5 Beginner Tips & Tricks to Gain More Viewers in Idle Streamer!

Posted on November 23, 2021
Idle Streamer 5 Beginner Tips Tricks

If you want to know what it’s like to become a streamer on the Internet, play Idle Streamer! Here, you play as a streamer and win the hearts of millions of people worldwide. From MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD., this simulation game offers unique gameplay to players who aspire to become streamers someday.

Players of this game have a single goal to reach: to rise to the top of the popularity chain. But how will you do that? Mainly, by gaining lots of viewers. Well, just like in real life, gaining lots of viewers in the game isn’t always easy. That is why in this Idle Streamer! guide, we’ll give you five beginner tips and tricks for you to gain followers fast.

Essential Tips to Build Your Followers in Idle Streamer!

There are so many ways for you to build your community in real life. And you need to do the same thing at Idle Streamer! Everything will be explained, from equipment, bonuses, to the room decorations. And if you follow the tips below, you’ll increase your subscriber count in no time. So if you want to know more, let’s get started with the tips and tricks to gaining more viewers at Idle Streamer!
Idle Streamer Pc Gameplay


1. Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Equipment

The first part of the game is where you’ll start small and humble. Of course, that means you only have decent equipment to work with. But if you want to become a good streamer, you’ll need to have good equipment. You can check the list of equipment when you tap the monitor with a cog inside of it. This is where you can upgrade all of your PC equipment, from the PC itself to the mouse and your keyboard. Each time you upgrade your equipment, you’ll gain a boost to your taps and passive income.

Each piece of equipment will follow the same pricing model. That simply means that every piece of equipment will cost the same amount of upgrade. So, it’s best to upgrade all of your equipment evenly.
Idle Streamer Pc Equipment Upgrade


2. Upgrade Your Gaming Skills

There’s a second tap, which is the controller icon. Here, you’ll find a list of your gaming skills. There are currently six different game genres you can stream to the world: MOBA, shooters, simulations, racing, sports, and strategy games. The best thing you can do to get more viewers is to upgrade all gaming skills evenly. Each of the upgrades will increase your tap and passive income by 5%. Upgrading all of them ensures that you get to earn a lot of coins in the process. As a result, you get more viewers.

3. No Need to Get Improvements

The physical furnishings of your room are the improvements, which are the posters or artworks you hang on your walls. Unfortunately, you can only buy each of them once, and they can be costly. However, each of the improvements you have can also add 5% more coins for every tap. But since they only increase the per tap and not the passive income, it’s recommended to buy improvements when you’re actively playing the game, not just idle, especially since these improvements are temporary and expensive in nature.

Another thing to remember is that the improvements are room-specific. So if you move into a new living space, you will lose all the bonuses from those improvements. That’s because they stay behind your previous living space.

4. Move to a New Living Space ASAP

Tapping on the locations icon on the left will bring you to the locations menu. These are the locations of the living spaces you can move into. Once you level up, you become eligible to move to a different location.

When you move to a better living space, you will be granted a passive income boost to everything you do. That means you get to earn lots of coins much easier. Both your equipment and skills will be brought wherever you go, so you don’t need to worry about those. The improvements are the only things left behind, which you don’t need to worry about.

5. Be Friendly Towards Your Followers

Three character traits will be the basis of how much money you get with each donation. Friendliness and charisma will increase the amount, while aggression lowers it.
Idle Streamer Pc Game

There are times where you’ll need to respond to random chat questions, which increases these stats. Make sure to choose the best response to increase your charisma and friendliness so that you can get larger amounts of donations. It’s also one way to interact with your viewers and engage with them, so they’ll see how amazing you are as a streamer.

Final Thoughts

And here ends our beginner’s tips and tricks to gain more viewers in Idle Streamer! Ideally, it’s best to follow all these tips so you can get more subscribers fast. But it’s all up to you how you want to play the game.

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