Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats: 5 Strategies to Play Effectively

Posted on October 28, 2022
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Watching off-terrain vehicles traveling through rough terrains is satisfying. But that is not that immersive, considering that you are not the one who drives. Fortunately, Fingersoft created a game that allows you to drive an off-road vehicle.

The catch is that you can do it virtually anywhere at your fingertips. You just have to download this game here in EmulatorPC and you’re good to go. But wait! Before you do that, you first learn first to play this game efficiently.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a racing game that enables you to unleash your stunts virtually. The game is suitable for those who are fond of engaging in extreme adventures. It also features vintage game graphics that make you feel the classical side of gaming.

Throughout the game, you can drive any vehicle so you can unleash your extreme stunts. Just always remember that you are driving in rough terrain. Luckily, we have the strategies for you to drive like a pro. In this article, we will bring you the five strategies that can help you in advancing in the racing game. So, grab your coffee, learn each of the strategies, and use them later as you play.

1. Avoid Crashing Whatever Happens

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a game of adventure where excellent driving should be intuitive. The game will introduce you to 2 modes: The endless adventure and the multiplayer race. Each of these modes has its unique rules that you need to follow. The consensus between them is you have to follow the ultimate rule: avoid crashing whatever happens.

Hill Climb Racing Gameplay

This is why you are required to have intuitive excellence in navigating the vehicles. The terrains are hard to embark but the upside is you can still steer the vehicle carefully. The game environment features a terrain based on real-world physics. That is why, you should avoid your vehicles from crashing, and you will win.

2. Follow The General Driving Tip

The first thing you should remember in playing the game is to focus on the brakes and gas pedal. We want to remind you that you should not be confused about the brakes. They can be backpedaled so you can drive your vehicles backward.

An intuitive understanding of the gas pedals and brakes will help you drive your vehicles. This is a necessary skill that you should acquire while playing this racing game. Each of the vehicles can allow you to go into rough terrains. To ace the challenge, you have to rev the gas pedal while not forgetting your brake.

Having the intuitive awareness of these 2 navigating controls enables you to craft your strategy. That is not the same for everyone, so you have to create yours. Just always remember that you should focus on the 2 controls to not crash in the terrain.

3. Don’t Focus on Upgrading Your Jeep

At the start of the game, you are given a jeep that you will drive to enter the race. The beginning races are not as hard as the later stages. You will purchase new vehicles as you progress in winning the races. Because of that, you should be selective about what vehicle you should do your upgrade.

Hill Climb Racing Jeep Upgrade

Continuing to upgrade your jeep is useless because other vehicles are faster even if they are not upgraded. So instead, upgrade the vehicles which have more potential in helping you in acing the race.

4. Always Keep an Eye for Free Upgrades & Chest Openings

While playing the game, you need to upgrade some of your vehicles and it requires you to pay coins. But if you see the upgrade menu, you will observe that there are free features to enjoy.

This allows you to watch a video clip instead of paying for the upgrade with the required amount of coins. You can implement this if you own a lot of vehicles in the game. Each vehicle has one available free upgrade so be wise in implementing the free potential upgrades.

5. Remember that Stunts are Just for Fun

Hill Climb Racing 2 allows you to do some extreme stunts that are cool to see. You can do flips and other air exhibitions while receiving pop-up celebrations. But that has no tangible implication on winning the race apart from being cool. You will earn a few coins while doing each trick, but that doesn’t mean that you are about to win.

Hill Climb Racing Game Stunts

The game will allow you to earn a lot more if you win the races. This can also give you a chance to rise to higher ranks. But you should not deprive yourself of executing your coolest stunts. If you can manage to do them while still eyeing winning the race, why not? So unleash your stunts, but remember that it cannot assure you of winning the race.

Bottom Line

You can now implement the strategies that we suggested above. They can surely help you in advancing the game. It is best to already have one that guides you, which is what we presented in this article.

Play Hill Climb Racing 2 on your PC today. For more updates about this racing game, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.


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