Learn the Best Weapons to Use in Blades of Brim

Posted on June 5, 2021

Endless runner games are always interesting and exciting to play. Moreover, the gameplay is very simple as you need to avoid obstacles along the way and go as far as possible. If you enjoy playing this type of game, then you’ll also enjoy playing Blades of Brim. It’s an action endless runner published by SYBO Games. However, this game is not like any other endless runner. That is because you don’t just get to avoid obstacles, you also get to kill monsters. And since you’ll be killing monsters, this means that you’ll be using weapons to destroy them.

Now, Blades of Brim has a variety of weapons for you to acquire and use in battle. You can also upgrade your weapon to make them stronger and help you defeat more powerful enemies much easier. But with so many weapons available in the game, which among them is the best one to use? Which weapon should you focus on upgrading so you won’t waste resources? We’ll answer all of that question in this blog post as we’ll discuss the best weapons to use in Blades of Brim.

Blades of Brim Gameplay


Weapon Classification in Blades of Brim

Before we discuss the best weapons available in Blades of Brim, let us first discuss the different classifications available. When it comes to Blades of Brim weapons, you can classify them by Rarity, Element, and Type. There are three rarities available: Common, Rare, and Epic.

The common weapons are the ones that are very easy to get but not very powerful. Meanwhile, rare weapons are harder to find but have better stats than common weapons. On the other hand, the most powerful weapons available fall under the epic classification. They have better stats compared to common and rare weapons. However, they’re also much more difficult to acquire.

Weapons are also classified by elements. There are five elements in Blades of Brim: Arcane, Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Gold. With these elements, weapons will deal elemental damage based on the element that it’s classified at. However, there are also weapons that won’t have elemental damage.

The last classification would be the type of weapon. There are six types of weapons available in Blades of Brim. These are the Swords, Cleavers, Hammers, Staffs, Clubs, Others. The others are weapons that are one of a kind and don’t belong to any of the available types like Woody or The Stick. But ultimately, any weapon is great to use in Blades of Brim. But there are certain weapons that you’d like to consider because of what they can do. Let’s now discuss the best weapons to use in the game.

The Trusty Rusty is Good for Beginners

One of the best weapons that you can use in the game is also the default weapon you’ll use, which is the Trusty Rusty. It may look like a beaten-down sword, but it can still get the job done. Moreover, it doesn’t have an elemental attack since it’s just a common weapon. But what’s great about it is that it’s free and it provides a 2% score bonus. Another great thing about this weapon is that it has the Heart of Iron once you upgrade it.

This added bonus will allow you to start a run with 1 temporary extra heart. This can come in handy as it means you can survive longer in case you hit an obstacle, pot, or enemy. Furthermore, the temporary heart will last for 2 minutes.

Blades of Brim Golden Justice Weapon


Golden Mercy for Farming Coins

Another great weapon to use in Blades of Brim is the rare sword Golden Mercy (or any other golden weapon). Not only is it more powerful, but its abilities also allow you to farm coins easily. Moreover, its upgrades are the Golden Element, Golden Slam, and Golden Guardian. The Golden Element will grant you coins for defeating enemies while the Golden Slam will trigger the coin magnet when you slam the ground. On the other hand, the Golden Guardian will provide you with hit protection whenever you collect coins. You can acquire this weapon from the Epic Chest, which costs 30,000 coins.

The Simulacrum Epic Weapon for Beginners

The epic staff Simulacrum is a great and powerful weapon that you can consider. The great thing about this weapon is that it can be acquired for free for newbie players. However, you can also purchase it for 1,200 essences.

What’s special about this epic weapon is its Disruption ability, which has an upgrade of up to Disruption III. The ability will require you to defeat enemies to charge its power. Furthermore, Disruption III will have the fastest recharge. Once it’s charged, just tap it to gain a disruption aura. It will allow you to destroy enemies within your area during the duration of the ability. It’s a great way to clear enemies, allowing you to just focus more on avoiding obstacles and gaps.

Now that you know the best weapons to use in Blades of Brim, make sure to try them all out and see if these weapons go best with your gameplay.

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