Guns Of Glory Guide – Tips & Tricks in Establishing a Base

Posted on November 26, 2021
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Guns Of Glory is one of the fun and exciting strategy games that you can play. All made by Century Games Publishing, it’s a massively multiplayer online game that is set in the 19th Century. In this game, you get to set, build and establish your base, as well as build an army you can use for battle. The army will be used to defend your base or to raid and attack other bases.

Building a Base in Guns of Glory

It’s an interesting and fun game that you will definitely enjoy playing. As a strategy game, one of the main things that you will do in this game is to build and establish a base. But this can be a bit of a chore and overwhelming, considering the many things you need to account for. To help you with that, this blog post will be a Guns Of Glory guide and provide tips for establishing your base.

Base Building in Guns Of Glory

One of the main things that you will do in this strategy game is to build and establish your base. It’s what you will do most of the time. You’ll be constructing different buildings, as well as upgrading them to improve their functions.

You will be guided at the beginning with regards to the basics of base building. But what you’ll learn won’t be enough to really help you establish a proper base. Let’s discuss important information with regards to building a base in this section.

The Different Buildings you Can Construct

Like with many strategy games out there, you will have many different buildings that you can construct for your base. The main building would have to be the Castle, and it’s the building that holds the key to unlock new features, upgrades, and other buildings. Since it’s the main building, no other building can have a higher level than the Castle. Another important building in Guns Of Glory would be the Troops Buildings.

There are 4 Troops Buildings, the Shooting Range, Stables, Barracks, and Artillery Foundry. They’re important since these buildings are where you’ll train troops to build your army. It’s important to note that you will start with lower leveled troops. But as you upgrade the building, you begin to unlock higher-level troops, thus improving your army in the process. Take note, as well, that training troops and upgrading buildings will cost resources.

Other Buildings for Resources

But don’t worry since there are also buildings that can help you earn resources. There’s the Farm, Iron Mine, Silver Mine, and Lumberyard. The Farm is the building that will earn you food for your troops, then the Iron Mine produces iron. The Silver Mine will produce silver and the Lumberyard produces wood. All of these resources are in developing your building and training troops.

There’s also the Warehouse where you can store your resources to protect. Just remember, the capacity of the Warehouse is limited and you’ll need to upgrade it to increase its storage space. There’s also the Academy, where you can do research, the Hospital where your wounded troops go, and the Look Out Tower which will alert you of incoming enemies or scouts.

You can also construct the Trap Factory, Airship Dock, Exchange Building where the Market Stall, Auction House, and Black Market can be constructed. There are many more buildings available but the ones mentioned above are the main ones you need to consider.

Tips to Establishing Your Base in Guns Of Glory

Now that you have a basic understanding of building a base in Guns of Glory, it’s now time to discuss some tips. This will help you build a better base in this strategy game.

Build & Upgrade Building to Increase Base Power

Your base’s power will be determined mostly by the troops that you have. But the buildings and their levels will also play an important role in determining that. So, make sure you constantly upgrade buildings and construct new ones since this can help in increasing your base’s power. With higher power, you will look imposing and will make other players think twice about attacking you.

Upgrade your Warehouse

Probably one of the most important buildings that you need to upgrade, as much as possible, is the Warehouse. This is because this building can protect your hard-earned resources from enemy attacks. But since it’s not wide, you can only protect a certain amount. But as you upgrade, the limit increases, allowing you to protect more resources. Make sure you prioritize your Warehouse, especially in the beginning so you can protect more resources from raids.

Level Up Your Wall

When you’re building your base, you can also put up a wall around it. The wall will help protect your base from enemy attacks, so upgrading it is also important. It will increase its defense as it levels up, so make sure you also include the wall whenever you upgrade to protect your base.

Constantly Research in the Academy

Another way to improve your base’s defense is by researching in the Academy and focusing on defensive bonuses. There are many things that you can research on the Academy building, including increasing your base’s defense. You can focus on this in the beginning so you can gain defensive bonuses to help protect your base.

Final Thoughts

Building a base in Guns Of Glory can be a big chore because of the many things you need to consider. But if you happen to do it right, you’ll be able to establish a good base that not only has good defense, but also high power.

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