Nexomon Starters – A Guide to Choosing Your Best Starter

Posted on May 25, 2022
Nexomon Starter Team

Last 2017, another exciting role-playing game was published by VEWO INTERACTIVE INC – the Nexomon. This RPG depicts a considerable similarity with the iconic Pokémon, where you’re tasked to collect various monsters that vary in shapes and sizes. Just like the legendary monster-collecting game Pokémon, you’ll need to choose your very own starter monster who will be with you from the beginning of your exciting adventures.

In playing Nexomon, you and your starting monster will share different exhilarating adventures, compelling battles, hardships, and trials. To help you choose which starter you must choose, let this guide help you out. Take note that there’s no turning back once you decide who will be your starting monster unless you start a new game again.

Nexomon Starters – A Major Decision

In playing Nexomon, you’ll notice that the beginning of the game is quite different from the usual monster-collecting RPGs. Here, you’ll experience a pretty difficult start; that’s why it’s imperative to choose the best Nexomon starter that fits not only your play style but also who can withstand you among your most dangerous foes.

Nexomon Gameplay

Image Source: Nexomon Gameplay

Aside from being insanely adorable, these Nexomon Starters portray unique abilities and stats that can be suitable to any kind of player. Each monster can fall under a particular element such as electric, water, fire, ghost, psychic, mineral, normal, and plant. So, without further ado, here are the Nexomon Starters that you can choose from;


You might notice this normal-type Nexomon spending more of its time resting. This immensely lazy creature is not as sleepy as you think, especially when the battle begins. Once this monster evolves to level 16 and becomes Vulpep, you’ll notice its impeccable changes as it becomes more energetic and intense. What’s more, if this Nexomon reaches level 32, you’ll surely be amazed by its fighting abilities. Therefore, it won’t let you down with your battles.


If you’re looking for an adorable Nexomon, then you might want to choose the lovely Bevy. Don’t be too naive with its overwhelming cuteness, as this monster got the bravest teeth in any kind of battle. To witness how this lovely monster evolves, pick Bevy and behold its incredible evolution to become Barver at level 16 and Bedam on its final stage.


Another endearing Nexomon comes your way in the form of Sprunk! If you’re looking for a blazing starter, then you should not miss choosing this starter. This monster will surely burn your opponents down. What’s more impressive about this monster is its stink pouch, ideally used along with its fire skills, especially when getting away from dangerous situations. Like the other Nexomon Starters, this monster also has two evolutions. You’ll meet the vigorous Expunk on level 17 while the fiery Fetidoom comes out on level 34.

Nexomon Expunk

Image Source: Nexomon Sprunk



If you’re looking for a powerful Nexomon starter, then you must not miss the bulky monobrow and rocky creature named Blizo. This creature is renowned for being territorial. Though this creature is a bit slow, you’ll surely depend on him for its disastrous punch. After winning various battles, this monster will evolve as well as its eyebrow; once Blizo reaches level 16, it will grow to become Blizbrow. In its final stage, you’ll meet the brawny Blizloo.


Can you imagine a flying serpent as your starter? Well, this wind-type starter called Fethra is typically a flying ophidian. Though these monsters are hard to find and we’re uncertain about their existence, you must consider having this monster as your starter for its unmatched agility, speed, and wind attacks. If you want to witness how this creature becomes even more devastating, you better watch \ how Fethra becomes Tempestra when it reaches level 16 and Draclon at level 32.

Nexomon Fethra



If you’re looking for speed, you must not miss having this electrifying speedy Nexomon called Vellokitti. This creature portrays a lighting skill to boost its speed on the battlefield. If you want to explore Vellokitti, upgrade it to level 14 to meet the ever-energetic Acca. If you want to see Acca become faster, reach level 36 and see its peak speed with Jeeta!

Nexomon Velokitti



If you prefer a plant-type starter, then you must consider choosing the reptile-like creature called Petril. You’ll surely not miss its adorable flower accessory. This monster utilizes plant life skills to entwine up his enemies. Similar to the Nexomon Starters above, Petril also evolves in two evolution. Get a chance to meet Frillia on level 17 and Corozard on its final stage.

The Bottomline

So, there you have it! Have you already chosen your best pick among these lovely Nexomon starters? Well, we understand that it’s a significant decision to take. However, be wise enough to choose who among them will stay by your side on your adventures and battles. For more updates and information about this monster-collecting role-playing game, stay in the loop here in EmulatorPC.


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