Heart & Soul of Blade Bound – Characters & Gears

As you land in the game itself, you’ll surely feel overwhelmed with the setting, and you might notice that you’re already stuck for hours thinking about where to start, what to do, and more. That explains why you need to take the tutorials seriously. It’s for you to know the critical things you need to master to play the game in a more effective manner. Additionally, when it comes to combat mechanics, you’ll surely enjoy every single of them as everything is relatively fast-paced. In terms of characters, you’ll be set with a vast array of characters, and each of them possesses unique abilities to beat any kind of opponent.

Blade Bound Character

As for weapons and equipment, Blade Bound offers different types of arsenals that will suit your character’s abilities. Again, just like the usual RPGs, you need to upgrade your weapons and equipment to beat the more challenging monsters you’ll face in the future.

In Blade Bound, you can choose to play single-player and stick to exploring the immersive game by yourself. Or, you can immerse yourself in PvP battles if you’re looking for something intense or challenging. Through PvP battles, you can prove your prowess against different players around the world. Additionally, there are also orbs, gems, and energy aspects that need to be worked on. Though it’s faster to earn these in-game currencies by spending real cash from your pocket, grinding them manually to explore the game entirely is more effective. Moreover, don’t forget that energy is refilled automatically over time, while gold can be easy to obtain on your exploit.

Blade Bound Gear


Exciting Storyline & Magnificent Graphics

Just like the usual RPGs, Blade Bound also depicts a storyline making the game more exciting. Here, you’ll play the role of being the last guardian of the Blade Bound order and your last hope in the world against the dark force. In addition, the story of Blade Bound revolves around defeating the Betrayer, who’s known to be a guardian before but chose to turn into evil. You’ll surely enjoy playing this game as the dev added more cutscenes and story elements to show the gamers its context.

Blade Bound Storyline

In terms of graphics, there’s no specific word that describes how breathtaking the visuals are. The vibrant and bright colors will surely catch your attention. Plus, the details are exquisite and intrinsically detailed. You’ll definitely enjoy the stunning scenery along with its special effects.

Is Blade Bound Worth Playing?

Blade Bound is a freemium RPG title, so there’s no need to pay any cash just to play this game. However, it doesn’t mean that this game is easy to play, maybe for some beginner levels. But as you progress in the game, expect more challenging monsters to defeat, which can possibly tend you to spend some cash just to revive.

Blade Bound Stage One

Overall, the game is excellently fine. From the systems, characters, combat mechanics, weapons, equipment, and more. One downside you’ll surely notice about this game is that you can’t play it without an internet connection as your character will be saved in the cloud. If you’re looking for a great RPG, then Blade Bound is a great choice to add to your game list.

For a more immersive and satisfying gameplay experience, it’s best to play Blade Bound right on your PC. To catch more updates and information about this fantastic role-playing game, stay tuned here at EmulatorPC.

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