Smurf Bubble Shooter Story Guide – Tips To Do Well In The Game

Posted on August 22, 2021
Smurf Bubble Shooter Story Guide Tips

When it comes to puzzle games, bubble shooters are one of the best and most entertaining games you can play. The gameplay is very simple, as you only need to eliminate the bubbles on the board. To do that, you bring together at least three similar colored bubbles to blast them. One of the best bubble shooters available is Smurf Bubble Shooter Story. It’s a casual puzzle game published by Sony Pictures Television.

For the most part, a bubble shooter game with a story regarding the cute small blue creatures, the Smurfs. It’s a fun and exciting game that also features a building element, where you get to rebuild the Smurf Village. It’s a game where you also get to collect different Smurfs and then use them to assist you in the bubble shooter with their unique abilities.

But what’s the proper way of playing this game? Well, this blog post will help with that. It will be a Smurf Bubble Shooter Story guide and provide tips to do well in the game.

Tips To Playing Smurf Bubble Shooter Story

Smurf Bubble Shooter Story is a simple game to play. Of course, there are also going to be challenges along the way, which is why we’ll provide some tips for playing the game.

Always Focus on the Objectives

The objective is one of the most important things that you should remember when you’re playing Smurf Bubble Shooter Story. At each level, you are given a purpose in the game, and you have to make sure that you complete it. Most of the goals will be to pop all of the balloons on the board. But there are levels where the objective will be different.

This could be setting the trapped Smurf free, getting a certain number of bubbles, and so on. Make sure that you always keep the objective in mind since you’ll need to do it if you want to complete the level.

Smurf Bubble Level 6


Take Advantage of the Switch Feature

Most bubble shooter games will provide players with the ability to switch the bubble that they’re going to shoot with the next one in line. This is to allow players the option to shoot a different colored bubble and eliminate the lower ones. Smurf Bubble Shooter Story also has this feature, and you have to make sure to take advantage of it.

You might not need to do many switches in the earlier levels since they’re easy and simple to complete. But as you reach the higher levels, this will be important. You will likely do a lot of switching to eliminate the bubbles on the board. Make sure you don’t forget this feature and take advantage of it when needed.

Make Use of the Smurfs Power-Up

The Smurfs you rescue won’t just be citizens of the Smurf Village. You’re rebuilding; some of them will also help you. That’s right; certain Smurfs possess a special ability you can use during the bubble shooter gameplay. The first Smurf you will rescue is Smurfette, and her ability is that she’ll power up the bubble you’ll shoot.

The bubble will explode and take out many more bubbles behind the one it hits. The great thing about the power-up is that it will still explode, even if it hits a different colored bubble. So, this is a big help in taking out more bubbles on the board. You need to charge up her ability to use it. Other Smurfs will have different skills, so rescue all of them and see which ability you think will be more useful in certain situations.

Smurf Bubble Guide Decorations


Spend your Cherries Wisely

A big part of the gameplay of Smurf Bubble Shooter Story is rebuilding the Smurf Village that was destroyed. To rebuild the village, you’ll need to spend cherries on constructing various buildings. You earn cherries as you complete the bubble shooter gameplay. The buildings that you can build will vary in cost, with the houses being more expensive than the decorations or smaller structures.

The most important buildings will be the houses, so make sure they’re your priority when constructing. This will likely require that you save cherries first before you can build them.

Don’t Forget that the Bubble You Shout can Bounce

Sometimes a straight shot won’t be available for you unless you want to make your life harder. In this case, use the wall of the board since the bubble you shoot can bounce. Just make sure you aim it correctly, as you don’t want the bubble to jump wrong and to land on a different target. There are many more tips available when it comes to playing Smurf Bubble Shooter Story. But the ones provided in this blog post will already help you tremendously to do well in the game. So, good luck in your journey and happy playing with these bubbles ahead!

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