Pet Rescue Saga Tips & Tricks – Effective Hints A Player Must Know

Posted on November 8, 2021
Pet Rescue Saga Happy Pets

If you are fond of match puzzle games such as Bubble Witch and Candy Crush, you will love King’s other creation, titled Pet Rescue Saga. Take it from the game’s name, and this casual game focuses on rescuing adorable pets. Generally, there are various ways on how to rescue these charming creatures. You can match gems to help dogs land safely on the rings, clear trails to enable monkeys to climb down using vines and more. Like the games mentioned above, Pet Rescue Saga depicts a typical match-three puzzle that involves rescuing cutesy pets such as puppies, pigeons, piglets, and more. To do that, you need to match two or more blocks with similar colors and accompany the pets safely in the ground. Understandably, playing match-three is addicting.

However, with Pet Rescue Saga, you are not only entirely matching gems; you also need to meet your goal, which is saving the pets. At each level of the game, there is a particular objective to complete. It can be getting a certain number of points, rescuing pets, clearing a certain percentage of blocks, and more. If you think you are at a challenging level, you can utilize boosters and quickly advance in the game. Also, if you want to clear levels, we come up with tips and tricks you need to look into to improve your gameplay and rescue the pets.

Pet Rescue Saga Tips & Tricks

Here are the things you need to consider if you want to clear levels most effectively;


Match Large Group of Blocks

You need to remember that the number of coins you will earn depends on the stars you accumulated at a certain level. If you want to hit three stars and get more coins, you need to fill up the block meter by matching huge groups of similar blocks. To check your stars, you can access the tiny star meter beneath the game screen. Upon earning more coins, you can spend them by buying boosters that can improve your gameplay, especially on clearing complicated levels.

Quit the Level if Needed

If you want to quit the level you are currently working on due to insufficient moves; you can simply cut the action. Do it by clicking the quit icon located at the top-right portion of the screen. However, know that whenever you quit a level, you will also lose a life. So, you better try to think more about the level before quitting. Use your strategies and try to figure out how to meet the required goal of the said level.

Utilize the Free Boosters & Acquire Them

In terms of boosters, you can have them after accomplishing some levels in a certain stage. At a particular level, you will achieve a trial booster to test for yourself the possible benefits of using it. After using it, you can still acquire these boosters via in-game coins or Facebook credits. Furthermore, some levels enable players to use the column blaster rocket. To use this rocket, you need to charge it up by matching massive groups of similar blocks until it is fully charged. Once your rocket is ready to fire, you can simply click on the rocket on the column you wish to remove.
Boosters In Pet Rescue Saga

Some levels have column blaster rockets, and some don’t. Suppose you are working with a level with no column blaster rocket. In that case, you need to be extra careful in removing blocks and guide the pets accordingly. Alternatively, you can use BlockBuster whenever you wish to smash a specific block or two. Additionally, as you progress further in the game, you will find various boosters that can help you clear the levels. There are hammers, paint, and many more. Like the rocket and blockbuster, these boosters can also be used to surpass a certain level.

Pet Rescue Saga Levels – Rescue Pets & Get High Scores

One of the demanding objectives of Pet Rescue Saga is rescuing pets. Whenever you save an animal, you have 1000 bonus points. If you want to earn more points, you need to rescue as many pets as you can. Here are some of the useful hints you might check out for you to effectively save the pets and get high scores;

  • As mentioned above, you will get more points whenever you match a vast group of similar blocks. Aside from getting points, it is also your opportunity to rescue the pets and quickly let them land at the bottom of the game screen.
  • If you must rescue more than two pets, ensure that you remove the blocks to achieve the same column level.
  • Once an animal gets stuck on the highest column after destroying blocks, and the screen sets below the tower, consider it a defeat.
  • Don’t pressure yourself too much! No need to rush; there is no such timer in this game. Take your time and think effectively on how to meet the needed goal.
  • To prohibit your animals from being stuck to isolated columns, you can utilize the bombs and clear the blocks.

Other Pet Rescue Saga Hints

There are instances that glass blocks have bombs that are activated once hit by the wooden plank. By matching similar blocks, you can guide these glass blocks towards the wooden planks. Also, you will notice that some blocks bear “x2” or “x3”. By matching, blocks with these writings will enable your score to be doubled or tripled. So, if you want to improve your score, you better maximize using these kinds of blocks.
Pet Rescue Saga Hints

So, that’s it! Are you ready to top-notch the game and rescue more pets in Pets Rescue Saga? Well, don’t waste time, and unleash these tips and tricks right away! For more information, guide, and news about your favorite casual game, stay tuned for more in this post.

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