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Posted on December 18, 2021
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If you want to play a fun casual game, then you should try playing Dice Dreams. It’s a casual game published by SuperPlay. It’s a game that involves building, attacking, and rolling dice. In this game, you get to build a kingdom. You’ll have different buildings to construct and you can even add decorations. Aside from building a kingdom, you also get to attack other kingdoms, and of course, roll the dice.

A big portion of the gameplay is actually rolling the dice since you need to do it to perform certain actions. But how do you properly play this fun casual game? Find out more in this Dice Dreams guide where we provide beginner tips and tricks.

How Dice Dreams Is Played?

Before we discuss the tips, let’s discuss briefly how Dice Dreams is played. The gameplay is very simple and it begins with you rebuilding the destroyed kingdom. Once you’ve rebuilt the kingdom, you can start improving it by upgrading the castle, adding more buildings, and even putting up decorations. Keep in mind these upgrades and buildings will cost you coins.

You can earn coins from raiding other kingdoms or from the dice roll. Dice rolls are acquired from the rewards chest. You can also earn them over time, but it will take a while. Roll 3 dice and your goal is for all 3 to roll out the jackpot to get tons of coins. You also need to roll the dice if you want to attack. You just need all 3 dice to roll out the attack icon so you can attack other kingdoms.

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The dice also feature a shield icon, which you can store to help defend your kingdom. You can have up to 3 shields stored. You can see that rolling the dice will be a big part of Dice Dreams since your action is determined by what comes out after the roll. Now that you know how the game is played, we’ll now provide tips to help you play the game properly.

Beginner Tips To Play Dice Game

Dice Game is a fun and exciting casual game to play. But it can get a bit confusing to play, especially in the beginning. To help you play it properly, we’ll provide tips in this section.

Focus on Rebuilding Kingdoms & Move On To The Next

Though Dice Dreams have a lot of different things for you to do, the main objective here is to rebuild kingdoms. The game features many different kingdoms for you to rebuild completely. Once you are done with a kingdom, you can move on to the next. This is why you try to earn as many coins as you can since you need them for the rebuilds that you’ll do.

Take note, though, that once you reach the third kingdom, you will be able to acquire Stickers. These Stickers will allow you to get great rewards once you acquire them. Make sure to acquire all Stickers on a kingdom first before moving to the next.

Play The Game Whenever You Have Full Rolls

As mentioned above, rolling the dice will be a big part of your gameplay in Dice Dreams. But dice rolls are limited, so when you run out, there’s really nothing for you to do in this game. When this happens, just log off and then come back a bit later to check your dice rolls. Once it’s full, you can start playing the game again.

Raiding Other Kingdoms

It’s also important that you level up your raiding cards in Dice Dreams so you’ll deal more damage when you attack. In terms of deciding which of your opponent’s buildings to destroy, that’s entirely up to you. Just try to guess which of their buildings would contain the most coins and target that. When you attack, make sure your slingshot is at the bullseye when you release it to gain extra rewards.

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Take note that many kingdoms you’ll attack will likely have shields. This will protect their kingdom and minimize the damage that you can inflict. Similarly, make sure your kingdom is protected by shields to minimize damage from attackers.

Make Sure to Use Rewards Multiplier

Dice Dreams will also have a rewards multiplier that you should use. It will increase the rewards you can get from rolling the dice. This is very helpful, especially in cases where what you roll are random images. So, even if the rewards are small, the multiplier will increase it. Make sure you use it whenever you are rolling dice to maximize the potential rewards you can get.

Final Thoughts

Dice Dreams is an entertaining casual game that can be a bit confusing to play at first. But just go through the tips and information provided in this Dice Dreams guide and you’ll be able to play properly.

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