Why Granny 3 Is Considered the Best Among the Granny Series

Posted on August 27, 2021
Why Granny 3 Is The Best In The Grany Series

When it comes to horror games, one of the entertaining and scary games you can play is the Granny horror series. The series is an action arcade game published and developed by indie developer DVloper. In this game, you are trapped inside an old house, and your goal is to get out. It currently has three game titles, with the newest one being Granny 3.

In each game series, your goal is simple, and that is to get out of Granny’s house before the 5th day. That’s easier said than done, though. For one, the house is locked, and you’ll have to scour the entire house to find keys or other ways to escape from the house. Second, you’ll have to deal with Granny, who will club you with a bat if she catches you. What’s even worse in Granny 3 is you’ll also deal with Grandpa and Slendrina.

Out of all the three game titles, Granny 3 is considered the best version by players. And why is that? There are various reasons for it, and we’ll discuss all of them in this blog post.

Granny 3 Slendrina


It’s the Most Challenging Game

One of the biggest reasons why many people consider Granny 3 as the best one is because it’s the most challenging game yet. You won’t only have to deal with Granny or Grandpa, but there’s also their granddaughter Slendrina. Moreover, Grandpa also gets an upgrade in this game, as he is now holding a shotgun. That makes running away from him more challenging.

The scary thing about Slendrina is that you never know when she will appear. She’s not like Granny who has very good hearing or Grandpa who wanders around the house. Slendrina will just occasionally appear, so you can’t really prepare or know when she will make her appearance. And when she does appear, you should not look at her. Doing so will cause your screen to shake, and a prolonged look could be trouble.

It’s also worth noting that Granny’s house is bigger here, which means there’s more room to explore. That makes it more difficult to look for clues or keys and escape from the house. And this challenging aspect of the game is something that many people love about this third installment in the horror game series.

More Customizable Options

Though it is the most challenging title in the horror game series, you will also have more customizable options. There’s the usual adjustment of the game’s difficulty, including the practice mode, where you can freely explore the house. Aside from that, you also have the option to select who you’ll deal with. Yes, you’ve read that right. You don’t have to always deal with the three of them. You can choose to remove Slendrina from the equation to make things easier for you.

You can also choose to have either Granny only or Grandpa only. That can provide you with different gameplay experiences in this horror escape game.

Granny 3 Grandpa Weapon


More Weapons to Use

Of course, DVloper didn’t just focus on making things difficult for gamers. They also added ways to make things a little easier, and that is having more weapons to use. The weapons won’t necessarily kill Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina. But it can stop them on their tracks and allow you to escape to safety. One of the weapons you can use is the slingshot, which you can eventually unlock as you play the game.

The other weapon is a bit tricky to acquire because the weapon is Grandpa’s shotgun. If you happen to get it out of Grandpa’s hands, then great. The shotgun can decommission Grandpa and Granny far longer than the slingshot. Since the slingshot can only stop them on their tracks for a short period, the shotgun knocks them out for 90 seconds. Ultimately, having a weapon in hand can make a difference between dying or surviving in this game.

Final Thoughts

The Granny horror game series is a great game series to play, especially if you’re into horror games. But if you only want to play the best title within the series, then you have to choose Granny 3. Not only is it more challenging than the other two, but it also provides you with more customizable options. You also get to use more weapons, allowing you to survive the encounter with Granny and her family.

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