Egg, Inc. Guide – 9 Egg-tastic Tips on How to Achieve an Egg Empire

Posted on November 15, 2021
Egg Inc. Tips On A Basket

Last 2016, Auxbrain released the freemium farm simulation game Egg, Inc. It is a farming sim that focuses on developing a chicken farm. The game’s main goal is easy, and you need to hatch chickens, collect eggs, and generate money to improve the farm with several facilities obtainable to you. There is no way to lose the simulation game. There are no opponents or time limits to deal with. However, there are tactical ways to level up faster and enable you to become an egg tycoon. So, we’ve developed an ultimate guide that includes various tips and tricks that will help you progress more quickly in Egg, Inc.

9 Egg-citing Tips & Tricks in Playing Egg, Inc.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use to maintain your progress smooth along.

1. Recognize the Basics of The Game

In playing Egg, Inc., all you have to do is to click. However, it is also crucial that you understand how the process works and manage them effectively. In the beginning, the primary thing you need to know about this game is how to dispatch the chicken to the hen house. To do this, simply click the red button with a chicken sign on it. If you want to create a broader space to click on, you need to click on the blue circle button next to the red one.

Egg, Inc. Gameplay

Image Source: Egg Inc. Gameplay

Remember that clicking is not forever; you will run out of chickens in time, and you need to take time to recover. Basically, the hen houses generate eggs that need to be sold. So, the more eggs you have, the more money you will have. As you progress in the game, these houses will be packed, and you need to ensure that you obtain all four and upgrade their range. Along with the hen houses, you also need to unlock more vehicles and upgrade them as well. Your eggs are delivered by trucks, and the more capacity you have, the more eggs you can provide. Lastly, you also need to unlock the silos, which helps you earn during your out of the game.

2. Scrutinize your Missions

As you play the game, you will notice the third icon over the chick button. That button is a checklist that shows the available missions you need to undertake. Your missions are your milestones; whenever you accomplish a mission, you will get a reward. Usually, these rewards include something that can help you achieve more premium currency. Sometimes, it provides something that will upgrade your facilities. So, you better focus on completing your missions to achieve items or currency which will help you level up faster.

Egg Current Missions 1


3. Work With your Research

In playing Egg, Inc., you will notice a flask icon on your playing screen. It is a research button to access a compelling list of options to obtain an effective farm. Remember, these options are not for free, and you need to spend money. In building your egg farm, you need to plan it according to its productions and generate income strategically. In research, you will start in Tier 1. Here, your focal point is the comfortable nest and nutritional supplements. With this research, you will be able to increase your egg production and get more income. If you want to unlock the following tiers, it is recommended to save incubators.

Research On Egg Inc 1


4. Utilize Prestige at the Right Time

In Egg, Inc., prestige will enable you to reset your farm back to square one in exchange for multiple earnings, which allows you to level up quickly. Though you reset your farm, the epic research, golden eggs, soul eggs, and piggy bank earnings will stay as-is. If you want to make the most of your earnings in the game, you need to know when is the perfect time to do prestige.

Prestige In Egg Inc 1


5. Seize the Drones

While playing Egg, Inc., you will notice some drones flying across your farm. Don’t just stare at them; quickly click on them and get some cash in return. There are times that these drones also drop soul eggs. Keep in mind that your bonuses depend on the quantity of your chicken, so don’t be sad if you will get small rewards, especially if you are just starting early in the game. Though you are still new to the game, you must not underestimate the power of drones, as they can help you level in the game.



6. Improve your Eggs Frequently

Once your farm reaches a particular level, you will need to upgrade the eggs you are trading. At the time you’ve upgraded your eggs, they will become expensive, which results in more income. Remember, whenever you upgrade your egg type, the structure of your farm will reset. However, you will easily cope with it as you will earn more cash.

7. Don’t Acquire Time Boosts

Like other simulation games, Egg, Inc. enables players to buy time boosts to fasten the progress of hatching and earning. The main issue why it is not recommended to purchase time boosts is that you need to spend golden eggs for these boosts. Golden eggs are rare and hard to find. So, instead of dealing with time boosts, you can utilize golden eggs in getting permanent stuff like epic research choices.

Game Boost 2


8. Utilize the Time Trick

In addition to the previous Egg, Inc. tip, you can get free time boosts, so why spend golden eggs? So, how do you get free time boosts? Simply change the time of your device and get back into the game and be surprised! You will get cash equivalent to the number of hours you advance on your clock. Easy? Well, try it on yourself and see the magic.

9. Entrust a Piggy Bank

If you are someone who is a “pay to win” player, it is more recommended to buy a piggy bank when playing Egg, Inc. This piggy bank provides the most incredible value of the game. Every time you play the game, the piggy bank will accumulate golden eggs. The number of eggs you will get corresponds to your progress, so you’ll expect more eggs the more you progress in the game.
Piggy Bank Egg 1

So, that’s it! These are some of the Egg, Inc. tips and tricks you might consider using for you to become a king of eggs and run an eggs-travagant empire. Do you have your tips or tricks in playing Egg, Inc.? Please share them here!

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