Raft Survival Ocean Nomad – Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Posted on November 17, 2021
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A mysterious series of events left the world drowning and completely flooded, and you’re one of the survivors left. What do you do? How will you survive? What if you don’t have the skills needed to live? Get ready to fight your way to survival in Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad. It’s a simulation game that will keep you on your toes all the time because you’re being challenged by many elements.

If you want to experience being stuck on your raft while fighting enemies and vicious animals, it’s time to play Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad. And if you’re looking for the best way to survive, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you as a beginner. Read on below to get some tips for Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad.

Beginner’s Tips for Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad

Now, remember that the scenario of this game is that you were left alone on an island after your airplane was shot down by an unknown assailant. There are tons of things you need to do to live, so read on to know how you can get started!

Fish Out Useful Materials

Once you start the game, you’ll have a hook to use to fish out different kinds of materials. You’ll be fishing out all types of things, such as logs, thatch, and more. When you have an idle moment, always take the hook out and continue fishing for more. Sooner or later, you’ll find storage containers, like chests, crates, and barrels. These containers will always have random items, so it’s essential to fish these out once you see them. You can only open chests by watching an advertisement because these contain rare items. On the other hand, you can open barrels and crates immediately. If you don’t like watching ads, you can skip the chests instead.

Basic Human Needs

In this survival game, you’ll need to look for ways to manage basic human and bodily needs. Of course, you’ll feel hungry, thirsty, and you also need to manage your health. As time goes by, you’ll get hungrier and thirstier. Plus, the weather conditions can affect your hunt for basic resources.


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Don’t worry, because you’ll find bottles of water and canned goods inside crates or barrels. But you’ll mostly have to rely on nature to survive. The net will catch fishes, which you’ll cook over the campfire. There’s also a rain catcher to catch water for you. Make sure to take care of your food and water ahead of time as these will take time. Do these processes before you get too hungry or thirsty. Otherwise, you won’t survive.

What Are Processes?

Processes are crafting tasks you do in Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad. For example, cooking fish over the campfire. That’s already called a process. If your rain catcher is catching water, it’s also called a process. When a process is currently active, you’ll lose one of your active processes. If you’re doing three processes at once, you won’t be able to start another one. You’ll need to wait for one process to finish before starting. Doubloons can be used to temporarily increase your processes. But it’s not worth it, since doubloons are not easy to acquire.

Spend Doubloons Wisely

Doubloons serve as the game’s premium currency, and these are gold coins. In the game, there seem to be a lot of restrictions, such as crafting limits and inventory limits. Because of that, doubloons are used to alleviate some of these problems. You can use it to expand your inventory, expand crafting stations slots, and increase your max processes temporarily. The best use of doubloons, however, is in expanding your inventory by adding cells and tabs.

Attack Rafts

Another thing you can do is to attack other people’s rafts when you go explore an island. If you’re successful, you can steal their items and equipment. But you need to be careful because they’ll seek revenge and will get back at you. Be prepared for the consequences because players will attempt to go through your chests and other precious facilities to steal from you.

The Mysterious Keycard

There’s an island with another bunker you can go to. Once you open the bunker, you’ll need to build the Radio Outlet in your raft. But before that, you’ll need to use a special keycard to explore it fully. In other words, you must acquire this keycard to thoroughly search the secret bunker.

Use these given tips to survive in the harsh oceans. Play Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad on PC today!

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