Lily’s Garden Story – A Magnificent Story-Based Puzzle Game

Posted on March 8, 2022
Lily's Garden Magnificent Story Puzzle

Last 2019, Tactile Games’ Lily’s Garden landed on the puzzle genre, and it continuously touches various gamers’ fingertips even today. It’s a story-based puzzle game that depicts a greatly refined storyline and excellent dialogues. And while progressing in the game, you will get a chance to know different characters and how these people will help the main character, Lily. If you think Lily’s Garden is something like the usual match-three puzzle and redecorating games, think again because it’s more than that!

Lily’s Fortunate Story

Before we jump into the game itself, let’s first understand the back story of the game and how Lily landed on redecorating a garden and solving match-three puzzles. The story starts when Lily reaches the dark part of her life, which consists of a tedious work routine, loads of troubles, and the death of her Aunt Mary. After the death of her relative, Lily finds out from her Aunt’s lawyer that her Aunt left her with an inheritance – a manor with a vast garden. It’s a property that’s sentimental to her Aunt because all memories are engraved in that place.
Lilys Garden Aunt Mary

To unwind and forget the troubles of the city, Lily decided to move into the said huge property and start a new life there. But, the plot twist starts there; according to her Aunt’s lawyer, Lily can only possess this property completely if she can restore and bring back its glorious state for only 30 days. So, do you think Lily can do the challenge? Well, it’s up to you, but because you are curious, you will accept the challenge! In Lily’s Garden, you will take the role of Lily, and you will guide her along the way, from solving puzzles and redecorating the entire property.

Embark on a 30-Day Challenge!

In this game, you need to work out two objectives; solve match-3 puzzles and redecorate the place. To understand the game better, you will start with a comprehensive tutorial sequence explaining the basics and essential aspects of the game. The tutorial includes how to solve match-3 puzzles and how to restore the place efficiently. If you are fond of playing match-3 puzzles, you will surely enjoy this part as you will get a chance to experience loads of puzzles that vary in difficulty levels. Each level possesses a unique design that will surely catch your attention. Like the usual match-3 puzzle games, you will match identical objects and clear the level in exchange for stars.
lilys garden puzzles

The stars you’ve earned will be used in fulfilling the second objective, which is the redecorating aspect. As you progress in the game and complete puzzle levels, you will get a chance to unlock decorative stuff that you can utilize in restoring the garden to its former beauty. There are loads of decorations and stuff featured in this game, so you better solve more puzzles to unlock them.

To put it short, you need to accomplish the tasks from Lily’s diary, which are formatted in 30 gaming days. There is a designated number of stars you need to meet in each task. To achieve those stars, you must complete puzzles. Keep in mind that the more you progress in the game, the puzzles will become more challenging.

How to Maintain Your Lives in Lily’s Garden?

There are times that you will gain some boosters that you can use to clear out the puzzles. But, take note that the more you lose a puzzle, your lives will decrease. You will only be given five lives as you start the game. However, if you run out of lives, you can wait for 20 minutes, and one life will be replenished on your end. Aside from waiting 20 minutes, you can also request lives from your friends in the game; all you have to do is click the “Ask for Life” button; you can do this vice versa. Additionally, there are also chances that you can get “endless lives” from a gift or as a return for participating in a particular promotion.

But, if you are handy and willing to spend real cash, you can buy endless lives through a microtransaction. It’s up to you how you will play the game, and you can grind organically or use real money to improve your gameplay.

Meet the Other Characters

Aside from solving puzzles and redecorating the manor and garden, you will also get a chance to meet various characters. They will help you out in solving challenging problems that you can’t handle alone. If you need some help, you can run on your neighbor Luke. He is a weird architect with a good heart. This character will become Lily’s friends, and soon a mutual understanding will be established between them.

Another character you must not miss is Regina. She is the assistant of Lily, known to be brave and not afraid to express what she thinks. Regina will help Lily in accomplishing carpentry and associated tasks.
lilys garden story


Is Lily’s Garden Worth Playing?

Aside from its fantastic gameplay and storyline, you will surely notice the magnificent animations, visuals, and special effects of the game. Overall, Lily’s Garden is an excellent game that offers a revitalizing and engaging gameplay experience that will surely captivate your inner gamer’s instinct and spend countless hours playing on it.

So are you ready for the 30-day challenge and help Lily get her inheritance completely? This game is terribly awesome! You shouldn’t miss out on this puzzle game! For more information, updates, and guides about Lily’s Garden gameplay, stay in the loop here at EmulatorPC.

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