KleptoCats 2 – Tips to Get More Coins & Kitties

Posted on November 16, 2021
Kleptocats 2 Coin Tips

Not everybody knows that cats can be masters in stealing, especially if these are objects that they find interesting. And KleptoCats 2 is here to bring you another round of thieving madness. This sequel game is much like its predecessor, which features cats that are kleptomaniacs. These cats bring you all kinds of magnificent items from all over the world. They can also bring you strange gifts and oddities, and all you can do is watch as they fill your room with various items. So, get ready to learn how to earn some coins and unbox more kitties to add to your cute thieving brigade!

How to Get More Coins & Kittens In KleptoCats 2

KleptoCats 2 brings you more immersive and innovative gameplay, with more crazy cats, additional rooms, and cryptic codes to crack secret safes. There are tons of exciting things to discover in this casual game, which will get more addicting as you continue to play and unlock more kitties. You will progress even faster if you follow these tips.

Don’t Waste Coins To Send Kitties On Adventures

After the tutorial, you’ll be a proud owner of two KleptoCats—Guapo and a mysterious ghost cat. You can tap them to send them to other galaxies, and they’ll come back with interesting items and artifacts. But you’ll be spending 100 coins if you want to send another cat.

So, if you want to save on coins, you don’t have to waste those 100 coins to send another cat. What you can do is play mini-games while your cat explores the world. And once your cat is back, you can go ahead and send your second cat. Yes, you may want to send both cats at once. But a penny saved is a penny earned, so being patient can bring you tons of rewards. Most of the time, these kitties will bring tons of coins back home, so your sacrifice is worth it.

Get Coin Rewards Even Without Sharing

The game rewards you if you share the things that your kitty brought back home to various social media sites. Let’s say you want to share it on Facebook, then you get more coins. But if you don’t like to share your progress, you can still get rewards even without sharing. You can do this by tapping the share button, and then press cancel once the list of social media networks appear. After that, you’ll still receive coins. This works best if you play the game without an Internet connection.

Play Mini-Games While Waiting

Once you send your cat out to go on adventures, you have the option to kill time by playing mini-games or closing the app to wait. The first option is much better because you get to earn a handsome amount of coins. There are currently four mini-games you can play, but Catchy Cat and Sneik are two that can bring you the most coins.

Catchy Cat lets you move your kitty back and forth to catch fish. Sneik is inspired by the game “snake,” where you can move the cat up and down, left and right to get those delicious treats. Aside from merely waiting for your cats to come home with items, you can use that time to earn coins instead.

Tap On Poop

Cat poop is colorful and bright, but they stink. They hide coins underneath them, and you’ll find them all over the patio, lobby, and shed. Quickly tap the poop twice to get two coins. No matter what color the poop is, they still give the same amount of coins.

Watch Out For The Angel Cat & Flaming Kitty

The Angel Cat and Flaming Kitty both appear twice a day, and they give away plenty of coins when you tap them. When you tap on the Angel Cat, you’ll watch a short video then get coins. When the Flaming Kitty appears, tap on him until he vanishes. Each tap means more coins.

Complete The Jigsaw Puzzle

Every now and then, your cat will bring puzzle pieces from their adventure. You can check the puzzles over at Cat Info. If you take the time to complete these puzzles, you’ll earn various rewards. In fact, you’ll get a bonus cat after completing your first jigsaw puzzle.

Unlock More Kitties

There are moving boxes that you’ll notice in the game. Inside them are kitties. If you want to unlock them, make sure to have enough gems to unbox them. The first box will only amount to five gems, but it will increase in the next box.

The GemDog gives away gems every day and on some days, you’ll get more gems. Make sure to open the app every day to get those gems. The GemDog will also do some exchange. Like when you collect the free gem, he’ll let you exchange another one for 450 coins or more.

These tips will surely help you in capture your thieving cats. Play Kleptocats 2 on you PC!

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