MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll Guide – Guide on How to Earn a Top Character

Posted on July 22, 2022
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MEGA MAN X DiVE is an action game initially published by Capcom Taiwan last March 2020. This intense game lets you experience a combination of shooting and platforming that depicts the traditional trademarks of MEGA MAN games. Furthermore, this game enables you to do loads of farming, grinding and upgrading, which adds to the overall immersive experience. Now, you’ll learn how to get the best characters with our MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll guide. Currently, there are 80 unlockable heroes, each of which depicts unique abilities and skills.

To obtain a hero, you need to test your luck in the gacha system and hopefully opt for the top-tier characters. Getting the most promising or best units from the MEGA MAN X DiVE Tier list is not as easy as you think. There’s only a small chance to get those best units every time you roll a gacha.

By obtaining a strong hero from the beginning of the game, you can make adequate progress as you immerse your hero in various modes such as Co-Op and Versus. So, are you ready to control the best heroes of MEGA MAN X DiVE? Then do the reroll now!

MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll – What You Need to Know

As mentioned above, obtaining top-tier characters in MEGA MAN is not easy as there’s a very low chance of getting them. But, if you insist on getting the best characters, you can invest your patience by doing the MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll. When we say rerolling, it’s the repetitive process of summoning heroes until you obtain fantastic results or get a top-tier character. To do this, you need to restart the game several times. Usually, you can do this by rerolling using the free pulls given by the game as you start playing.

Luckily, rerolling in MEGA MAN X DiVE is kinda easy. To get an accurate overview of the best characters in this action game, make sure to use the Mega Man X Dive Tier list as a guide. With this list, you’ll know if you already got the best characters to proceed on your journey in the deep log.


How to Do a MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll?

Rerolling in MEGA MAN X DiVE is simple and consists of easy steps that everyone can understand. However, before diving into this process, you still need to accomplish various challenges that will not take long. Here’s the step-by-step process of MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll, don’t miss any steps, or else you won’t meet your goal;

  1. Start the game as a guest. Afterwards, refrain yourself from logging into the game using your Facebook account or others that can complicate your restarting process once you don’t land on top characters on your free pulls.
  2. Skip all dialogues and scenes as possible. You can skip the tutorial and combat training to start challenges immediately.
  3. Complete the story mode, specifically the 1-1 and the stage 1-2. Also, complete your tutorial that concerns weapons.
  4. Once you accomplished the challenges above, proceed to your inbox and get your newbie and log-in rewards.
  5. Navigate the mission menu, and access the “Collect All” button to obtain more free resources. Also, repeat this step in the “Current Event” option.
  6. Once you’re done collecting resources or rewards, you must check if you already got the free 10x roll from the Capsule menu.
  7. Feel free to utilize the rolls. If it happens that you’re not satisfied with the heroes you’ve obtained, feel free to restart the game by simply clicking the logout button from the menu. Once logged out, log in again as a guest and notice that your progress is reset.
  8. Repeat the process from step 1 until you get top-tier characters or items from the gacha pulls.

Once you already have the characters you wish to have, it’s time to link your account to any platforms such as Facebook or more. You need to do this in order to save your progress and preserve your progress. MEGA MAN X Dive Reroll usually takes hours or days, especially if you choose a specific character or wish to obtain a more powerful hero.

Mega Man X Dive


Make Use of the MEGA MAN X DiVE Reroll as Your Guide

So, there you have it! We hope that this MEGA MAN X Dive Reroll Guide helped you on obtaining the heroes you wish to use in your journey in this action game. To be accurately informed on the best heroes you must opt for during rerolling; it is best to access a MEGA MAN X DiVE tier list as your best reference.

Can you share the heroes you’ve obtained via Mega Man X Dive Reroll? For more information, updates, tips, and tricks you can use MEGA MAN X DiVE, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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