Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters – Rank S Overview

Posted on July 28, 2022
Cookie Run Oven Break Characters

Since 2016, Devsisters’ Cookie Run: Ovenbreak has managed to accumulate millions of installs across various gaming platforms. Originally tagged as Cookie Run 2, this sweet and crunchy platformer has captured the attention of the gaming community with its awesome features and rich roster of characters. Speaking of characters, today we will be taking a quick overview of the top-tiered Cookie Run Ovenbreak characters in the casual game based on the latest update. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters – Tier S

Below is a list of the ten Cookie Run Ovenbreak characters under Tier S. Check them out below;

Wind Archer Cookie

The first cookie in this list is the Legendary Wind Archer cookie. This powerful bow/arrow-wielding cookie becomes available once you reach the Champions League. As per the game, this cookie was transformed by a mysterious being from the wind to the Wind Archer tasked with protecting the forest. One of the skills of this cookie is that it can strike down fallen spirits for points using its bow and arrow.

Apart from that, this cookie also can hit all fallen spirits that are visible with a single arrow with the help of a magic candy. As far as scores go, both abilities of this cookie will earn you a ton in the game.


Peach Cookie

Peach Cookie is an agile martial arts master from far away. This epic sweet pink cookie is known for her relaxed personality and confidence. Peach Cookie is known for the two peaches she wears on her hair. You must first obtain Plum Cookie before you can get ahold of this character. As far as skills go, Peach Cookie ventures through the plum fist training mode at intervals. During this mode, the slide button transforms into a punch button that can be used to destroy obstacles.

In addition, a large boulder will appear at the end of the level that will require multiple punches. Magic Candies appear in the form of Plum Pastilles, which, when collected, will restore energy and allows flying kick that provides flying kick points. Both skills will earn you a ton of points without a sweat.

Dark Choco Cookie

It was told that this Cookie ventured into the darkness in a quest to become a hero. In an unfortunate event, however, this Cookie stumbled upon the forbidden Strawberry Jam sword. It was able to overpower the aspiring hero, thus the birth of Dark Choco Cookie. This dark cookie bears amazing skills that will make your run as easy as it is prosperous. One skill, in particular, is the cookies’ ability to summon Dark Lightning while creating dark jellies at the same time. Collecting a specific number of dark jellies will activate Dark Swordsmanship, which will summon dark spheres.

Destroying dark spheres will reward players with destruction points and dark jellies. For Magic Candy, Dark Choco Cookie’s body will be enshrouded by the energy of darkness. During this state, players can perform a double jump and slide to summon the Ultimate Dark Lightning skill that will destroy all obstacles in the cookies’ path. Dark Choco Cookie is obtainable by reaching Land 7 in the Trophy Race.


Peppermint Cookie

Peppermint Cookie is an epic character who loves the ocean shore. One of her close friends is Peppermint Whale, who serves as her companion while staring at the horizon. Peppermint Cookie is an easy cookie to acquire since she is one of the base cookies which are available from the start of the game. As for skills, this modest cookie blows a conch shell to summon and ride her buddy Peppermint Whale. During this time, players can use the jump and slide button to summon jelly-eating dolphins.

The points accumulated during this event increased along with Peppermint Cookies’ level. For Magic Candy, intervals of erupting pillars of water appear at given intervals. This will create Peppermint Bubble Jellies, which increase in value along with the cookies’ level.

Marshmallow Cookie

Marshmallow Cookie is an epic character that comes with a festive parade theme. This cookie loves grand entrances, which is why crowds of cookies gather around when she appears. As for her skills, players must collect instrument jellies that appear during the run to summon Sugar Guards. The parade gauge will increase for every three sugar guards obtained. A full gauge will trigger a parade wherein sugar guards create march jellies. With magic candy, the sugar guards will be able to create extra mighty march jellies, which are better than the regular march jellies.


Sea Fairy Cookie

This cookie is a legendary character that can be purchased at the Breakout Shop. Sea Fairy Cookie used to be frozen due to a curse. The warm hearts and kindness of other cookies were the catalysts in unfreezing her soul. As for her skills, Sea Fairy Cookie has the ability to summon wave blasts that destroys obstacles. Additionally, it creates Sea Crystal Jellies in the process. The higher the level of the cookie, the more waves appear during the run.

The Magic Candy effect, an essence of the ocean, will spawn after her skill is used up. The essence will follow Sea Fairy Cookie and destroys obstacles to create sea crystal jellies.

Spinach Cookie

Spinach cookie is an epic character available at the start of the game. As the story goes, this cookie is said to love vegetables of all shapes, types, and sizes. In addition, she’s known for the vegetable soup that she makes using only the finest vegetables in the land. As for her skills, a sequence of five vegetable jellies appears during the run. Players must collect these jellies to trigger their effect. One effect is the Giant Mode triggered by Spinach Jellies.

Another is the Blast Mode triggered by Pepper jellies. For Magic Candy, the collection of a single vegetable jelly will transform basic jellies into mini vegetable jellies for a brief period.

Moonlight Cookie

Moonlight Cookie is a legendary character available from the start of the game. This cookie is said to have been created by ancient wizards to guard their city. As for her skills, Moonlight Cookie falls asleep and rides the moon at intervals. During this time, the character creates an obstacle-destroying sleep powder that also makes her invincible to damage. As for her Magic Candy, Twinkling Star Jellies descends from the skies, and collecting these jellies will provide you with decent points.

Blackberry Cookie

Blackberry Cookie is an epic character available from the start of the game. This cookie is praised for her ability to complete multiple tasks at the same time. In addition to being a loyal help, Blackberry Cookie is also a trustworthy savior of her employer. Her skill involves ghosts that convert regular jellies to Blackberry Jellies at given intervals. As for her Magic Candy, her fourth Ghost companion will have the power to create even better Blackberry Jellies and Blackberry Potions. Just like all the other cookies, the stronger the enchantment, the more valuable the Blackberry Jellies become.

Lime Cookie

Lime Cookie is an epic character available from the start of the game. This cookie was said to have been the product of a large amount of lime peel added to the cookie dough. The bitterness of the lime makes this cookie a feisty character. As for her skills, beach balls appear at intervals during the run. Players can collect the balls or perform a double jump to destroy obstacles creating Lime Juice Jellies in the process. Magic Candy effect blasts that occur when collecting beach balls. The stronger the enchantment, the more Jelly Juice Points players can collect.

Choose From the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Characters

Now that you have the basic knowledge pertaining to the best Cookie Run Overbreak characters. Your next task is to collect all characters before a major balance update appears. Speaking of collecting characters, what better way to enjoy this highly addicting game than on your PC. So play this intense platformer game now on your PC!

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