Gacha Club Guide – Tips For Battle Mode

Posted on November 10, 2021
Gacha Club Guide Battle Mode

In 2020, Lunime launched their latest installment to their acclaimed Gacha series in the form of Gacha Club. Just like its predecessors, the casual game was a hit. Aside from featuring the classic Anime creation system and socialization, the new entry came with an unexpected feature called the Battle Mode.

With that said, if you are planning to explore the game or are a new player wanting to know more about the aforementioned mode, then, you are on the right page as we will be taking a quick overview on Gacha Club’s Battle Mode and throw in some tips while we are at it.

What is Battle Mode & How To Play It

Battle Mode is a feature in Gacha Club that allows the player to engage in battles and towers using their characters in the game. In battle mode, the player will have access to four sub-modes, each of which plays an important role in leveling up your units. Check out the overview for each of the battle sub-modes below.


Training mode is the source of all the elements needed to level up your units. Unlike the training mode found in other games, the one in Gacha Club comes with skill and attribute enhancing rewards which are necessary for your in-game progression. There are three challenges in Training Mode, namely the Enhancement Stars for HP upgrade, Skill Moons for Skills upgrade, and Awakening Records for unit Level Cap upgrade.


The Story Mode is the main key to unlocking the Shadows of Corruption. Players must beat the second chapter in order to unlock the Shadows of Corruption. As easy as that may sound, beating the first chapter alone requires grinding since the final boss comes with an overwhelming HP. This means that the boss of the second chapter is going to be more powerful.


The Tower Mode is more like the Training Mode that provides items required for unit upgrades. This mode comes with six element-based towers. These are Tower of Water, Tower of Wind, Tower of Fire, Tower of Light, Tower of Dark, and Tower of Corruption, each with 10 floors.

Shadows of Corruption

Shadows of Corruption is the main part of the Battle Mode. Beating the Shadow of Corruption will take a lot of leveling up and skill upgrades for all units. Nevertheless, the payout for surviving through this mode is going to be worth it.

Gacha Club Selection

The battle mode feature is accessible through the battle button located at the bottom of the screen. Simply click on “Battle” to explore multiple challenge modes featured in the game. In addition, the Battle Mode also comes with an “Auto’ button for Auto-battle.

Battle Mode Tips

Gacha Club’s Battle Mode requires strategy and planning to beat. You cannot just jump into the mode and depend on luck alone. Without the proper planning, you will end up getting stuck in one of the chapters. To help you with that, we compiled some of the most effective tips that you can use in the game.

Story Mode

Like most RPGs, Gacha Club’s Battle Mode features an immersive narrative and characters. Speaking of narrative or lore, playing through the main story mode is as rewarding as the Shadow of Corruption. This is because the main story mode serves as a preparatory stage for the challenges in Shadow of the corruption. With that said, always make sure that you complete the story mode first before jumping into the Shadow of Corruption for a smoother in-game progression.


As mentioned before, the Training Mode in this game provides the necessary items required to level up and improve your units. With that said, you need to first play through the Enhancement Stars and the Skill Moons first to improve the HP and skills of your units. Simply hit retry over and over again to collect the necessary items you need for upgrades. Play through the Awakening Records once you maxed out the attributes of your units.

Climb Towers

Similar to Training, the Towers in Gacha Club’s Battle Mode come with useful items as rewards. What makes the Towers different from training is that it comes with more consistent and more generous item drops. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that your units are at least level 20 and above before taking on the towers for a smooth progression.

Farm Gems

Another important item or resource in Gacha Club is Gems. Gems allow you to summon more units in the game’s Gacha tab. You need to farm gems if you want to get a hold of special units. With that said, one of the ways to farm this resource aside from playing through the main story mode is through mini-games. Just play some of the mini-games when you get bored with Battle Mode and watch your Gem deposit grow over time.

Play Gacha Club on PC

Now that you have an overview of the Battle Mode, it’s now time to play Gacha Club on PC. All you need to do is go to the Gacha Club game and follow the download instructions provided on the page.

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