Rise of Kingdoms Commanders – An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Posted on August 5, 2022
Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders Guide

When it comes to a multiplayer strategy game, Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is undeniably one of the best choices. The militaristic mood of the ancients dominates most of the game. This makes this game a top choice for those who want ancient battle feels. Published by LilithGames, it bears a stylish strategy that captivates every new player. Given its stylish strategy and real-time battle, the action that comes with it never changed.

Like other strategy games, playing Rise of Kingdoms is also done through managing a vast territory. Initially, you will choose from 28 commanders in eight civilizations. As mentioned before, the militaristic mood dominates the game, making the gameplay more exciting. If you are the type of person who loves to explore ancient war, you come to the right place.

This article is about an overview of the commanders in the Rise of Kingdoms. This guide can help you if you are still a newbie player who wants to learn about commanders. Not just that, it also provides you with some steps and options that can help you in the game. To elaborate more, here is the ultimate guide all about the game’s commanders.

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Your First Commander

At the very beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose a nation. This determines what type of commander you can start playing with. There are eight nations in total that you can choose from in the game. Choose the nation carefully so you can appoint a suitable commander. Similarly, it is suggested that Rome is the best choice. Though this is one of the most preferred nations of choice, you can still be free to choose your nation.

Advancing Your Chosen Nation

If you choose Rome as your nation in the Rise of Kingdoms, you might as well choose Scipio Africanus as commander. He is a commander at an epic level with everything you need to start quickly. He has a 5% infantry defense buff, 10% food gathering, and 5% march speed. As the game starts, you must focus on crafting tactics to expand your nation quickly. This is also necessary for you not to be distracted by inevitable barbarians that can slow your progress.

As you continue the game, you also have to find new commanders for your nation. You can choose 27 commanders through an RNG-based system. This entails the beginning of your challenge which is revolving around luck. All you have to do after this is to acquire commanders and continue the long quest.

Rise Of Kingdoms Commanders

As you continue the game, you also have to find new commanders for your nation. You can choose 27 commanders through an RNG-based system. This entails the beginning of your challenge, which revolves around luck. All you have to do after this is to acquire commanders and continue the long quest.

Familiarized With Every Commander’s Specialty

In the game, every commander has a specialty that you can utilize on the battlefield and even in city management. This is advantageous if you know how to maneuver your commander’s specialty. Some of the specialties are Active Skill and Commander Power. Each of these depends on your chosen commander and the nation that commander came from. Your ability as a player also plays a big factor, especially when the commander you choose suits your crafted tactics.

To determine the right commanders you need to add to your nation, you have to consider some challenges. You may encounter issues as the game starts, so you have to strategize to avoid the consequences of luck. To settle this, you need to give every commander different tasks. You should send some of them to the battlefield while others should stay in the city. The division of tasks should depend on the level of specialty, rarity, and skill.

Types of Commanders by Rarity Levels

In Rise of Kingdoms, commanders are chosen according to their rarity levels. Each of these rarity levels determines the kind of strategy you can do with them. Accordingly, here is the benchmark of rarity levels among commanders.

  • Legendary – Julius Caesar, Richard I, El Cid, Frederick I, Cao Cao, Minamoto No Yoshitsune, Ye Seong-Gye, Charles Martel, Cleopatra VII, and Hannibal Barca.
  • Epic – Eulji Mundeok, Hermann, Pelaguis, Joan of Arc, Scipio Africanus, Sun Tzu, Kusunoki Masashige, and Boudica.
  • Elite – Sarca, Lancelot, Gaius Marius, Tomoe Gozen, and Constance.
  • Advanced – Markswoman, City Keeper, Dragon Lancer, and Centurion.

In addition, three main groups classify the specialties of these commanders. These are Attackers, Defenders, and Support. Attackers are the damage dealers composed of an archer, infantry, nuker, leader, cavalry, disabler, and siege. On the other hand, Defenders are composed of tanks, while Support is composed of healers and gatherers.

Pairing the Commanders

To be productive on the battlefield in the Rising of Kingdoms, you should send more than one commander into the battle. Doing this will allow you to benefit from each commander’s skills. But before attaining this, your army’s primary commander needs to have at least three stars. Moreover, the secondary commander is free from the stars’ required quantity. You can apply this in PvE and PvP battles.

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It is also suggested to have commanders with complementary specialties and skills. By doing this, you can improve your performance on the battlefield. To elaborate on this, here are the suggested few combinations.

  • Tomoe Gozen and Cao Cao – Damage healer and dealer
  • Joan of Arc and Elcid – Healer, disabler, and damage dealer
  • Boudica and Joan of Arc – a perfect combo for barbarians
  • Hannibal Barca and Cleopatra VII – Perfect combo for PvP matches

Bottom Line

Just like other strategy games, Rise of Kingdoms also allows you to choose the right commanders. Doing this will determine how effective you are while playing the game. However, there are still some factors that will affect your gameplay, and most of these somehow depends on the players. After all, your performance is still the main factor that will affect your overall gameplay quality.

Download and play Rise of Kingdoms on your PC today. For more updates, stay tuned here in EmulatorPC.

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