Granny 3 – What Makes it Different From Other Casual Horror Games

Posted on August 27, 2021
Granny 3 Casual Game

Imagine being trapped in a mansion with three of the most nefarious characters you could ever imagine; what would you do? Now before you answer that question, it’s best if you experience it firsthand in DVloper’s acclaimed survival horror game Granny 3.

What is Granny 3?

Granny 3 is the third installment in DVloper’s iconic survival horror series. In this installment, DVloper has managed to mash up three of the most devilish villains from their library into a single terrifying survival horror game. Granny 3 does not provide lengthy intros or explanations; instead, it brings you straight to the main game itself. As for features, the game comes with the same essential elements and gameplay mechanics seen from its predecessors. With that said, let’s now check what makes this game different.

What Makes Granny 3 Unique From Other Games?

First off, note that if you are looking for a AAA survival horror experience that’s packed with cutscenes and cinematics, then this is not the game for you. However, suppose you are into an intense jumpscare-packed game that comes with all the necessary elements for a survival horror that you can play free of charge. In that case, you are definitely in for a treat. With that out of the way, check out five reasons that make Granny 3 unique from other games.

Granny 3 Game


Straightforward Gameplay

Granny 3, similar to its predecessors, does not come with fancy cinematics or cutscenes. The focus of this game is on gameplay. What this game lacks in cinematics, it makes up for in gameplay, straightforward gameplay. Granny 3, straight off the bat, will take you straight to where the action is. The only cinematic you get is during your arrival in the mansion, and that is it. On top of that, the game retains the random mechanics in terms of item placements making the game unpredictable. With that said, the straightforward presentation and random elements make Granny 3 stand out from other games.

Three Villains in One

Another element that makes it stand out from other games is the mash-up of villains from DVloper’s universe. The addition of another villain, Slendrina, makes the game even more exciting, if not challenging. The best part is that you can slay the new villain using a secret method. In addition, the ghostly or paranormal appearance of Slendrina makes the game more unpredictable than other survival horror games.

User-Friendly Controls & Mechanics

Compared to other survival horror games, Granny 3 comes with easy-to-learn mechanics and controls. Everything you need to know about the game is conveniently located in the user interface. You need not click and open a new page to list the items you get since everything is on your screen. As convenient as that may sound? This element adds more to the challenging mechanics of the game because having a display of all the items on your screen also means that you can carry restricted items.

Granny 3 Gameplay Drop


Granny 3’s Challenging Puzzles

One of the elements that make a survival horror game exciting is puzzles. Compared to other survival horror titles, the puzzles in Granny 3 are strategically placed in the game without clues. This means that you need to figure out each puzzle in Granny 3 by yourself through trial and error. Add the random placement of the puzzle pieces, and what you have is a short game that will take a long time to resolve. Do note that if you get lucky, you can beat the game in 30-45 minutes. Nevertheless, if the game goes against you, it may take hours before you solve each puzzle in the mansion.

Appealingly Good on Mobile & PC

The final element that makes the game unique from others is that it looks good on both mobile or PC. DVloper did an excellent job developing a free-to-play game that will provide you with the same adrenaline rush as a AAA title. Although the game is not as polished as a AAA title, the audio/visual presentation combined with the fast-paced gameplay makes it worth playing on both mobile or PC.

Granny 3: Final Thoughts

Granny 3 plays smoothly on any platform, which is the reason why the game managed to accumulate over many downloads installs in less than a month since its official launch. You can check out Granny 3 for the PC or mobile and experience the game for yourself. With that said, after getting Granny 3 on your PC, you can compare it to other survival horror games like Death Park or Evil Nun for the PC and make the judgment yourself.

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