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Posted on June 25, 2021
Board Game PC Game

Board games are games that are played on any type of board. It is typically played by moving pieces or placing an item on a pre-marked board. There are various board games that you can play, like role-playing, card games, table, words, and even miniatures. It is one of the most fun games to play as it lets you practice more of your intellectual and strategic skills.

Now in the digital era, you are not only limited to playing board games on a single table, but you can also play along with your friends around the world. If you may ask how that happened, it’s all because Board Games are now also available online.

We’re not kidding; you can now play board games online and in the comfort of your PC. Although, with many games available to play, knowing what’s the best game to play might really be a challenge. To help you discover all the greatest board games, here’s a list of board games you can try out.


Chess Free


Chess Free

If there’s a board game you can always consider playing, whether online or offline, it has to be chess. That said, Chess Free is a top game that you can always choose to play on PC. Playing the game lets you feel you’re playing on an actual board of chess with a competitor. You can enjoy many features as you download the game and play it again with your friends.

Of course, Chess Free includes the gameplay of players playing “real-like” chess. What you’ll be needing to win in the game is a pack of strategic skills to counter your opponent’s move. Also, the great thing about playing this board game is that you can always customize your gameplay. So if you are not comfortable with how everything works, you can adjust the mode from casual to pro for a more advanced game.

Find out more details and information about this board game as you download and play it on your PC. You can always look at posts like playing the game on this site and aim for a better gameplay experience. The last decision will always land upon your hands, so if you’re more interested in playing board games than ever, play Chess Free now on your PC.

Checkers Board Game

Are you aiming for a simple chess board game? If so, checkers are the best game for you. Tagged by many as “simplified chess”, the primary aim of this game is to get all your opponent’s checkers or trap them on the board. Most people consider playing checkers if they want to have an easy arrangement rather than chess.

By all means, the difference between playing Chess and Checkers is mainly with the roles. In chess, you have a King, Queen, pawn, Bishop, and a lot more. While in checkers, you only have one item to move from time to time. Playing Checkers on your PC is a fascinating and fun game to play. You can always choose the best feature that soothes your skills and taste or has fun playing with different people worldwide.

Checkers, the game itself, supports 12 checker rules and 10 difficulty levels to which you can enjoy the most. Learn more about playing this game as you download it on your PC for free. Enjoy the various themes enclosed in the game and challenge yourself to play Checkers now.


Mahjong Epic


Mahjong Epic

Running into a different board game and difficulty, the Mahjong board game is one of the best past-times that you can play. But, if you consider trying Mahjong online, go for Mahjong Epic on your PC. In this game, you’ll enjoy many more features than what you can think of.

Play Mahjong Epic as you have the chance to choose among the 1800 boards available. New puzzles will cross your way daily, so getting bored will never be an option in this board game. Plus, there are beautiful backgrounds that await you to have more good experiences in playing Mahjong. You can always customize your controls via simple pick-up and play mode for a better gameplay experience.

And if you think it is over, you’re wrong. There are few more features that Mahjong Epic can bring you, your family, and friends together. Playing this game won’t make you feel like playing it on a PC ever. Of course, the rules of the game are simple. Match all identical tiles together to clear the board. Beyond that, you are guaranteed to go through the following levels!

Enjoy this classic game now and learn more about Mahjong Epic on this site. Discover some tricks on how to play the game and more of its features for free. Play and download this fun and ancient board game on your PC now.

Ludo King Board Game

Ludo King is a popular board game across the online world. It is one of the most played games when people want to have a little entertainment during their free time with friends and families. What’s excellent about Ludo King is that it is a cross-platform game. That means it supports playing through your Desktop or any type of device at the same time.

Plus, you can always play the game offline, bringing more fun and excitement to your gameplay journey wherever you may be in the world! There are many game features that you can choose from, and you can always decide what’s the best theme that can suit you the most.
The best part is that voice chat is now available to play the game for easier and more challenging gameplay with the entire gang.

If you’re not familiar with playing Ludo King, you can always go for some help by looking at the how-to-play guide on this site. Basically, the board itself is the modern version of the game Pachisi. A game typically played between Indian Queens and Kings during ancient times, passed down to generations.

For a brief overview, you only need to roll the Ludo dice and move your tokens to arrive at the center of the board. Beating the other players in the game enables you to become the Ludo King.


Tropical Bingo World


Tropical Beach Bingo World

Last but not least is the most well-known board game of all, the BINGO! Suppose you’re considering playing BINGO with your family and friends. Why not play Tropical Beach Bingo World for a more refreshed and summer theme vibe?

The game runs through many features and bonuses to which you can enjoy from time to time. There are even video rooms available as you play the game along with other people around the world. Besides, there are also unique game modes that you can try out to play the game. Play and explore more theme rooms in Tropical Beach Bingo World as you hit all the numbers and reach for the goal.

If you don’t have any idea on how to play it, you can always search for guides on how to play it, or simply search the game on this site and get a tip in an instant. It would be exciting to discuss more features of the games with you, but downloading and playing it on your own would be the best teacher of all. Get this classic and fun board game that everybody loves now on your PC.

The Bottom Line

Playing board games is genuinely a fantastic experience, especially when you are bored. With many board games available online, you can always choose what game can go with your taste. Thus, downloading the games above can give you the real “deal” to playing board games, whether at home or at any place. What are you waiting for? Get these games for free nowhere on this site.

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