One Piece Treasure Cruise Tier List Overview for 2022

Posted on July 31, 2022
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Since its inception, One Piece Treasure Cruise has been one of the most sought-after free-to-play RPGs. With millions of active players around the world, this adventure game captivates new players on its platform. Well, this light and one of the best RPGs has its own uniqueness that amazed even the new players. It bears a heavy resemblance to its parent anime series which is even popular today.

The popularity of the game is not possible without the influence of its famous characters. With more than 2000 characters, you will organize only six of them as part of the crew. Each of the characters has its own abilities that will grow as the game progresses. Talking about that, we are compiling here the game’s tier list of them for 2022. Though this tier list is always subject to change, this can provide you with a spot-on update for this year.

In this article, they are arranged from left to right in relation to characters, about, and types. Each of the categories is arranged through a dashed line so you can identify them for who they are. So without further ado, here is the One Piece Treasure Cruise tier list for 2022.


  • Boa Hancock, Vacation on the Evening Beach – Free Spirit, Shooter – PSY
  • Douglas Bullet, The Monster That Lost Its Purpose – Fighter, Driven – STR
  • Gol D. Roger, Captain of the Roger Pirates – Free Spirit, Slasher – PSY
  • Kozuki Oden, Heir To The Shogun of Wano – Slasher, Free Spirit – STR


Kozuki Oden Heir To The Shogun Of Wano


  • Luffy and Law, Miracle-Making Generation – Fighter Slasher – DEX/QCK
  • Monkey D. Luffy, Gear 4-Snakeman – Fighter, Powerhouse – STR
  • Monkey D. Luffy, Overcoming the Strongest With His Friends – Fighter, Powerhouse – PSY
  • Trafalgar Law, Alliance To Liberate The Land of Wano – Free Spirit, Slasher – PSY
  • Vivi and Rebecca, Shared Benefactor – Cerebral, Striker – DEX/STR


  • Ace, Trickster Flame Wolf – Shooter, Fighter – INT
  • Blackbeard, Emperor – Driven, Powerhouse – INT
  • Boa Hancock, Vacation on the Evening Beach – Free Spirit, Shooter – PSY
  • Charlotte Katakuri, Haki That Conquers the Future – Driven, Fighter – INT
  • Corazon, Sympathy for Law – Free Spirit, Cerebral – DEX
  • Kaido, The Strongest Creature – Powerhouse, Striker – DEX
  • Kozuki Oden, Heir To The Shogun of Wano – Slasher, Free Spirit – STR
  • Kuzan, Decisive Deadly Battle – Striker, Shooter – PSY


Kuzan Decisive Deadly Battle


  • Law, Road Midnight Street – Cerebral, Slasher – INT
  • Mihawk and Perona, Powerful Residents of Former Muggy Kingdom – STR/PSY
  • Mihawk, Deep Night Dark Road – Slasher, Cerebral – INT
  • O-Soba Mask – Powerhouse, Free Spirit – QCK
  • Sakazuki, Decisive Deadly Battle – Fighter, Shooter – INT
  • Silvers Rayleigh, Right Hand of the Pirate King – Slasher, Fighter – INT
  • Sugar, Queen of the Toys – Driven, Cerebral – QCK
  • Trafalgar Law, Alliance To Liberate the Land of Wano – Free Spirit, Slasher -PSY
  • Whitebeard and Marco, The Fierce Battle of the Paramount War – Striker, Powerhouse – PSY/INT


  • A Mystical While Sulong, Carrot – Fighter, Slasher – QCK
  • Fear of the Infinite Biscuits, Charlotte Cracker – Powerhouse, Slasher – QCK
  • Manly Match, Charlotte Katakuri – Fighter, Powerhouse – PSY
  • Sympathy for Law, Corazon – Free Spirit, Cerebral – DEX
  • Grandfather of the Future Pirate King, Garp the Fist – Free Spirit, Powerhouse – PSY


