Boom Beach Base Building Guide – Knowing the Four Major Buildings

Posted on September 16, 2022
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When it comes to seashore battles that feature strategic defense, anyone would think of Boom Beach. This is because the game already has a reputation that offers you action-packed battles. Published by Supercell, the game is always the best choice among adventurous players. Because of its macro battle mechanics involving strategy and deception, players usually love it. In the game, players will fight against each other by following the rules of defense and offense. Your goal is to defend your base from the enemy or attack the other base.

In recent years, building a base has been easy with the help of external options. The most used among them all is the Blackguard, which allows you to build strong bases. However, this feature is not available as of now. This sounds sad, especially when you just want to build a strong base. But that is the very reason why the feature is now closed. Also, there are lots of bases already created in Boom Beach world. If you are a new player, you must learn how to defend one of them.
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Defending your base requires you to exert an amount of focus. That approach starts with an effective base layout that is not easily penetrable to enemies. You must ensure your base is strong to protect yourself from various attacks. This can also help you to gain usable intel about your enemies and strengthen your stronghold. You can use any strategy, but for this article, we will only focus on Boom Beach base building guide four major buildings. These are The Headquarters, Ice Statues, Defensive Buildings, and Economy and Support Buildings.

The Headquarters

Placing your headquarters in the right position is the most important aspect of Boom Beach. This is because it is the main building you need to protect from invading enemies. Although there are many ways to protect it one of the most recommended is to position defenses. This will be done by placing boom mines around your headquarters to defeat enemies. Your goal is to surround these mines in the headquarters to prevent enemies to burn down the headquarter.

Another way is to place the Flamethrowers in the right range around your headquarters. If they are nearer to the headquarters, it is easy to use them against surrounding enemies. Having them also increases your chances to make your base secure. This is also a good option if your enemies come nearer to the headquarters.
Boom Beach Headquarters


Ice Statues

This serves as power storage in your base holding up all the leverage your base can tap. Its purpose is to boost the health of your buildings so they will function efficiently. You only have to put them effectively in your base to gain an advantage. Having many of them in the game lets you have a defensive position. Your enemies will have a hard time penetrating your base if there are lots of them. They are also helpful if you want to gain more Victory Points, representing the campaign’s success.

Defensive Buildings

This is the part of your base responsible for repelling the attacks of your enemies. That is why it is vital to make these buildings reliable to defend your base. But to do that, you should learn first how to place them effectively. It works like Sniper Towers that are weak to Scorchers and Heavies but strong against Medics. On the other hand, Machine Guns are strong against Rifleman and Zookas but weak on Tanks. These are just a fraction of defensive structures that you need to be familiar with. You will learn more about them as you play the game.
Defensive Buildings


The Support Buildings

Non-defensive buildings also play a vital role to maintain a strong base. Its purpose is to aid all the common tasks essential for your success. In your base, examples of the Support Buildings are Armory which stores all the weapons needed. The other example is the Gunboat which provides fire support and essential supplies on the battlefield. Gunboat also serves as a means to relay orders by using flares as a signal.

There are other Support Buildings in the game that needs to be protected. Each of them has its design that translates to the means of defending them. You will learn how to protect them as you get familiar with the movements of your enemies. The most recommended tip so far is to place some defensive buildings near them. These defensive buildings will prevent enemies from destroying them while protecting your base more as they serve as landing panels.
Support Buildings


Bottom Line

Now that you know the four buildings in your base that needs protection, it is time to put them to test. Though this Boom Beach base building guide does not cover exploratory ways of protecting your base, it serves as an overview. After all, you are the only one who can craft the best strategy that will protect your base. This only serves as a guide that you can extract to craft defensive strategies.



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