Dragon Brawlers – Gameplay Guide & Review

Posted on December 10, 2021
Dragon Brawlers Gameplay Guide Review

Published by IGG.COM, Dragon Brawlers is an action MOBA game where players can collect and ride dragons in various battle modes. It is a simpler version of your typical MOBA game, but it doesn’t mean that it has no complex mechanics.

Many players nowadays love MOBA games, as it offers a challenging PvP experience where players can show their prowess through skill sets. Like other MOBA games, Dragon Brawlers features this experience. However, it doesn’t share the usual standard elements that you usually experience in typical MOBA games. Dragon Brawlers has more straightforward gameplay, and it doesn’t require you to memorize complex features and grasp complicated game strategies that can take weeks to decipher.

Dragon Brawlers features an easy-to-understand 3v3 linear map setting. Upon playing the game, your team is required to move forward and clash with the other team to avoid the rival from advancing. In addition, there are no neutral monsters or minions present in the battle arena.

Choosing the Best Dragons & Heroes

In Dragon Brawlers, the main subject is the effective use of Dragons and their Heroes as they play the primary units of the battle. These dragons are collected randomly through Dragon Eggs or by rewards. Here, each dragon depicts distinct auto-attack classifications, ranges, and of course, ultimate skill. Before you launch a battle, you need first to select a dragon you want to use on the battlefield.

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In addition to the dragons, heroes can be accumulated through different means. These heroes have passive abilities advantageous to the dragon they are riding and active skills that can be activated anytime they want.

There are not so many heroes in this game to collect, but each one will surely benefit your dragons uniquely. You need to mix and match your Dragons and Heroes that will fit a specific battle. Once you find the right pairs, you can gain an advantage during battles.

Collecting Dragon Eggs

One of the tedious activities in Dragon Brawlers is collecting Dragons and Heroes. These battle units came from Dragon Eggs which are accumulated by random loot boxes. In each egg, there is a possibility that you will get a new dragon or obtain the same dragon you already have in your Illustration Cards.

On the other hand, these illustration cards enable you to upgrade your dragons. Though heroes are not available through eggs, you can still have illustration cards of heroes by various means. To collect the Dragon Eggs, you will get them through rewarded points, watching ads, or purchase them through in-game microtransactions.

On the other hand, you need to collect copies of present units to upgrade dragons and heroes. Once you’ve got a certain Dragon or Hero, there is a huge possibility that you will often unlock the same Dragon from the egg.

Also, to upgrade your dragons and heroes, you need to acquire Gold which is also accumulated from Dragon Eggs. In upgrading units, you need to spend gold; the higher the level, the more gold you need to furnish. You can also get gold by watching ads or buying them with real cash.

It’s Time to Brawl!

Like other MOBA games, Dragon Brawlers offers fun and exciting maps and game modes. There will be a specific objective to meet on each map, and you can choose how you wish to play the game. As mentioned, maps will be in a 3v3 battle, but the layout will be different depending on the objective that the map acquires.

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There are four game modes in Dragon Brawlers; the Dragon King’s Awakening, Dragon Soul, Bounties, and Gem Jam. In the first part of your game, you will only be able to play under the Dragon Soul mode, and the other modes are unlockable depending on the number of matches you’ve played. Don’t worry, losses are also counted, so there is still a great chance to unlock more modes.

Join A Guild

Like a typical MOBA game, Dragon Brawlers also features a guild system. This allows players to interact with other players who wish to gain friends and share the same objectives. In joining a guild, you will be able to accomplish various tasks and missions, which will give you access to more stuff in the shop.

Here, you can choose to create a guild or just join existing ones. Guilds are ranked depending on the member’s performance by various activities. By winning more games, you can elevate your standing as a Guild Member, enabling you to obtain a higher ranking.

If you’re ready to try this new MOBA game, then download Dragon Brawlers today on PC for free! Start collecting dragon eggs and match them with the right heroes for a strong advantage in battle.

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