SINoALICE Guide – Learning About The Different Weapons

Posted on November 25, 2021
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Role-playing games are always fun to play because of the many elements they offer. This would include epic adventures, awesome storylines, action-packed battles, and many more. But what’s usually a staple in RPGs would be the different characters available for you to collect and use. But for this particular RPG, characters won’t matter much. Instead, it would be weapons that would have a major impact. The game is titled SINoALICE, an RPG published by Pokelabo, Inc.

It’s a game that features awesome battles, as well as an interesting storyline. The game also features different characters to use. But as mentioned above, it’s not the characters that would play an important role here, but the weapons that you can gacha. To help you understand better, this blog post will be a SINoALICE guide and help you learn about the different weapons.

Beginner Guide for Weapons in SINoALICE

All characters in SINoALICE are equal, which means it won’t really matter which one you choose. What’s important in this RPG would be the weapons. In fact, when you gacha, you won’t get summoned for a character, but for a weapon instead. Your characters can obtain jobs, which is the class-based system in the game. Jobs, though, you can getvia the S or SS/SR weapons you pull and equip to your character. Jobs also provide a boost to certain weapons, improving their damage and stats.

Sinoalice Weapons

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There are 8 types of weapons available by a certain job. Swords has the Breaker job while the Crusher job boosts Hammers. The Bow gets a boost by the Gunner job and the Polearm gets a boost by the Paladin job. If you prefer magic then get the Book, which gets a boost by the Sorcerer job. If you prefer to be a support, then you’ll need the Instrument or Staff, which are boosted by the Minstrel and Cleric jobs, respectively. Lastly, is the Orb, which is boosted by the Mage job.

Swords and Hammers

Swords and Hammers are the only physical damage weapons with the latter being single-target and the former multiple-target. The Bow, Polearm, and Orb are all magical damage weapons with the Bow being a single-target and the rest multiple-targets. The Book can debuff enemies while the Instrument buffs allies. And the Staff can heal allies. Weapons are also divided into 3 rarities, A, S, SS/SR, with A being the lowest and SS/SR the highest.

Weapons will also have at least 1 of the 3 elements, fire, wind, and water. Fire is strong against wind and weak against water. But water is weak against wind. Rare weapons are acquired via gacha and there are hundreds of different weapons to acquire.

The Weapon Grid

The Weapon Grid will be the most important aspect of your gameplay in SINoALICE. This is what will determine whether you’ll do well in this game or struggle to progress. You’d need to know how to properly build your grid if you want to do well and progress. When you’re at the grid, there are three areas that you can look at. The top area is where you’ll see the selected job, the primary weapon, and all the other weapons that you can equip.

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to equip 4 of the 8 weapon types available. The middle area is where you’ll see the overall stats of your entire grid. This shows how strong your character with the weapons that you put on the grid. This is where you will also see the different stats like physical attack, physical defense, magic attack, and magic defense. The last section would be the elemental distribution of the weapons that you may have.

Main Area

The Main area, just below the sub areas mentioned above, is where you’ll equip your weapons. You can equip weapons, armor, and nightmares. The weapons and gear that you equip here will determine the details you’ll find on the sub areas located above it. When you’re thinking of what weapon to use, the general rule is to use the primary weapon of the job that you selected. You can equip other weapon types that you can equip, especially if there are certain skills or abilities that you want to include.

But sticking to the primary weapon is generally a good idea, especially in the beginning. But as you progress in SINoALICE, you’ll soon learn how to customize and adapt. You’ll start to equip weapons depending on the battle that you will be facing. Keep in mind the cost limit at the bottom right of the screen. This will determine the limitations of the weapons that you can equip on your grid.

Final Thoughts

SINoALICE is a unique and interesting RPG that focuses more on weapons and equipment than on the characters themselves. There are still many things that you need to learn as you play this RPG, especially about weapons. But the ones here will already be a good start to teach you the basics and help get started properly. Many of the things that you need to learn, you’ll be able to pick up on as you progress in the game.

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