Granny Item Locations – Finding the Keys & Other Escape Items

Posted on October 24, 2021
Granny Item Locations

When talking about horror games, you definitely do not miss mentioning Granny. This horrific arcade game asks players to successfully escape the terrifying house and the brutal Granny. To escape her, you need to find items, solve riddles, and sneak in the place for clues.

To defend yourself and escape from the bloodthirsty Granny, you need to meet a set of requirements and conduct some ways to complete the game. In this guide, we will focus more on general excellent strategies and unleash Granny item locations to beat her successfully.

How to Defeat Granny?

The game starts with you waking up at Granny’s house. From there, your main goal is to deactivate the alarm and unfasten the front door. Generally, this goal is not easy to do as you need to surpass various obstacles.

To complete the game, you need to pick up 16 items around Granny’s house. Here are some of the items you need to collect for you to beat Granny and what you need to do once you find them:


This Granny item can be utilized in three different ways. First, use the hammer to smash the planks off of the left attic room. After knocking down planks, they are expected to be on the floor where you can pick them up and use them to walk through the shattered floor.

Second, you can use the hammer to break the security camera located in the prison cell. Lastly, you can use this item to remove the additional planks on the main door.
Granny Item Location Hammer


Cutting Pliers

Like the hammer, you can use cutting pliers in three different ways. First, cut the wire on the top of the gray box located at the wall of the stairs in the basement. Next, use these pliers to turn both green lights and the diverse lights on the front door. Lastly, utilize the pliers on the prison cell’s fan located in the attic.

In case you are trapped inside the prison cell, you can release the hook using your right hand and push the door to open.

Code Do

It is a code made in numbers. You can use this on the top door’s padlock.

Cog Wheels

These items are combined to find another from the backyard’s playhouse. To use them properly, you first need to get the key for the playhouse and open it.

2nd Cog Wheel

This second cogwheel will be used the same way you use the first one. As you enter the backyard through the dining room’s window, you will open the playhouse and use both cogwheels on the box placed inside.

Winch Handle

This item will be utilized in the backyard. The winch handle will enable you to raise the well’s bucket.


You will use this item as you crawl through the basement’s secret passage. From there, you will see behind some boxes beneath the stairs. Once you go through, you will notice some stairs. Now, don’t go there. Instead, turn left, and you will see the small box in gray color near the floor. Use the screwdriver to open it and achieve another item.


This item needs to be placed into the slot located in the middle of the front door.


Upon achieving a melon, you need to take it to the guillotine and use it to get the item inside.

Blue Padlock Key

You can use this item to open the middle padlock located on the front door. Along with the lock, it is expected that one of the planks will fall which in result bring loud noise.
Granny Item Locations Padlock


Car Keys

These keys are used to explore the car located in the basement. From there, you can check the truck at the back, the hood, and open the car door to find the glovebox.

Yellow Safe Key

This key is utilized to open the huge gray floor in the basement. From there, you will also get another addition to Granny items.

Grey Playhouse Key

It is used to open the playhouse located in the backyard. It is the place where you will also use the cogwheels to get another item.

Weapon Key

You will use this key to unlock the cabinet placed in the secret room located behind the boxes between the two bedrooms. Once you surpass the boxes, go down and turn right where you will see the cabinet. Unlock it, and you’ll find items like tranquilizer darts and crossbows.


Upon achieving the crossbow from the cabinet, you need to bring it together with the dart to the main staircase next to the front door. Going to the right and a bit higher on the wall, you will see a shelf and find a sparkling item. Get it by using the dart and pick it up. Also, you can use the dart by shooting it at Granny and make her go away for about 15 seconds.

Red Master Key

If you are ready to escape, you can use this key to the front door.

Each item is placed in various positions in every game you play, so there’s no exact way on where to find them. If you find them in the places mentioned above, you can move the room, open doors and drawers, and find your luck in searching for the Granny items mentioned above.

How to Get the Shotgun?

If you want to defeat Granny, you better search for the shotgun. You can use this item to defend yourself from Granny or in breaking down items from afar. To create this weapon, you need to collect all shotgun pieces and bring them to the garage. From there, you can mold down that you can use in building your shotgun.
Granny Items Shotgun

By using this shotgun, you can get rid of Granny for about 30 seconds and have more time to find items to defeat Granny. You just need to be patient in assembling this item. Once you get it, you can load it with one of the three shells to the right corner of it.

Other Granny Secret Locations

Aside from the mentioned locations above, there are also other Granny item locations to check out. Upon learning the route on how to find these Granny items, you can quickly accomplish the game and beat Granny as well. Here are some of the locations you need to check out in Granny’s house:

  • All drawers in each room
  • All shelves inside the house
  • The cupboard beneath the stairs and kitchen
  • Sinks and Toilets
  • Shelf leading to the secret passageway
  • Microwave
  • The kitchen countertop, specifically the left part of the sink
  • The small secret room behind the boxes
  • Tall chest drawers in the weapon’s cabinet
  • Counter and wall of the stairs in the basement
  • Shelves of the steam room underneath the basement

How to Get Away From Granny?

If you are playing on an easier mode, you can depend on overtaking Granny for you to survive. It is possible to create too much noise, but don’t let yourself be trapped to where you are. To avoid Granny, you can try hiding beneath the beds or in some passageways. While exploring Granny’s house, you need to find the nearest hiding spot for you to hide whenever she is heading to you.

When taking a higher difficulty level, everything is tricky, and most probably, Granny will be faster than you. You might end up caught in the same room with Granny, and you will be game over. At this level, you need to unleash your strategy in beating Granny while avoiding her.

Final Thoughts

So, here are just a few of the things you need to know on how to beat Granny and where to find the Granny item locations to escape her house alive. Do you have your own strategy? Share it with us here and let’s defeat Granny together.

If you want the more intense horrifying escaping game, you must check out the other series of Granny and see if your strategies can save you from the brutal Granny! For more information, tips, and guides about your favorite arcade game Granny, feel free to check updates here on EmulatorPC.

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