Brawl Stars Beginners Guide: Basic Gameplay & Useful Tips

Posted on December 5, 2021
Brawl Stars Beginners Guide

Brawl Stars has provided a fresh if not a miniaturized take on the battle royale genre. This third-person top-down shooter has been making waves in the mobile scene since 1998 boasting millions of installs. With that said, if you are new to the title or if you want to explore this action-packed game out of curiosity, then our beginner’s guide will help you ease you into it. After all, it is better to jump into the game equipped with all basic knowledge about the system, mechanics, and overall structure. So, without further ado, check out our spoiler-free Brawl Stars Beginner’s Guide and tips below.

Brawling 101

Like any other competitive game out there, Brawl Stars comes with its own set of gameplay rules and mechanics. With that said, our first tip for newbies is to play through with the game’s tutorial. The game’s tutorial will teach you the basic mechanics of combat and hero mechanics. In addition, the tutorial also provides you with resources that you can use in the game.

Moving forward, Brawl Stars employs the use of point and shoot mechanics with a dedicated gauge for special attacks. The game also comes with auto and manual aiming. We highly recommend that you get used to the manual for better results.

Each brawler comes with its own unique skills and specialties that you can improve over time. The best part is that everything you need to know about the game’s combat will be provided to you. In summary, the tutorial will provide you with knowledge and riches at the same time. So, make sure to not skip it.


Once you are done with the tutorial, your next task is to get to know the abilities of your first brawlers. As mentioned before, each brawler comes with his/her unique skills and abilities which prevents you from focusing on a single brawler alone. This is because a brawler who is effective on one mode may be useless on other modes.

brawl stars fast 3v3

In addition, the efficacy of a brawler during team battles is highly dependent on team play. This means that the strongest brawler is useless on its own during team battles. In summary, you need to know the skills and abilities of your brawlers to become an effective player in both solo and team modes.

Game Modes

One of the main highlights of Brawl Stars is the various game modes embedded in its core. The game offers a wide selection of game modes that you can play solo or with a team. There are five modes that you can explore in the game, not including the ones that come with specific events.

Gem Grab

Gem Grab is the first mode that you can access right after the tutorial. In this mode, you are paired with two random players for a 3v3 team battle. The rule of this mode is simple—whoever collects the most gems wins the round.


Showdown is a bite-size battle royale game playable in solo or duo mode. In this mode, players must fight their way to become the last brawler standing. Players can do that by collecting power-ups and utilizing hiding spots on the map.

Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball is another 3v3 mode inspired by soccer. In this mode, the team with the most goals wins the round.

Bounty Mode

Bounty Mode is a 3v3 mode where players are required to eliminate their opponents to collect a bounty in the form of stars. The team with the most stars wins the match.


Heist is a 3v3 mode that requires players to loot the safe of the other team while protecting theirs at the same time. This mode features a map packed with hiding spots that players can use to sneak their way to the other team’s safe.

Other Useful Tips


Brawl Stars is a social game which means that it comes with the basic social tools you need to make new acquaintances. Our advice is to make friends and learn what makes their strategies effective. Even better, you can join a guild which is a great way of getting advice when it comes to strategy building.

Practice Makes Perfect

The Training Arena in Brawl Stars is one of the best places to try out your strategies and get familiar with your brawlers. If you feel that your strategies are failing, then make use of the Training Arena.

Play Brawl Stars on PC

Brawl Stars is a fun and competitive shooting game that you can enjoy solo or with your friends. The game’s solid combat system, generous reward structure, and diverse roster of characters is enough reason for you to try out the game.

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