Merge Magic! Beginner’s Tips – How to Merge Cool Objects

Posted on July 22, 2021

Merge Magic is one of the best puzzle games available on PC today! It takes the concept of match puzzle games and adds a new twist. For every item you merge, you’ll create a more powerful version of that object. Your ultimate goal is to match every possible thing so you can lift the curse that plagues the land. Moreover, you can merge eggs to hatch magical creatures too!

This match-three puzzle game also employs base-building mechanics. You can make a home for your magical creatures by building houses in your garden. Now all these features may seem fun and exciting, but they can be quite tough to fulfill. The puzzles get harder as you progress, and newbies may have a tough time figuring out where to start. Luckily, we’ve prepared a few tips for beginners like you.

Fuse Everything In Merge Magic!

The game’s titled Merge Magic for a reason. Your primary goal as the player is to merge items whenever and wherever possible. You can merge two things of the same type to create a more powerful version. However, that’s about as basic as it can get with little to no rewards. So it’s better if you can perform a combo. Try to merge more than two items and go for a combo. Doing so will let you reap more rewards as you precise levels and challenges.

You can also employ a bit of strategy when you merge items. One strategy is to trigger magical items from chests that are littered around the garden. You might want to tap on them first before performing combos, as they sometimes spawn resources. Moreover, the proper placement of items plays a massive role in merging if you’re preparing for it in advance. Try to place items of the same type closer to one another in your garden. When you’re ready to merge them, it’ll perform a chain reaction that will give you more combo points.

Try to experiment with placing and merging the items in your garden. It may take a while to get used to, but practice makes perfect, after all.

Merge Magic


Turn The Garden Into A Cozy Home

Merging all the items for the sake of removing the curse is a tough job. You might need a breath of fresh air after working all day. Luckily for everyone, Merge Magic offers a lush and beautiful garden you can make your home. Moreover, you can ask your friendly magical creatures to nest there with you. Now this garden is more than just a hub for building your magical village. You can also build structures that will greatly help you in your quest.

You can buy structures like houses and coin storage by accessing the shop icon on the right side of your screen. Now notice I mentioned houses and coin storage first. That’s because those two structures are essential early in the game. First off, houses give your magical creatures a place to rest. When they help you on your quest, they tire out over time. Shelters are a great way to replenish their energy for the following levels.

Merge Magic Playing

Coin storage, on the other hand, helps you increase your gold coin cap. You earn gold coins in the game, but you limit how much you can store. Build storage so your capacity increases, and you can save up for better structures. Take into account that most of the buildings are locked behind stars. You can earn stars by completing levels and challenges in the game.

Lastly, when you prepare your garden as a cozy home, try to keep things organized. Place structures of the same type together so you can access them easily. Try not to cram up the center space of your garden as it’ll look cluttered. Ultimately, you have the freedom to design your garden however you like. Just keep the items you want to merge closer to one another.

Take Advantage Of All Kinds of Rewards

When playing Merge Magic, the final tip we have for you is to take advantage of the in-game rewards. You can earn rewards by completing levels with full stars, fulfilling objectives, and unlocking chests. Don’t miss out on the neat gifts as they can significantly help you in your journey. Rewards can range from resources to free magical creatures for your garden. So fire up your competitive spirit and complete all the challenges that come your way.

You can also come back to stages you’ve already completed to earn extra points. Never get complacent in your quests; reach for the highest possible score at every level to maximize your rewards. So that’s about it for the Merge Magic beginner’s tips. You can start your journey by downloading this game on your PC using our EmulatorPC. Do away with the limitations of a mobile device, and join the PC master race!

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