Blue Archive Tier List & Reroll Guide – The Best Characters Per Class

Posted on May 4, 2022
Blue Archive Tier List

Whether you’re a fan of RPGs and hero gacha games or anime and chibis, Blue Archive is something that you can be excited about. Blue Archive is probably one of the most hyped hero gacha RPG games from Nexon Company. It created so much buzz that it had over 1 million pre-registrations prior to its release on February 4, 2021.

Although the game is currently in its second year, it is still not too late for you to play this game and actually do well. So, whether you are just starting out in this game or are currently playing this game for quite some time, we are here to help you out.

Blue Archive Tier List – Heroes Ranked Per Class

Just as with most hero gacha games, you would probably want to know who are the best characters to include in your team, especially as you start the game. Remember that having the best characters in your team will give you the best chances to victoriously progress in the game.

Blue Archive Gameplay

Image Source: Blue Archive Gameplay

In this list, we will be ranking the heroes per class. We will have S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, and C-tier characters in each class. Firstly, the S-tier characters are those that we consider overpowered. These characters can help carry your team as you progress further in the game. If you find one, then be sure to make them part of your core characters and focus your resources on them.

Next, the A-tier is just a notch below the top-tier characters. These characters are said to be powerful enough to be considered as part of your team. In fact, you can choose to build a well-balanced team of A-tier characters and do very well in this game.

On the other hand, B-tier characters are those that can be considered average. They are viable as starting characters as you begin playing Blue Archive. However, it can be a good option to start replacing them with higher-tier characters as you progress in the game.

Lastly, C-tier heroes are those who we think are the weakest characters in the game. You can still use them at the start of the game but be sure to replace them immediately as possible. So, without further ado, here is our list of the best Blue Archive characters ranked per class.

Blue Archive Characters


Attacker Class Tier List

Attackers are your main damage dealers. They are probably the most exciting characters to keep on your team as they are the ones who dish out the most amount of damage. It is important to have strong attackers to defeat the enemies right away and quickly clear more levels.

S-Tier Attackers

  • Shiromi Iori
  • Kakudate Karin
  • Rikuhachima Aru
  • Nekozuka Hibiki
  • Swimsuit Shizuyama Mashiro
  • Swimsuit Shiromi Iori
  • Kurodate Haruna
  • Izayoi Nonomi
  • Renkawa Cherino
  • Swimsuit Shirasu Azusa
  • Swimsuit Sorasaki Hina
  • Shimoe Koharu

A-Tier Attackers

  • Aris
  • Ajitani Hifumi
  • Shirasu Azusa
  • Bunny Girl Kakudate Karin
  • Saiba Midori
  • Shizuyama Mashiro
  • Asagi Mutsuki
  • Young Shunohara Shun
  • Sunaookami Shiroko
  • Sunohara Shun
  • Waraku Chise
  • Riding Sunaookami Shiroko
  • Yakushi Saya
  • Ihara Yoshimi
  • Tendou Alice
  • Sorasaki Hina
  • Saiba Momoi
  • Hisada Izuna
  • Otohana Sumire
  • Casual Yakushi Saya

B-Tier Attackers

  • Swimsuit Kensaki Tsurugi
  • Shiroishi Utaha
  • Kensaki Tsurugi
  • Hanaoka Yuzu
  • Sunaookami Shiroko
  • Akashi Junko
  • Wanibuchi Akari
  • Kuromi Serika
  • Asahina Pina

C-Tier Attackers

  • Ichinose Asuna
  • Hanekawa Hasumi
  • Shishidou Izumi
  • Konuri Maki
  • Nikamu Nero



Healer Tier List

Although the healer class characters are not the flashiest heroes in your team, still, they are vital for the survival of your whole squad. This is because they are the ones that support your character’s HP by healing them. So, be sure to add a strong healer to your team if you want to survive at higher levels.

S-Tier Healers

  • Washimi Serina
  • Shimoe Koharu

A-Tier Healers

  • Asagao Hanae

B-Tier Healers

  • Hinomia Chinatsu
  • Aikiyo Fuuka

C-Tier Healers

  • Urawa Hanako

Support Tier List

Next is the support class which is also known to be another underappreciated class that many players overlook. However, just like the healers, they also play an essential role in your team. They are the ones who increase the strength of the whole team through buffs.

S-Tier Supports

  • Amau Ako
  • Otose Kotama

A-Tier Supports

  • Kurmura Airi
  • Bunny Girl Ichinose Asuna
  • Omagari Hare

B-Tier Supports

  • Nakatsukasa Kirino
  • Murokasa Akane
  • Aijitani Hifumi
  • Okusora Ayana
  • Swimsuit Shishidou Izumi

C-Tier Supports

  • Onikata Kayoko
  • Kowa Shizuko
  • Toyomi Kotori
  • Endo Shimiko
  • Amani Nodoka
  • Iochi Mari
  • Morizuki Suzumi
  • Ushimaki Juri

Tank Tier List

Tanks are your team’s shields. They are your front liners who absorb the brunt of the enemies’ attacks in order to protect other characters with weaker defenses. As such, tanks are also vital for your team’s survival.

S-Tier Tanks

  • Kasuga Tsubaki
  • Bunny Girl Mikamu Neru

A-Tier Tanks

  • Takanashi Hoshino
  • Hayase Yuuka

C-Tier Tanks

  • Yutori Natsu
  • Izumimoto Eimi
  • Igusa Haruka


Blue Archive Yuuka

Now that we have given you our tier list, let us move forward to the next best thing – the reroll guide. This way you can put this tier list to good use and get the best characters as you start the game.

Blue Archive Reroll Guide

Blue Archive is pretty benevolent when it comes to giving you free characters. As you play through the tutorial phase, the game will give you free summons to get your first characters at the start of the game. However, like other hero gacha game, you wouldn’t always be lucky enough to get the best heroes on your first roll in Blue Archive. As such, you might want to reroll your free summons until you get the characters you want. Here is the step-by-step guide you can follow in rerolling in Blue Archive;

  • Launch Blue Archive
  • Log in using a guest account
  • Play through the tutorial
  • Get your free summons
  • Finish your first mission
  • Claim your rewards from your mailbox
  • Buy gacha banners to summon more characters

If you’re happy with the characters you have on your first roll, then you may stop at step number 7. But, if not, you can continue by following the additional steps below and repeat the process until you achieve the characters you want.

  • Click the menu button on the top-right corner of your screen
  • Then, access the account
  • Click “reset”
  • Type “Blue Archive”

So, there you have it! We hope that this Blue Archive tier list & reroll guide helped you a lot in playing this awesome role-playing game. Put it to good use and get the upper hand as you start playing the game. If you are looking for more tier lists, cheats, tips, & guides, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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