June’s Journey Game Review – What Every Player Needs To Know

Posted on November 7, 2021
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Published by Wooga last October 2017, June’s Journey is a strategy game perfect for aspirant detectives in the future. This game is beyond unleashing mystery, and you need to find hidden objects for you to unlock a case and at the same time, redecorate an island. What’s thrilling about this game is it gives a nostalgic vibe and is like solving mysteries way back to the 1920s. Together with June Parker, you will help him accomplish his quest as he solves and uncover the discreditable hidden family secret.

Story Behind June’s Journey

The story behind this game starts in the return of June Parker. The characters seeks the mysterious truth about Clare’s death, his sister. Upon investigation by the cops, the cause of her death is her husband, Harry, who shot her and killed himself afterwards. As a loving uncle, June came to New York to care for his orphaned niece and bring to light what really happened to his sister. So, your detective prowess will be in need here and help June Parker meet his intent for his sister.

June’s Journey depicts gameplay similar to the typical adventure-strategy games that require players to find objects. Hence, what sets it apart from the usual hidden-objects games is that its story is thrilling, and you might see yourself hooked on the game for hours. In addition to hidden-object tasks, June’s Journey also includes managing an Orchid Island, where you construct, decorate and locate new territories as you advance in the story. Generally, you are working on two goals, finding the truth behind Clare’s death and improving the Orchid Island.

June’s Journey – Discovery of the Hidden Objects

Typically, the soul of June’s Journey is unveiling the hidden object scenes. There will be an image where you need to find the hidden objects stated beneath your screen in this part. You need to find all items for you to progress. If you want to get a better score, you need to find the items as fast as you can. Once you find the item on the list, you simply click the item from the image. But, you better think twice before clicking as you will lose points when you get the wrong item. There are also instances that a suitcase will appear from your screen, it is a special bonus, and you’ll find out its value as the level ends.

Game Hints

If you are having a hard time looking for a particular item, you can ask for hints for free by using the light bulb located at the lower right portion of the game. Once you use it, the item you are looking for will be highlighted. Don’t abuse these free hints, as it takes time to have them again. Also, use your energy wisely as you might run out if you don’t strategically utilize it.

Discover Hidden Objects

In every scene you take, you can earn up to 5 stars. As you earn stars, it will take you closer to the plot. Aside from stars, you will be able to find clues in the scenes. As you progress in each level, you need to earn more stars for you to find the clues. Focus on this as these shreds of evidence can help you find the truth. In each chapter, there are five hidden object scenes and an ultimate adventure scene as well. If you want to open a new scene, you are required to gather flowers that will be set in your Orchid Island and, at the same time, find clues from the former scene.

June’s Journey – Improve the Orchid Island

Orchid Island is one of Parker’s properties. Your goal here is to bring back its beauty by improving, expanding, repairing the battered building, and redecorating it with beautiful elements. You need this for you to collect flowers required to open a new chapter. What is fun in this part of the game is creating the island according to your preference. Some buildings generate coins at periodic intervals. These coins can be used in buying new buildings and pieces of jewelry for your island.

Orchid Island

In establishing a building, you need to invest materials and time. Some buildings need to be improved and eventually can create more flowers. Once an icon appears above a particular building, that structure is ready for improvements. But, don’t forget about the significant sights of Orchid Island such as the old lighthouse and other attractions which will help you towards the plot’s information. Keep in mind that repairing sights takes a long time, but the results are worth the wait.

Final Thoughts

Aside from its immersive two gameplays, June’s Journey depicts massive and magnificent visuals that will surely catch the players’ eyes. With that said, no wonder you will be one of the million players who will start downloading the game and see what this review says. So, are you ready to be a detective and an island designer at the same time? Well, no need to wait! Download this strategy game now on your PC. For more information, guides, tips, and tricks about June’s Journey, stay tuned for more here.

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