Puzzle & Survival Guide – Tips & Tricks to Build a Base & Win The Game

Posted on January 17, 2022
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Last 2020, Puzzles & Survival, a role-playing and strategy game was developed and published by 37Games. If you are thinking of the usual casual easy games, then this game is totally different. In this game, you will focus more on building a survival base and winning match-three battles.

The storyline of this game starts when a deadly virus invades humanity. This virus turns humans into zombies, and your goal is to survive the fatal virus and lead the remaining followers. To do this effectively, you need to come up with tactical strategies in defeating the zombies through match-three puzzles.

A Brief Info About Puzzles & Survival

With its interesting gameplay, no wonder most gamers will try this game to unveil its unique mechanics. Aside from dealing with match-three puzzles to clash the zombies, it is also your task to build a sanctuary. This part matters to save the remaining people who are not infected by the virus.

Puzzles Survival Game

As you start the game, you be in a campaign mode. While solving match-three puzzles, you need to come up with an effective base and strengthen it to forbid the zombies from invading your place. So, the ultimate question is, do you know how to create the best base while victoriously winning battles? Let this puzzles and survival game help you.

How to Play Puzzles & Survival Effectively

Here are some useful tips and strategies you can use to improve your gameplay and play well in-game;

1. Go Along with the Chapter Missions

In playing Puzzles & Survival, you will engage yourself in various activities as you start the game. To be successful in this game, you need to work with three groups of activities. First, you need to build and develop your base. In this task, you need to construct your base by adding and upgrading facilities. Also, it includes training your heroes and units and managing research to improve the performance of each aspect.

Puzzles Survival Sanctuary Plan

Second, your base is located in a massive world where various NPCs, resources, and players are exploring how the operations are working. Lastly, you need to indulge yourself in campaign mode where the progression starts. Once you start this mode, you will start fighting against zombies and bosses in a turn-based way. It is the time where you will start to draw strategies in completing match-3 puzzles.

If you want to progress successfully in the Puzzles and Survival game, you need to be keen on completing chapter missions that allow you to earn experience points and rewards that include resources that are significantly important to your progression.

2. Make your Facilities Occupied

If you want to progress quickly, you must know how to multitask. And it should start by making your facilities busy. Though it seems to look immense, especially when you are just a beginner, as time goes by, you will get used to it and see the essence of this routine.

Puzzles Survival Build

Like the usual base-building games, each production facility uniquely produces a resource essential to your base such as food, lumber mill, virology lab, steel plant, and gas field. In collecting the resources, you can choose any time you want but it is best not to leave them in full capacity.

3. Be Particular in Upgrading your Heroes

Like the usual MMO strategy games, Puzzles and Survival also comes with heroes that vary in abilities and power. The skills of your heroes are renowned for how they cope up with match-3 puzzle combat.

The heroes are grouped according to rarity; 2, 3, 4, and 5-star heroes. If you are just starting out the game, it is expected that you will obtain 2 to 3-star heroes. Achieving higher-level heroes is not easy, but still, you need to focus on the elemental affinity of each hero to surpass challenges in each campaign.

If you want to make them powerful, then you need to level up them once they reach the level cap with the help of a distinct resource antiserum. To increase the level cap, you need first to evolve your heroes which are earned through combat manuals that are awarded by clashing to various story stages and chapter missions.

Puzzles Survival Heroes


4. Don’t Rush Yourself During Battles

Most of the time, we used to think that puzzle games come with a timer and you need to meet it to complete a certain level. In Puzzle & Survival, there’s no need to look after a timer, you can take as much time you need when encountering a battle.

However, you need to think of the progressing number of zombies that are ready to approach you. But, if you are not pressured with a time limit, you can maximize your time in thinking of effective moves, and combos against your rivals.

5. Formulate your Puzzle Combos & the Skills of Your Heroes

Like the typical match-3 puzzle games, once you match 4 or more gems, you will get an opportunity to unlock special boosters like dynamite and grenades which can help you beat your enemies.

Aside from unlocking special tiles, it is also best to know the skills of your heroes. In each battle, you need to stick to your focal point, to eliminate your enemies, through match-3 puzzles or by the power and abilities of your heroes.

Puzzles Survival Play


6. Join a Guild!

Like the usual online MMORPGs and MMO strategy games, Puzzles & Survival also feature joining guilds, clans, alliances, and factions. If you want to survive this game, it is important to join an alliance to unlock additional features and collect extra rewards.

To join an alliance, there’s no need to reach a certain level to unlock this feature. Once you start playing the game, you can join a guild of your choice. To find the right guild for you, you need to find a group where most of the members are actively playing the game.

7. Complete Quests to Get Additional Rewards

As your base becomes bigger, you will need more resources to level up your facilities. If you wish to get more resources, it would be best to complete all kinds of quests that give you access to various rewards that include resources.

8. Use your Stamina in the Outside World

In playing Puzzles & Survival, you need to work with two systems; energy and stamina. These systems will determine some of your actions. Whenever you take campaigns, your energy moves. On the other hand, your stamina will get utilized whenever your troops are in place outside your base.

Aside from managing your base, it is also important to take a look at the possible targets. As you take the world map, you will encounter different resource spots where you deploy your army to collect various materials.

9. Set your Defense Before Taking the Battle

Like the usual strategy RPGs, peace shields also run out in Puzzles & Survival, making your base vulnerable to enemies. To sustain the protection, you can freely purchase shields through diamonds.

Puzzles Survival Defend

However, if you wish to test your base’s defense, it is more effective to prepare first your base to ensure that everything is under control. Things such as the sufficiency of the warehouse level in keeping the basic resources. Also, it is best to position heroes on your camp’s wall.

10. Always Inspect your Bag

As you are busy maintaining your base, you cannot get a chance to check your bag. You might not know, you have the item you wish to have, it might not be accessible to your inventory but in your bag instead.

So, that’s it! Hoping that this Puzzles and Survival guide helps you a lot in creating your base and winning match-3 battles. For more information and updates about this strategy game, stay tuned here.

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