Clash of Clans Buildings – Defensive Buildings Guide

Posted on October 17, 2021
Clash Of Clans Defensive Building Guides

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games by Supercell. It offers action-packed gameplay from start to finish. For those who are new to the game, you need to build your village, protect your clan, and join an epic clan war! As a tower-defense strategy game, you’ll need to play strategically for you to win. So, you’ll need to rally your troops and bring them to victory while thinking of the best ways to defeat your enemy! Devising a foolproof plan is the key to your success when it comes to playing Clash of Clans. And there are many tools and resources handed to you to help you win.

One of the tools that you can utilize in Clash of Clans is defensive buildings. The whole gameplay of Clash of Clans is to attack while defending your kingdom at the same time. Therefore, you need to choose the right heroes to help lead your troops, defend your base against enemy attacks using various defensive buildings, and upgrade them to make them even more powerful.


Must-Have Defensive Buildings in CoC

So, if you’re new to Clash of Clans and want to find out what defensive buildings are available for you to use, continue reading this Cash of Clans buildings guide to know more.


One of the first defensive buildings available is the Cannon. It’s a basic, single power, and ground-only firepower. In addition, it has high single target damage with a decent range and fire rate. However, it’s useless against air troops, so you need to put them close to Air Defenses and Wizard Towers. After reaching Lvl. 7, you can upgrade it once you meet the requirements, making it more powerful for taking down Giants and Wall Breakers.

Clash Of Clans Cannon


Archer Tower

Next is the Clash of Clans Archer Tower, which is unlocked at the Town Hall at Lvl. 2. They have an exceptional range with a single target and versatile defense. It is also great when taking down tanks but not as much against swarms of troops. The Master Builder can upgrade it once it reaches Lvl. 10. A good strategy when using an Archer Tower is to place it with other ground-only defensive buildings.

Clash Of Clans Archer Tower



The Mortar is the ultimate groundmass troops nemesis because of its splash damage, but only for ground troops. It has a blind spot of four tiles around it, which means melee units can take it down easily without losing HP. That’s why it’s essential to cover its weakness with another defensive building or trap. You can place them near the center of the base to use its range, such as the triangle so that multiple Mortars can hit the same area at the same time.

During higher levels, Mortars become more irrelevant. That’s why players place them outside the base.

Clash Of Clans Mortar


Air Defense

You can unlock the Air Defense at TH3, the best counter to all air attacks due to its high DPS and air focus. However, keep in mind that they’re useless against ground units and struggles against Hog Riders. So, you will want to use ground defenses, such as Wizard Towers, Cannons, or Traps. You can also place it near Mortars. These are precious defensive structures due to the many strategies revolving around them.

Clash Of Clans Air Defense


Wizard Tower

You can unlock the Clash of Clans Wizard Tower at TH5, which is considered one of the most defensive buildings. However, it’s incredibly versatile because it can attack both ground and air troops. It also has splash damage that can kill swarm troops like Bats and Goblins.

Wizard Tower’s only weakness is range. Most of the time, these are used to protect your resources. You can also keep it close to an Air Defense tower.

Clash Of Clans Wizard Tower


Air Sweeper

Next in this Clash of Clans defensive buildings guide is the Air Sweeper. This defensive building can be unlocked at TH6. These towers will blow away enemy air units while giving the other defenses time to take down invaders. The biggest weakness of an Air Sweeper is its 120-degree radius defense since it can only be rotated to blow in a cone, leaving its back vulnerable. It also does not harm ground units.

Clash Of Clans Air Sweeper


Hidden Tesla

You can unlock the Hidden Tesla at TH7, a partially defensive structure and partially a trap. The location of the Hidden Tesla can only be revealed when the enemy troops are close enough or if 51% of the village is destroyed. So, it’s a single target for both ground and air, electric defense. The location of this defensive structure will be pointed out during the upgrade. It deceives the enemy while making them think that there’s nothing there, and it disrupts troops that prioritize defenses.

Clash Of Clans Hidden Tesla


Bomb Tower

The Bomb Tower works just like the Wizard Tower, and you can unlock it at TH8. It deals with splash damage to ground units, but it can’t target air units. The Bomb Tower also deals damage upon destruction, and you can place it near Mortars or an Air Defense since these three complement each other very well. When combined with Ground Bombs, they can easily defeat Hog Riders.

Clash Of Clans Bomb Tower

More buildings can complement the buildings in this list during your battle. However, the Clash of Clans defensive buildings in this list are important if you want to have a strongly built base at the beginning. Along with your defensive strategy, your win will surely be inevitable. Find out more information about Clash of Clans gameplay here in EmulatorPC.

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