A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Claw Stars

Posted on October 2, 2021
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Claw Stars is an exciting arcade game that boasts loads of fun and adventure through its unique gameplay. Its storyline is highly immersive as it lets you play as a hamster that’s on the verge of restoring the planet and rescuing cute creatures.

The story of Claw Stars started when thousands of hamsters were sent to space for survivability experiments. But because of an accident, they were sent into a temporal wormhole. As a result, millions of years went by in a matter of seconds. Finally, they stumble out into a familiar universe as super-intellectual hamsters.

Armed with nothing but their intelligence, they build spaceships that can bring them home. But upon arriving, it’s not the same planet that it used to be, and creatures are trapped inside orbs. Thus, you need to rescue these animals and restore the planet with the help of the claw.

As a beginner, Claw Stars may seem confusing at first. But don’t worry because this comprehensive guide will let you understand the basics of the game. Sooner or later, you’ll be building habitats, saving creatures, and stealing from other players like a pro!

Understanding the Gameplay of Claw Stars

Armed with a claw machine given to you by Alice, you will be going to the abandoned zones of each planet to rescue the animals trapped inside orbs. These relics are filled with trapped animals, coins, and unique gadgets that you can use to steal from other players. In other words, Claw Stars is a social multiplayer game where you can Hack, Fool, and Kidnap from other players. You and other players will be sabotaging each other’s planets using the traps you get from the abandoned zone.

Claw Stars Gameplay

Hack is when you steal coins from their habitats, place blockades around their buildings, and kidnap their creatures for more bonus coins. But, of course, other players will do the same to your habitat, and the game will inform you every time it happens.

You can manage your habitat to restore old buildings and place the rescued animals in the abandoned zones. Each time you finish a world, you can unlock another planet and own a new habitat.

Inside the Purple Capsules

The blue orbs in the abandoned zones are filled with animals, while the purple orbs contain different kinds of items. These will help you steal some gold from other players while at the same time, get fascinating things that can protect your habitat.

Claw Stars Guide Blue Orb

The kidnap cage is a contraption you can use to kidnap creatures from other players and get coins as an exchange. A drone is another gadget that protects your habitats by destroying the kidnap cage that a player uses in your habitat. Aside from that, you can get extra claws to continue clawing into the machine. Keep in mind that there are only a few claws available. You need to wait for a long time to restore the claws.

Another exciting item is the blockade. You can use this to block off other players’ buildings in their habitats to get coins. Meanwhile, a hacking pod is an item that allows you to steal another player’s in-game bank to steal their coins. Finally, a bomby worm can be found inside blue orbs and not purple orbs. When dropped, it destroys everything in its vicinity, revealing ores. These ores can be used to get a bigger claw.

How to Forge the Giant Claw

The only way for you to forge your claw is to break the stones found in the abandoned zones and collect the ores. Then, you can move around the abandoned zone and pick up rocks, and the claw will crush them. You need 30 ores to get a giant claw, which you can equip by tapping on the giant claw button beside the paw button. Once you have the giant claw, you can use it to pick up Jumbo piggy capsules. Make sure to pick only the big capsules. And to get another Jumbo piggy, you will need to collect another 30 ores.

Claw Stars Giant Claw

Once you can find only a few relics in the abandoned zone, a new wave of relics will land on the zone. The game will notify you when these new relics have landed. In addition, you can tap on the green timer found on the bottom-right corner of the screen to fill the abandoned zone constantly. Furthermore, you will need 50 rubies to get new relics in the zone once the stones ran out soon.

Claw Stars is an exciting and out-of-this-world competitive multiplayer game that lets you build your habitat and rescue creatures. Make sure to protect it because other players will try to sabotage you, which is when the real action starts!

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