Plague of Z Star Hero – Beginners Guide to Obtain 4-Star Hero

Posted on July 16, 2022
Plague Of Z Star Hero Guide

Whenever you encounter stories about action strategy games, the usual storyline revolves around killing zombies just like Back 4 Blood. It is undeniable to say that the bloodbath from shooting zombies is satisfying and makes you kill more of them. Thus, when it comes to a game that qualifies such exciting descriptions, Plague of Z is the exact candidate. This game is set in a world where the zombie apocalypse takes place. In order to get rid of these flesh-eating zombies, the characters are on a mission to exterminate them.

In the game, you will compete with other players to become a commander. Assuming you succeed or not, the task is still the same. It is to get rid of all the zombies that have the capability to destroy the safe zones.

If you find this task difficult, you don’t need to worry. Whether you become a commander or the one accompanying him or her, you will still be provided with heroes. These heroes will help you defeat the enemies and progress in the game. But you have to build up your heroes and reach the 4-star rank to give you an additional advantage in the game. So, what does it take to acquire a Plague of Z star hero?

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Acquire Relevant Resources as You Play

One of the most daunting tasks of playing Plague of Z is leveling up your heroes to 4 stars. Before you acquire 4-star heroes, you need to consider all the needed resources. Often, these resources can be attained by playing the game for a longer period. Therefore, you have to play more and grind to acquire all the important resources. Below are some suggestions on how many resources you need to obtain in order to get your hero to 4 stars.

First, you need to have 400 medals and 1.6 million coins. Between the two, coins are easier to acquire because you can get them by simply playing the game. On the other hand, you can only acquire a medal once you kill a mutant. Second, you have to gain the Commander EXP through hunting mutants which can give you 1 to 200 EXP. You can also hunt monsters which can give you 500+ EXP, and explore relics.

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In addition, you have to grind towards the tasks that are more focused on acquiring EXP. By doing this, you can save enough time versus playing the game by its own rules. These tasks can be the main quests, building upgrades, and crafting or training. As suggested, you can render your time on non-EXP if you have to upgrade one building that can qualify for another.

Use the Speedup & Other Resources

At specific levels of the game, you have to wait for the building’s construction to be finished. This is frustrating especially when you have to make your troops’ training finished on time. Waiting for 5 to 30 minutes is quite tedious if you want to ally with time to make good progress in this game. This is the perfect time to use some of the resources that you acquired. Your resources will accelerate your progress in the game, and help you attain a higher rating quickly.

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Do not be afraid to use these speedups and resources because you will never run out of these items in the game. These speedups and resources are not hard to acquire as the game always floods you with these items as you play. However, it is also suggested not to solely rely on inventory resources and waste it on some irrelevant things. Just make sure you use them properly in selected tasks.

Connect With The Guild Hive

Because the game is about survival and strategy, you have to join an alliance. Connecting with other players will give you more protection and can help you progress smoothly over other players. Just like other Joining an alliance in the game is similar to joining a clan in other games. In Plague of Z, you will be rewarded with 500 gems upon joining an alliance for the first time. You will also be granted easy access to Alliance gifts or Alliance Science Buffs. These are the items you can use to acquire the resources mentioned above.

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Playing a strategy zombie game requires you to think about the tradeoffs of your gameplay. At first, it can intimidate you as you are only grasping the game. But applying and considering helpful guidelines like the suggestions given here can help you advance in the game. You can take these suggestions step-by-step until you get used to playing the game.

The overall point of the suggestions mentioned above is to expedite the process of getting your hero to 4 stars. It is no easy task, especially when you are already competing with other players. However, getting your hero to 4 stars is still attainable if you know the basics. The first thing you should know is how many resources you should have. You also need to understand how these resources can speed up your progress. Finally, join an alliance that will provide you with enough protection and other perks.

Now that you already have this beginner’s guide, make sure to keep it in mind as you play Plague of Z. For more relevant information about Plague of Z, and suggestions related to this guide, stay tuned here on EmulatorPC.


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