Golf Clash Wind Guide – How to Play Accurately Without a Wind Chart

Posted on April 7, 2022
Golf Clash Wind Chart 1

Search the web for a casual golf game and you will find a huge list of it ranging from simple mini golf games to the more serious golf tournament games. However, one game towers above the rest. With over 80 million downloads and counting, Golf Clash is dominating the sports game space. This comes with no surprise as Golf Clash is the complete package when it comes to playing golf online. It’s simple and fun, yet also very competitive.

Add to it is the realism of its game engine that incorporates almost every facet of a real golf game. You’ve got the trajectory of the ball, the differences in the power and accuracy of various golf clubs, and even the wind. Try playing it once and you’ll quickly discover how addicting it is. Add our Gold Clash Wind Guide into the mix, and you’ll become a pro!

Golf Clash has very simple gameplay and mechanics. You simply have to aim your shot at your desired landing spot, pull to set the strength of your swing and click to time your swing’s accuracy. That’s it – aim, pull, click. If you know how to follow the tips & tricks guide, you should be good to go. If only it were that simple. As mentioned above, Golf Clash has included nuances to the game that adds to its realism. One of them is wind. It sure does mess up your swing. If only there was no wind that we would have to deal with. It will be easier, but it might be less fun.

Golf Clash Gameplay

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Comprehensive Golf Clash Wind Guide for Beginners & Seasoned Players

If you’re ready to play Golf Clash, make sure to follow the simple guide we have curated below.

Option 1 – Guesstimate the Wind

As you play the game, you will quickly realize that you will have to deal with the wind every time you make a swing. Disregard it and you will often find your ball way off onto the rough, and even into the bunkers. For this reason, players intuitively try to compensate for the wind to make a better shot. That’s why most players usually “guesstimate” the wind. It’s a simple process because you will only have to look at the direction of the wind and assess the strength of the wind based on the number that is shown. At the same time, you need to compensate by taking an aim a few feet from your intended landing spot.

If your intended landing spot is at Point A, you will have to move your aim to Point B to compensate for the wind. This is with the hope that the ball will find its way to Point A as wind affects the trajectory of the ball.

Option 2 – The Nerdy Wind Chart

As you start to become more addicted to the game, you will quickly learn that “guesstimation” is not enough. You will need to be more accurate to be competitive. Enter the Golf Clash wind guide or wind chart. It’s a chart that shows how much you should compensate for the wind based on the type of club you are using and the strength of the wind. Furthermore, it’s the same as the dope cards that long-range snipers use. The difference is just that this one is for golf balls, not bullets.

Golf Clash Wind Chart


Follow these steps to use the Wind Chart properly.

    1. Make a rough aim at where you want your golf ball to land.
    2. Spin the angle of your view so that the wind is pointing up.
  1. Note the power of the wind on the game and look for that row on your chart.
  2. Match the power of the wind with the number shown on the column under the golf club you are using.
  3. That number corresponds to the number on the rings that you see when you aim your swing.


Golf Clash Chart

For example, if the number ends up being 2, then you will have to compensate so that your Point B landing spot is on the outer edge of the 2nd ring. That should take your ball to Point A as the wind affects it.

Option 3 – Accuracy Without a Wind Chart

The third option is to play accurately without a wind chart. Yes, you’ve read it right. You can still be accurate even without a wind chart. That’s because the game’s algorithm adds the nuances of the wind and the accuracy of the golf clubs using formulas. As such, we can also use the same formula to compensate for wind correctly.

So, here is the formula;

  • Ring = 3 – (Accuracy x 0.02)

Ring refers to the distance between each section of the ring as shown above. It shows us how much the golf ball can move away from the target if it is pushed by the wind. To use this, you will need to take note of the accuracy of your golf club. Input the accuracy rating of your golf club to the formula shown above. The answer will tell you how much the wind will affect your shot.

But if you don’t want to bother yourself with formulas, then you can also check the Wind/Ring chart and use the values under the Wind/Ring column. After that, follow the steps below:

  1. Divide the variable Wind value shown by the Ring value you have calculated or the equivalent Wind/Ring value on the chart.
  2. Use the resulting value in the previous step as the number you will base your ring compensation on.

For example, if the result of dividing the Wind value by the Ring value is 2, then you should compensate by shifting your aim at the outer edge of 2 going against the wind. It’s that easy.

So, there you have it! These are the three options that you can use to compensate for wind in Golf Clash. Use option 3 if you want to look smart playing the game without a Golf Clash wind guide next to you. For more game guides, walkthroughs, news, tips, and tricks, stay tuned here at EmulatorPC.

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