Bullet Echo Cheats – 6 Tips & Tricks to Make Your Game Better

Posted on September 25, 2022
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If you’re a massive fan of shooting games, you must not miss having Bullet Echo on your list. It is an action multiplayer shooting game published and developed by ZeptoLab. It falls under the battle royale category and depicts exciting elements that can keep you on your toes. What is more impressive about this shooting game is it offers cartoony graphics and straightforward gameplay, and mechanics that even kids can understand.

Though Bullet Echo offers easy-to-understand gameplay and mechanics, it doesn’t mean reaching out for the highly competitive rank will also be easy. With its unique concepts, sometimes getting the game’s grip is quite difficult, and you see yourself stuck in one place.

So, do you think Bullet Echo cheats can help you improve your game? Well, unfortunately, no. It will be more satisfying to progress in the game rightfully. To help you progress in Bullet Echo more effectively and legitimately, let these tips and tricks help you out.

Picking Up Ammos


Say No to Bullet Echo Cheats, Go With Genuine Tips & Tricks

Here are the tips and tricks you can use to progress efficiently in Bullet Echo.

1. Smartly Select your Hero

In Bullet Echo, you’ll need to choose your hero from the different classes offered. Each hero depicts unique abilities, stats, and weapons that you can use to defeat your enemies.

The heroes in Bullet Echo are upgradeable, which can help them to become rarer. In this game, there are 2 types of heroes to opt for; the Common Rarity Heroes and the Mythic Heroes. The Common ones are the units with low stats with no special abilities. Most of the time, these heroes are obtainable by beginners.

Bullet Echo Selecting Your Hero

On the other hand, the Mythic ones are the heroes with incredible stats and all-powerful abilities. If you wish to progress in playing Bullet Echo, it will be best if you’ll use Mythic heroes if you can have a chance to obtain them.

2. Understating Your Pick-ups

In Bullet Echo, there are 5 types of pick-ups; Armor, Health-Abilities, Ability Recharges, Ammo, and Weapon Mods. As you begin playing this game, you’ll be set with a typical silenced pistol. Though your weapon is renowned for being low quality, you can still upgrade it by choosing the right ammo. It would help if you were quick and clever in choosing your ammo to ensure your safety in the early stages.

To improve your defense in the game, you must opt for armor. Take note that armor is difficult to find, unlike ammo. Once you’ve found one armor, grab it immediately and maximize it to get ahead of your enemies.

Bullet Echo Gameplay

Image Source: Bullet Echo Gameplay

On the other hand, Health-Abilities replenish with time, and as you progress in the game, you’ll find one that can be advantageous. In Bullet Echo, the Ability restores similar to the Health-kits, enabling you to obtain a distinct ability as an agent. You can consider picking these pick-ups so that you can use them if challenging events happen.

Lastly, the Weapon Mods are also used to boost your hero’s attack and defense. However, this pick-up is unnecessary as you can navigate them easily on the map. Because these pick-ups are very accessible, you’ll see most of the time other players fighting each other for the sake of mods. Don’t dwell with these players; get your weapon mods if the area is clear and safe.

3. Mastering Your Hero’s Abilities

In Bullet Echo, each hero is entitled to have 3 abilities; a unique ability made for the hero, healing, and 2 passive abilities. If you want to improve your game in this game, it will be best if you’ll understand the essence of these abilities, especially the unique one.

Bullet Echo Hero Pick


4. Be Careful With Your Movements

If you think simultaneously running in Bullet Echo is effective, you better think twice. Here, it will be more efficient if you limit your movement and plan every step you make. In this game, moving fast can leave traces that your enemies can track. To prevent your enemies from catching you, it will be best if you’ll move slower and stealthy.

Finding Your Enemy Movement In Bullet Echo


5. Prevent Yourself from Staying Longer in the Map’s Center

As mentioned above, the center of the map has loads of pick-ups, such as Weapon Mods. With that said, many players tend to go here and fight for the ownership of the Weapon Mods, making the place a massive warzone.

To keep yourself out of danger, it is best to stay at the edge of the map and visit the center once everything is clear and the gun fights are over. But, if you’re the type of player who is fond of something intense and challenging, you can try your abilities in the center of the map as well.

Game Map In Bullet Echo


6. Don’t Forget Teamwork

If you wish to progress in Bullet Echo effectively, it will be best if you focus more on keeping the grip of your team together. Make sure that everyone sticks with each other, and when one player is downed, revive it immediately. Keeping your team intact can increase the chance of winning the game while giving everyone an incredible game experience.

So, there you have it! We hope these tips and tricks will help you forget about Bullet Echo cheats. These tips and tricks are highly recommended and proven effective. For more updates, information, and additional tips about this action game, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC.


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