Knighthood Game Review – All About This Fantasy RPG

Posted on November 18, 2021
Knighthood Best Team

Published by King last 2018, Knighthood, a fantasy role-playing game that will surely rock every gamer’s routine. In this game, you need to become a Rage Knight and strive to be the best! As the game quoted, “you are born to fight and conquer!” –so you better be. Knighthood is set in a wondrous world with colossal monsters. You can also do valorous knights and takes into the legacy as one of the prominent knights by defeating your enemies and taking the evil power of Lord Karnon. As a loyal member of the Order of Rage, it is your commitment to protecting the world.

Your Journey on Becoming the Best Knight

Knighthood is a hack-and-slash RPG where your warrior skills are tested as you become the best Rage Knight. As you play the game, you will notice that the combat is heartless, and your opponents are unforgiving. But, don’t get too pressured if you’re not that good at being a knight because Sir Drakeson is here to back you up!

As you start the game, the first thing you might notice is the eccentric and pleasing graphics of Knighthood. There are no such cutscenes or voice acting, but the animations are plain sailing. In the beginning, you will have a guide by Sir Drakeson through speech bubbles. This factor enables you to better read the text to understand what the game is all about. Here, you will take the shoe of being a knight having a  gauntlet and build a team with courageous heroes who will take down the enemies through various game modes. In the beginning, you will be taking on the exploration mode, then in the arena, hunts, monster cave, shrine of heroes, and more.

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Taking the road to becoming a mighty warrior, you need to complete a series of stages. Initially, the first stages is to be easy to conquer. But, as you reach the Mirefen map and Highgard, the level of difficulty becomes higher as you need to face more challenging evil monsters. While progressing into complex scenarios, it is also the right time to take your upgrades, heroes, equipment, and other stuff. Also, it enables you to unlock new modes or functions where you can test and hone your fighting skills.

In exchange for your bravery awaits loads of rewards, with plentiful legendary items to collect. You can use these items in customizing and upgrading your character, making them stronger and effective on the battlefield.

Summon the Best Heroes in Knighthood

Along with your gauntlet, you need to summon heroes in order for you to beat the opponent. These heroes are bygone warriors and are set to be your companion. As of now, there are a total of 68 heroes to choose from. In a battle, you only need to summon two heroes.

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As a player, you can maximize their Rage and primary powers in defeating enemies and healing the Knight as well. Typically, you can get these heroes as you quest to Astellan. Specifically in the “The Tomb of Heroes.” From there, you will obtain Helmar and Ash – your first heroes.

Stamina – Your Battle Engagement

Once you seize the battlefield and progress the story, the stamina required to battle increases; in the beginning, it only requires you from 5 to 9 points. But, as you reach the mid-game, you will notice the increase as you need to pay 25 to 30 points. As you level up, you will have a puddle of stamina.

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Aside from waiting for the tank to be full, you can alternatively purchase gems and be in the game right away. In a full tank, you are need to play from 10 to 12 battles. If you lose, the stamina used will become useless as you did not earn any experience. However, you can still redo it by waiting for a couple of hours.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the entire game sounds amazing, knowing that the publisher is fond of creating casual games. It is somewhat surprising that King made this RPG, breaking its routine in creating usual casual match-three glories such as Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga, and more. If you want to extend the fun of playing Knighthood on PC, you can unleash your best skills in the PvP arena or join a guild and fight along with your guildmates towards a goal.

With its whole gameplay, storyline, and game modes, there will be no dull moments. As much as you have lots of stuff to do – a game worth checking out. But, if patience is testing you too much, you can go with in-app purchases and transform your Rage Knight into greatness real quick. For more information and updates about your favorite RPG on PC, feel free to check us here.

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