BTS World Guide – Tips On Being A Good Manager

Posted on July 22, 2021
BTS World Tips

One of the most popular boy band groups in the world right now is Korea’s Bangtan Sonyeondan, or more popularly known as BTS. This is why it’s not surprising that there are much merchandise and other forms of content related to the popular K-pop group. One such content is BTS World, a casual simulation game published by Netmarble. In this game, you’re in charge of BTS as one of Big Hit’s managers.

But this story takes place in the year 2012 when BTS is still in its infancy. This means that one of the major things you will do as the BTS manager is to take care of their debut. You also embark on a journey where you and the group will grow together and help them become the phenomenon they currently are. Sounds like a tall task? Well, it will be, if you don’t know what you are doing in this game. Fortunately, this blog post can help with that. This will be a BTS World guide and we’ll provide tips on how you can become a good talent manager.

Understanding the Gameplay of BTS World

It’s important you first understand the gameplay of BTS World. It’s a visual novel game where you go through several stories involving all seven members of BTS prior to their debut. You can interact with the members through social media, calls, texts, and many more. It will simulate what it’s like to have text messages and conversations with the members, so it’s really great for fans of the group.

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You progress in the game whenever you complete story missions. There are options that can affect the direction that the story will get. You also get to improve your affinity with each member, depending on the choices that you make. You get to collect BTS cards, which you can also upgrade using the flowers and blossoms you earn for completing missions. The goal is to help BTS achieve commercial success, like what they are today.

Tips on Upgrading Cards

When it comes to leveling up your cards, there’s a proper way to do it. You will acquire many different cards in BTS World but your resources will be limited to upgrade and level up all of them. To make sure you’re maximizing and using your resources properly, it’s best that you focus on your 5-star cards. In this way, you’re only leveling up your cards with high ratings. It’s a waste of resources to try and upgrade 1 to 2-star cards. And don’t forget to exchange your duplicates to get upgrade stones.

They’re used for upgrading your cards once they reach level 30. You need to upgrade them first before you can level them up again. But before you do that, you need to check your photo album first. There are albums that require you a certain number of the same cards. Make sure you don’t exchange the one that’s part of the album. You also get good rewards when you complete a photo album. Cards are also needed to complete story missions. You can acquire them by using gems. You can also craft BTS cards by completing card pieces.

Get Wings in BTS World Quickly for Free

Wings are also important since you use them to progress in story missions. The wings you’ll need become higher as you progress further in the story. Wings, though, are limited, which means you can’t just keep on playing as long as you want. They do replenish over time, but it takes a while to replenish it fully. One of the best ways to get wings quickly and for free is by adding as many friends as you possibly can in the game.

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You can send wings as a gift to your friend and you can also receive wings in return. This will allow you to have a steady supply of wings without paying anything. Leveling up also replenishes all your wings instantly. So, take advantage of the auto-clear function when you’re close to leveling up. This will auto-clear a mission and gain you experience that could push you to level up and replenish your wings.

Unlock More Stories with BTS Members

One of the main reasons why people would play this game is because of the content and stories with the members of the group. There are hidden stories in BTS World, especially stories about each member. To unlock them, you just need to increase your affinity with that particular member. Getting a 3 to 5-star card could raise your affinity level with a particular member, so make sure to check the card and see which member’s affinity has increased.

You can also increase your affinity when you provide the best response to a BTS member. During conversations or interactions, there are moments where you’re given options on how to respond. The best response could increase your affinity to the member you’re talking to. You’ll know it’s the best response when a heart icon appears after your response. For example, you’re having a conversation with Park Jimin and your response is exactly what he wants to hear. A heart icon will appear to show he likes it, thus increasing your affinity.

Getting the proper balance will be key here. BTS members like getting praise and support, but they also like getting honest criticisms, so make sure you provide the proper balance. BTS World is a fun and exciting game to play, especially if you’re a big fan of BTS. The tips provided here will help you play the game properly, showing you are the perfect manager for the group.

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