Hello Neighbor – Learn How to Outwit Your Neighbor

Posted on May 21, 2021
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Hello Neighbor by tinyBuild is one of the most thrilling horror games today. Despite its release in 2017, the gameplay is very enthralling to players, especially with how the neighbor, the game’s antagonist, can predict your every move. Although some can outwit him, most of the players are still having a hard time getting inside his basement without getting caught.

If you’re one of those players who are always caught by the Neighbor, here are some helpful tips that will help you outsmart him:

1. Every Item in Hello Neighbor Serves a Purpose

If you’ve played horror games like Granny or Evil Nun, you’ll notice that almost every item you’ll find has a purpose. That is also the case for Hello Neighbor. That is why it’s important to analyze the items that you’ve picked up every time you explore the neighbor’s house so you can easily grasp the purpose of each item. Make sure not to ignore a single item in the house – they may be the missing piece of the puzzle!


Hello Neighbor Game


2. Take Time to Explore the House

Before you can get inside the house, you need to take ample time to explore the neighbor’s lawn. Do not rush things; just be patient in checking every detail that you can find outside his house, including the windows. That way, you can formulate different strategies on how to enter the house and how to get out in case you’re getting caught. Remember, your neighbor is smart, so it’s a good idea to create numerous strategies as possible to serve as backups.

Once you’ve grabbed the chance to enter the house without getting caught, the next step is to explore inside the house. Find out where the basement is, and look for ways on how you can enter the basement. You would also need to find a way on how to get out of the house or look for places where you can hide, that’s in case you almost get caught.

3. Hide As Much As You Can

You need to remember that once you get caught by the neighbor, you’ll have to start over again. So if you’ve made so much progress, and you don’t want to start the game from scratch, make sure to hide as quickly as you can. Well, if you’ve taken the time to explore the house already, then you can easily find a place to hide.

4. Never Use the Same Escape Strategies Twice

One takeaway that you can get from this game is that the neighbor always remembers where you’ve last entered the house. That is why if you’re starting over, and you’ve entered the same area where you were last caught, he’ll find a way to block that area. So, it’s a must to have different strategies and scrape the previous ones that were already found out.


Hello Neighbor Gameplay


5. Always Cover Your Tracks

Your neighbor may be controlled by an AI, but take note, he is a smart AI. He’s intelligent enough to know every possible access point that you’ll take or even your weaknesses. That is why it’s a must to always cover your tracks. If you’ve misplaced anything or broke something, find a way to cover it. That way, it won’t look too obvious that you’ve done something about it.

Aside from that, you also need to close the door every time you enter a room. That will prevent the neighbor from sneaking up on you. Although the door can make a creaking sound every time you close it, it’s still a lot better than being silently sneaked up on.

6. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

This tip may not be completely about outwitting your neighbor, but it’s a reminder that it’s okay to make mistakes. In fact, most, if not all, players may have experienced being caught by the neighbor. What’s important is that you have fun playing the game and you learn from your mistakes. As Bryant McGill would say, “A person who makes few mistakes makes little progress.”

So here you have it, your guide to outwit your neighbor in Hello Neighbor. Keep in mind that these tips do not guarantee that you can outsmart your neighbor. But, it only reduces your chance of getting caught. Basically, for you to find the secret behind the basement all boils down to the strategies that you create.

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