Grandfather Of The Future King One Piece


  • Decisive Deadly Battle, Kuzan – Striker, Shooter – INT
  • Wano Country Saviors, Luffytaro, Zorojuro – Free Spirit, Slasher – STR/DEX
  • Red Tulips Relaxation, Nami and Robin – Free Spirit, Cerebral – DEX/INT
  • Decisive Deadly Battle, Sakazuki – Fighter, Shooter – INT
  • The Parting Between Father and Son, Sanji and Judge – Powerhouse, Fighter – PSY
  • A Wonderful Encounter, Shirahoshi and Mansherry – Cerebral, Striker – INT/PSY


  • Charlotte Pudding, Love’s Determination – Cerebral, Shooter – INT
  • Eustass Kid, Magnetic Captain Challenging the Dragon – Driven, Striker – DEX
  • Chopper Heavy Point Tony – Fighter, Free Spirit – PSY
  • Strawhat Luffy, The Potential Power of the Gomu Gomu no – Fighter, Free Spirit – QCK
  • Grandfather of the Future Pirate King – Cerebral, Free Spirit – DEX
  • “Red Hair” Shanks, Captain of the Red Hair Pirates – Cerebral, Free Spirit – INT


“Red Hair” Shanks, Captain of the Red Hair Pirates


  • Lucy, Corrida Colloseum Champion – Striker, Fighter – STR
  • Katakuri, Three Sweet Commanders – Striker, Powerhouse – INT
  • Nami, Cat Burglar Deceiving the New World – Cerebral, Striker – DEX
  • Vinsmoke Judge, Germa 66 Science Combat Force – Powerhouse, Driven – INT
  • Kozan, Unfaithful Beliefs of Justice – Free Spirit, Shooter – QCK


  • Big Mom, Emperor Suffering from Hunger Pangs – Powerhouse, Driven – STR
  • Franky, The Modified Man Living His Manly Dream – Shooter, Free Spirit – QCK
  • Hawk Eyes Mihawk, The Black Blade – Slasher – INT
  • Heavenly Demon Doflamingo, Ruler of the Bird Cage – Driven, Cerebral – DEX
  • Inuarashi & Nekomamushi, Antagonistic Kings of Day and Night – Striker, Cerebral – STR/PSY
  • Jack, Eleph Eleph Fruit – Striker, Fighter – STR
  • Knight of the Sea Jinbe – Fighter, Powerhouse – INT


Knight Of The Shin Jin Be


  • Luffy and Ace, Pirates Rising – Free Spirit, Fighter – QCR/STR
  • Magician Basil Hawkins, Follower of the Dragon – Cerebral Slasher – DEX
  • Roronoa Zoro, A Momentary Glimpse of a Swordsman – Slasher, Driven – INT
  • Sabo, Dragon Claw – Free Spirit, Fighter – DEX
  • Trafalgar Law, Former Warlord of the Sea – Slasher, Free Spirit – PSY
  • White Chase Smoker, Marine Who Carry Out His Own Justice – Striker, Driven – QCK


  • Arlong, Sun Pirates – Slasher, Powerhouse – STR
  • Dracule Mihawk, Teaching the Secrets of the Great Swordsman – Slasher, Free Spirit – DEX
  • Fujitora, Surefire Gravity – Driven, Powerhouse – INT
  • Jinbe – Striker, Fighter – QCK
  • Marco the Phoenix, Illusion Flame Beast – Fighter, Powerhouse – QCK


Marco The Phoenix Illusion Flame Beast Fighter Powerhouse


  • Monkey D Luffy, To Become a True Kung Fu – Fighter, Free Spirit – DEX
  • Vinsmoke Sanji, Germa Kingdom’s Sacrifice – Fighter, Powerhouse – PSY


Now that you have the following tier list, now it is time to put them to test. Though they are all ranked characters, the provided tier list is only a suggestion. The effectiveness of the gameplay still relies on your capability as a player. You just have to be strategic while you play and use the suggested tier list if you please.

Play One Piece Treasure Cruise on your PC today. For more updates about the latest tier list updates, stay tuned and find it here in EmulatorPC.


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